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    What's the difference between Epsom salt, rock salt, and table salt?
    I'm just curious. I can put Epsom salt in water and it somehow helps with my toe infection when I soak it. But, I can't use table salt or rock salt. The fact just sparked my interest. I mean, if they're all salt then wouldn't they all be made of the same elements?

    • ANSWER:
      Epsom salt is different from the other two salts. It is composed of magnesium sulfate, MgSO4. Rock salt and table salt are composed of sodium chloride, NaCl. The term 'salt' refers to the product of the neutralization of an acid and a base, or of an equivalent chemical that contains the ions that would have come from such a reaction. For example, aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3 can be formed from the reaction of the base aluminum hydroxide, Al(OH)3 and sulfuric acid, H2SO4. Aluminum sulfate is also a salt.

      Hope this is helpful.

    How thoroughly do I need to clean my bathtub before I soak a wound in it?
    I'm supposed to take an epsom salt bath to soak a wound the doctor packed for open healing. My tub is, well, less than spotless. : I'm terrified of infection. What steps should I take to make sure it's sufficiently clean before it's safe to actually take a bath?

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor should have told you about any special cleansing of the tub if it is necessary. If in doubt, call his/her office to confirm this.

      That said, you should regularly clean and disinfect your tub anyway. Most commercial products containing chlorine should do. Even a thorough swabbing with fresh household bleach should work. CAUTION: Never mix bleach and scouring powder.

    What happens if you put epsom salt on an infected belly piercing?
    My aunt put some on hers and it was already infected for about 1 month but I guess it got worse and she put epsom salt on it and it got more worse, so was that a good idea? Well I guess ont, and how to heal one?

    • ANSWER:
      Magnesium Sulfate - Epsom Salts - is really good for any sort of infection - but you generally soak in it. You don't just put it on the skin - it might sort of burn you. Your body likes magnesium - and it will absorb it - and it helps out fighting infection. But that's a tough place to soak. People take a bath in Epsom Salts - I suppose you'd have to do that.

    How do i get rid of infection in left pinky?
    i have already had one in my right pinky from biting nails. i had to get a needle put through it to drain the puss out. i have another one, not as bad. but i dont want to have to go through the needle pain again. i have been soaking in epsom salt, but it isnt working? any suggestions on how to get rid of infection?

    • ANSWER:
      You really should see a Medical Doctor...you will need to take antibiotics. The infection will not go away on it's on.
      Hope you feel better soon!

    Question about using epsom salts on guinea pigs?
    Do you soak a guinea pig's foot in epsom salt water ONLY if their foot is infected by bumblefoot or another illness?

    Or can you occasionally soak their feet when they're fine or look a little red? Would that help anything?

    • ANSWER:
      As you know Epsom salts is great for many things and can be used on animals as well as humans, as far as using it on guinea pigs I would have no issue using it if it were used properly for the right reason. I would never suggest using it in place of going to an exotic vet first though, you must know what you are trying to treat before you attempt to treat it or you can cause more harm than good. You cant treat an infection the same as you would a fungus and sometimes on the feet is it hard to tell one form the other if you are not a professional. What I mean here for example is the Epsom salts would probably help on a mild infection but only irate a fungus.So Please do take your guinea pig to your exotic vet first for a good exam so you know what your are treating.

    Can I use regular salt instead of Epsom salt?
    I have an infection from a previous ingrown toenail. I am squeezing the pus out on a daily basis, as well as keeping Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it, except at night when I let it air out. I've read different things to do for it, and almost all of them say to soak your foot in Epsom salt. I don't have Epsom salt, so could I use sea salt, or Himilayan pink salt instead? And isn't the salt supposed to help draw out the infection?
    First Aid...

    • ANSWER:
      Soaking in plain warm water is better than nothing.

      You can use regular salt, if that's all you've got. Avoid those fancy cooking salts; they have other minerals in them. Cheap, highly processed supermarket salt would be the second choice to Epsom Salts.

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