Hemorrhoid Cream For Abs

Frequently Asked Questions

    DOES Preparation H hemorrhoid cream work on abs?
    Is it like cutting gel? If it does work, how do I put it on? Also, can it make my veins more visible on my forearms?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't work on hemorrhoids so it's not going to work on your arms. No. Absolutely not. There is nothing you can do to make your veins stand out except burn down that fat and build up the muscle.

      Good luck and good health!!

    how do you get rid of loose skin after weight loss?
    i'm 22 years old and i have lost about 60lbs over the past few years and i still have about 10 to go to hit my goal of 110lbs. i have firm abs and i can feel the muscles in my legs and arms. my upper abs are clearly defined, but i'm not ripped, nor do i want to be. however, i have loose skin on my lower stomach even though the lower ab muscles underneath are firm. i also have loose skin on my thighs. i'm not sure what to do. it's not bad enough that i would pay for surgery, but i would like to be tight and firm all over.

    • ANSWER:
      I think this will work good for you, but it is a pain to do every night. What you need to do is go to Walmart and get 2-3 tubes of hemorrhoid CREAM not the ointment and some saran-wrap. This might be kind of uncomfortable buying this much so you can go at 2 am or whatever if it bothers you. Ok this is what you need to do.

      Every night for 4 weeks rub hemorrhoid cream all over your belly...cake that stuff on pretty good and make sure there is a nice thin layer all over your stomach. Then wrap yourself in the saran-wrap and put a old t-shirt on and sleep like this. What this does is the hemorrhoid cream takes the excess water out of your skin and tightens it up for you.
      I used to compete in bodybuilding and this worked great for me when I went from 260 to 207 in 12 weeks. I had loose skin with 4 weeks out from my show at 220...skin was a lot tighter at 207 after loosing 13 more pounds. This is an old bodybuilding trick that works great, it is just a pain in the ***!

      Hope this answers your question and helps you out :)

    There was a little bit of blood in my bowel...should i be worried?
    I am 15 years old and very healthy. I work out, I go to school, and leave a very normal life. I have actually never felt better because I recently increased my workout routine to 150 push ups and sit ups and I finally got abs!! Haha...but I just noticed after I pooped that there was a little bit of blood in it. Should I be worried?

    This happened to me once before a couple of years ago and the next day there was nothing there. Also, I had a slightly red/undercooked chicken wings for lunch (about 6)...could that have anything to do with it?

    Thanks for answering guys!

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing to worry about. Probably a slight tear or hemorrhoid from straining during a bowel movement. Will most likely disappear in a day or two. If it starts hurting or itching, use a hemorrhoidal cream on it.

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