Preparation H Saran Wrap Shrink Waist

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I trim down a few inches around my waist before spring break?

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds gross but it works! Get some preparation H and put it all around your waist. Wrap your waist up in saran wrap and go sit in a steam room or excercise to get yourself sweating. Preparation H shrinks fat cells temporarily. It helped my husband shrink his waist an inch and a half in two days so he could pass tape to get back into the Army. Or, for something a little more permanent get a neoprine belt from Wal-Mart for and do the same thing. It takes a little longer but its not just a temporary fix. My husband did the prep H thing over the weekend and as of today still is down an inch and a half. He hasnt done it at all yesterday or today so the results last a few days if you arent bloating yourself back up with beer or tons or sodas. You could get a solor suit and run or find some other way to sweat. Most gyms wont let you sit in their steam rooms with those but you could steam up your bathroom and do that too. He did it and lost inches on his waist. I did it and lost inches on my thighs so itll vary but its worth a try!

    preperation H on my waist for baby belly fat?
    How much will preperation h and saran wrap shrink my waist?
    is it a mith or is it true does it really work and how long does it take to see results

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard of women using Preparation H around their eyes to reduce puffiness, but I don't think it will help shrink your waistline. Diet and exercise are the only things that will help with that.

    I need to lose 2 inches off my waist/belly in 12 hours...can it be done and how???
    I am in the Navy and need to lose @ least 1 inch but 2 to be safe for my 'weigh-ins' tomorrow morning, 9am.

    • ANSWER:
      Saran Wrap and Preparation H. It sounds dumb but here's what you do:

      Take the Preparation H and rub it all over your stomach, love handles, and lower back. Once its rubbed in, take the Saran Wrap and wrap it snugly against the skin. Go to sleep with it on. In the morning, take the Saran Wrap off. Take a damp rag (not WET, just DAMP) and wipe the greasiness of the area so you don't get caught. Go to formation as normal.

      What the Preparation H will do is shrink the fat cells in your stomach. It is usually used for hemorroids, but works for all cells the exact same. Your cells will start to go back to normal after about 2-3 hours, but it should do what you need it to. I'm in the Army, and it worked for me, taking me from a 41 inch waist to a 38.

      My recruiter taught me this when I joined, because I was kind of chunky. I didn't ned it back then, but now that I have a desk job, it has been handy.

      EDIT: Do a google search for this phrase, with no quotation marks: saran wrap preparation h

      You'll see that the first link is to a Weight loss site. Here's the link:

      Cuz that's how we roll in the Army.

    do i have a leg to stand on?
    Last week we had a 100 % weigh in and I had to be taped my neck came in at 15.5 this week i had a pt test and mow my neck came in at a 15. Is there something I can do about this. Also the people doing the measurements ae never the same ones that is why I my measurements were different. What can I do?? Army SPC..

    • ANSWER:
      Technically the tape you had at 15.5 is good for 6 months and they didn't need to tape you after the PT test.
      To increase your neck size just do neck exercises. YouTube has tons of videos on working out your neck.
      Also, put Preparation H around your midsection and wrap it up in saran wrap the night before. This helps to shrink the fat in your waist.

    How to pass a tape test for the military?
    I am trying to enlist in the military, I need to take a tape test because I exceed the weight standards. What are some tips to shrink my waist as much as possible and keep my neck the same size? I have a week til I go get taped. I have heard preparation h and saran wrap around the waist works, is it true? Any other tips will be greatly appreciated.
    It is obviously a temporary fix. I will lose the weight while I am in basic training. Running will shrink my neck, and I can't afford to lose any extra inches there until I pass. Thank you again.

    • ANSWER:
      lol. no. gosh i have rubbed that stuff on my husbands tummy 3 times and he is still flagged for his tape measurements. i guess it helps a little, a very little. but not a lot. dont expect a miracle. and make the saran wrap tight very tight. the ph helps tighten skin cant help if you dotnt make skin tight.

preparation h saran wrap shrink waist