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    how can i look like a goddess/bellydancer for halloween?
    i dont have much money and for halloween i want to be this beautiful goddess and bellydancer like girl. any good ideas? especially diy ideas. i have a sewing machine. i also have lots of bangles and a belly dance skirt but i need alot more.
    im barely 5'2" and i way 95 pounds...
    i think im good

    • ANSWER:
      Here's my advice for how to be an Aphrodite-like goddess. I remember dressing up my baby sister as this, and she looked beautiful! I re-sized the fabric, thread, etc. amounts for your size though. This costume will fit people with...
      Chest: 23" - 32"
      Waist: 31" - 39"
      Hip: 34" - 41"
      Height: 5'1" - 5'4"
      ** If you are not subject to these calculations, add 2 1/2 more feet of fabric for every more 1 inch totaled to the chest, waist, and hip.

      Things You'll Need:
      • Sewing Machine
      • 34 1/2" by 40" white fabric
      • 1 standard bag of potpourri (optional)
      • 10 medium-sized silk or fabric flowers
      • White headband
      • Hot glue gun
      • 5 pieces of 6" - 8" white pipe cleaner
      • 1 - 3 standard bags of white plastic gem beads
      • 24" by 39" golden fabric
      • Bangles (preferably silver or gold)
      • Scissors
      • Ruler
      • Gel pen or black marker
      • White spools of thread
      • 2 light-colored buttons (preferably the same color and shape)
      • Sewing needle

      Dress Directions:
      1. Wrap the long piece of fabric around you, under the armpits and at the chest level. Take your marker and mark the place on the left piece of fabric that states where the fabric ends at on the right piece of fabric. Mark it a 1/2 inch more than where it exactly is.

      2. Get out your sewing machine and load the thread box with the spool of thread. Carefully put the spool of thread onto one of the loaders and slide it downwards, through the small opening through the needle. Tighten and adjust to preference.

      3. Position the fabric onto the machine's platform. Position it so that the exact location of where the Sharpie marker was at is right on top of the unmarked piece. After that, put the needle 2 inches further than the top of the fabric. Then turn on the sewing machine and carefully direct the needle right through the fabric, lining up to the marked Sharpie area. When you are finished, turn off the sewing machine, and make sure that the fabric is accurately sewn. The top 2 inches should NOT be sewn.

      4. Slip on your costume and see that it is accurate. It will be a little loose because of the opening, but we'll get to that later. If it is a little long, that's fine. That will be done later as well. After ensuring it is fine, take it back off and go to a surface.

      5. Now, take a button and place it about 1/8 of an inch away from the top. Make sure that only 1 piece of fabric is taking in the button. Then cut a piece of 5" thread and put it through the standard sewing needle (not the sewing machine). Make a sturdy knot at the end, and then sew it through the top left hand corner hole. Hold the button down with your thumb and then sew it back up. Sew it in a cross form until it is sturdy. When it is, cut off the thread, leaving a little left and tie it in a sturdy knot. Then cut off the excess thread hanging above the knot.

      6. Go downwards 1/4 of an inch and repeat Step 5, although at the 1/4 inch of a down instruction. Make sturdy.

      7. Measure each button and draw lines that align up to the button area on the other side of the fabric (the one underneath that has no buttons). Fold the fabric onto the line and cut so there are 2 slits. Fit the buttons into the slots to make sure they fit.

      8. Slide back on the dress. Do you like it the way it is or is it way too long? If it is too long, follow this step. Take your marker and mark the place of how long you want your dress to be. Then take it off and with the ruler, slide it sideways so that there is a horizontal "cut" line.

      9. Flatten out the fabric and get your scissors. Carefully cut on that line all the way across. If it is ragged, it's okay. It will be lined up later.

      10. The dress is a strapless dress. If you want straps, follow this step. Take measuring tape and have someone or yourself measure your shoulder. Record that measurement. Then measure that amount on the gold fabric, making the measurement 1 1/2 inches longer than the exact measurement. Do this twice to make two straps. Then cut them both out and lay them on the table.

      11. Approach your sewing machine and align 1 golden strap bottom (the first layer of the flap) underneath the white fabric (not over the white fabric). Make sure it is aligned, and then turn on your sewing machine and sew it in, making sure that only one layer of white fabric is being sewn with the front flap of the golden fabric strip. Repeat this step for the back, by flipping back the dress and repeating this again.

      12. Now that you have 1 strap, repeat Step 11 for the the other strap, making sure that it is well aligned .

      13. Now you have 2 straps. Try it on to ensure that it is well-fitted.

      14. Measure the bottom of your dress with a ruler for lining. Make a horizontal and vertical measurement, measuring both up and down. Only measure the front side of the dress. All you need to do to make it a full 360 degree dress measurement is by doubling each vertical and horizontal measurement. Record the measurements on a piece of scrap paper.

      15. Measure the vertical and horizontal measurements on the gold fabric and carefully cut it out, making sure it is straight. Cut away any excess ragged edges.

      16. Go to your sewing machine and align the golden piece halfway on the below of the white fabric dress. Make sure the golden piece is aligned halfway or else it will not work! Sew it in on the front side and then onto the inside-out back (not the second layer of white dress).

      17. Turn your dress inside out and fold the golden piece that is hanging onto the inside-out side of the dress. Sew it in all the way, all the way around. Make sure it is tight!

      18. Now you have a beautiful dress! Look below for directions on how to make the tiara. Wear lots of silver and gold bangles and even some nice matching necklaces (chokers are a great choice) with this elegant dress.
      Tiara Directions:

      1. Heat up your hot glue gun. When you know that it is heated, press a little glue onto the end of 1 pipe cleaner and stick it to the left end. Hold it for 10 seconds to make sure it sticks. Then move the other, unglued end on the pipe cleaner to the center and press a little hot glue onto that end. Press onto the middle center of the top of the headband for 10 seconds. Repeat this step except starting on the very right side of the headband now.

      2. Now it gets a little more complicated. Take another piece of pipe cleaner and press a little glue on it. Place it so that it is in the middle space of the left half-circle pipe cleaner shape, and the other middle of the right half-circle pipe cleaner shape. Secure with glue.

      3. Now take your last piece of pipe cleaner and put it on the top of the middle of the most upper pipe cleaner to the left. Glue the other end to the top of the middle of the most upper right pipe cleaner. Secure snuggly. Now you have a standard tiara.

      4. Take your plastic gem beads and glue them all over your tiara as desired. Let dry for at least 15 minutes.

      5. Take some of your silk flowers and paste them all over the top of the headband, or pipe cleaners. Make it as creative and as desired. Let dry for at least 20 minutes.

      6. This is a total optional step! Although, it does make you smell pretty good, and it is pretty! Take some potpourri and paste them all over your tiara to your desires. Do it however you want them. Ha. It will make your tiara smell wonderful, just like Aphrodite. Let dry for at least 10 minutes.

      7. Now you have a beautiful tiara! If you have any leftover silk flowers, you could glue them to your bobby pins or barrettes and put them all over your hair on the Halloween occasion for an even more dramatic Aphrodite look!
      Hope I helped!

    how do you removie a cbr belly ring?
    i dont live close to where i got it done at so i would like to be able to get it out myself.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally speaking you will need a pair of special pliers for an easy removal. Piercing websites sell them as ring opening pliers but you can also buy them from a DIY store where they are known as circlip pliers and cover the ends in electrical tape to protect your jewellery. You then pop the end of the pliers inside the ring and open them - the ring will then be forced open and the ball will drop out of the middle.

      Alternatively if you are desperate to get it out (And bare in mind navels can take 6-18 months to fully heal and a ring can make the healing process take longer so really rethink taking it out if its a new piercing!) you can try a somewhat riskier method and use a pair of long nosed or fingernail scissors with the blades securely wrapped in electrical tape (to stop you cutting yourself) insert them inside the ring and open the blades to force open the ring - this is risky though as you could hurt yourself or the jewellery as tape is not a fail proof barrier so be careful and if you feel worried about it, its always better to go to a pro than accidently stab yourself with your nail scissors!

      It is possible to open it with your fingers by exerting pressure on either side of the bead and pulling away in opposite directions too but the beads are often put in with pliers and are very tight so this can be too fiddly for most people and might make the piercing sore as you are trying, which is why i recommended the pliers first!

      Hope that helped!

    I dont like my body, what can i do?
    As ive said above, i dont like my body, infact im growing to hate it. Its not that i feel fat or too thin. I hate the way i look naked. Ive had 2 kids and with both got terrible stretchmarks. My belly is covered in these wretched vertical slash marks. People say think of them as lines of life, but call me shallow (please dont coz im not) i just cant see them as anything else but hideous. Ive tried various creams, ive even tried sunbeds but to no avail. I look at these girls walikng along with their bellies out looking all toned and flat and it makes me feel like crying. Ill never look good naked again. I hide my belly all the time to save people (and myself) from seeing it but id love for just one day to be able to wear a belly top. I have also had a c-section so have a horizontal line on my pubic bone just to add to the butchered effect. I look a state and cant get naked next to my partner, i wont even let him touch my naked body. Im 23 years old and have the body of an old woman.

    • ANSWER:
      you canuse acid to burn off stretch marks, please don't try a diy job, you need wraps from professionals. It is a type of fructic acid i believe.
      BUT the stretchmarks will fade over time, you need to think a little more positively.
      try telling your partner how you feel as his reassurance and support will be far more effective than wraps,peels or surgery.
      oh, get a tan, that helps

    need advice please...distressed rabbit!! what to do?
    My friend recently got a rabbit and she is so crazy about the little fella. She used to keep them when she was a young child and has wanted one for a long time.

    I rescue disabled cats and dogs and also have a Wilson chinchilla but have never owned a rabbit so I only know a small amount of info about them.

    Well my friend was having a party the other night and I told her to put her rabbit upstairs in her bedroom where no one would go and she could lock her door but she said she was putting his cage in the sitting room and making sure no one went in there.

    She rang me yesterday to say he won't eat answer shear not sure if he's daNk anything. He's not moving around a lot she says he seems tired and he's lying on his belly.

    He usually left have the run of the house and I even gave my friend a litter tray for him she really does love him and ahead will be devastated if anything happens to him. She's taken the day of work today to keep an eye on him and to bring him to the vet if he's no better. I told her to put the water bottle up to his mouth to see if he'll drink cause I know dehydration is not something you want to happen if an animal is in shock.. I also told her to keep him warm and cover his cage and to leave him alone in a quite room for the night. Is there anything.g more she can do for a stressed rabbit.. She has left his favourite fresh and dry food close to him too.
    Thanks guys im at her house now brought some of my own rescue equipment for the cats.. Started to syringe feed him (im used to this as I've done it with kittens before) blended some of his pellets with water. He's drinking on his own!! So that's great..just the food thing to tackle..
    Thanks guys im at her house now brought some of my own rescue equipment for the cats.. Started to syringe feed him (im used to this as I've done it with kittens before) blended some of his pellets with water. He's drinking on his own!! So that's great..jus he's starting to nibble on his hay and has eaten one or two pellets and some carrot and I've told my friend to syringe feed him every 2 hours. While she's at work tomorrow I'll feed and watch him.. The vet gave him two shots one anti inflammatory and the other was an anti biotic . She said his temp was a little low so we put a heater on beside gist cage and put a hot water bottle under him too.

    • ANSWER:
      make sure your friend is offering lots of hay (if what's in the cage hasn't been changed out in the last 12h or so, try putting out fresh hay to see if he'll eat some of that) - alfalfa if under 7 mos, timothy or other grass hays if older.

      is the bunny still pooping? if so, is it the regular amount and do the poops look normal? not eating and/or pooping for 12+ hours is a medical emergency and means it's time for the vet. has the bunny been peeing normally? here's a good article on symptoms of dehydration in bunnies -

      bunnies can NOT go without eating - their digestive system will shut down and this can lead to death - your friend needs to tackle this problem immediately!

      she can buy a syringe at any grocery store. if she has critical care food (comes from vets), she can syringe feed that. if she doesn't, she can make a pellet slurry - take some pellets and add water or pedialyte; microwave. let sit for 5-10 mins so the pellets can "fluff", then mix together (breaking up the pellets as much as possible); add more liquid if needed to get it to a good pudding-like consistency for syringe feeding. critical care will work with a syringe as-is but with the DIY slurry, she may find it necessary to cut the tip of the syringe off to make the opening larger.

      she can also offer a little bit of canned pumpkin (PLAIN stuff, not the pie filling kind) and/or some fruit or squash flavored baby food... not a whole lot, as these foods are sugary - maybe 2 tsp or so. if he won't eat the pumpkin on his own, she'll need to water it down with water or pedialyte in order to easily syringe feed it. these things could also be mixed into the pellet slurry or critical care to make it tastier.

      she should syringe water or pedialite (which is found in the infant section of stores... not sure if that brand is available in the UK, but if it isn't then there's probably something similar) if she's worried he might not be drinking enough and/or if she's feeding pellet slurry/critical care.

      when you syringe feed a rabbit food or liquids, you want to aim for the gap between his front incisors and back molars and always squirt the food/liquid in sideways - never straight back - to make sure he won't accidentally inhale it. remember to give him time to chew/swallow. I find it easier (especially with liquids) to have the bunny wrapped in a towel, as things can get pretty messy.

      here's a great video showing how to syringe feed -

      she can also offer pain meds to make her bunny more comfortable - metacam/meloxicam if she has it (bunny painkillers); baby aspirin, baby ibuprofen or low-dose aspirin if she doesn't. this website has dosing info for pain meds -

      simethicone (any brand of over the counter baby gas medicine) can also be given. it may or may not help depending on the cause of the GI stasis, but it's *incredibly* safe for rabbits so it definitely can't hurt. she can give 1-2 cc every hour for 3h, then 1 cc every 3-8h as needed if it seems to be helping.

      mind you, the above at-home remedies are NOT a replacement for taking the bunny to a rabbit-savvy vet to figure out the underlying cause of the GI stasis! if her bunny regains (and maintains) his normal appetite within half a day or so, she can skip the vet trip but if she continues having to force-feed him, a vet is a must.

      if she has any more bunny questions or just wants to chat/share stories and pics, I highly recommend - it's an excellent community; very friendly, active and helpful!

    Do you like chinese food? ?
    What kind of chinese food do you like? What kind do you like to get ?:) i like chow main sesamie chiken and fried rice and so much more yumm !

    • ANSWER:
      Nice that many of the respondents here like Chinese food, but I believe most of you are referring to AMERICAN Asian food, which has been either modified beyond recognition or are pure American inventions like chop suey and crab rangoon. Genuine authentic Chinese and Asian food is so much more delicious than all this pseudo-Asian stuff that Westerners have been conned into eating all their lives. The sad thing is many Westerners go to Asia and get all heated up when they are served the real deal instead of the junk they expect to get.

      As for me, my favs are:
      - Peking duck (crepes stuffed with roasted duck meat & skin with sweet savoury sauce)
      - Shanghai xiao long pao (small steamed dumplings stuffed with minced meat mixture and broth, hence also called soup dumplings)
      - Hong Kong or Cantonese style roasted meats (chicken, duck, pork, BBQ pork, goose)
      - Cantonese or Teochew style steamed fish (only fresh fish is steamed)
      - sweet and sour pork or fish
      - Beggar Chicken (whole chicken seasoned & totally encased in a dough or clay mixture and then baked, when done the casing is broken off to reveal incredibly tender & flavourful chicken)
      - Paper wrapped chicken (chicken pieces & seasonings put into small envelopes of grease-proof paper and then deep fried)
      - steamed silky egg
      - ma po tofu (the best accompaniment to steaming plain white rice)
      - Five-spiced meat rolls
      - Dongpo pork (literally melt in the mouth tender braised pork belly)
      - steamboat or hot pot (you can choose all sorts of meats, seafood & veg to be dunked into boiling stock to cook DIY, lots of fun in a large group of family & friends)
      - all those delicious variety in dim sum
      - desserts like mango pudding, red bean soup, stuffed glutinous rice balls, black sesame cream, sweet potatoes with ginger syrup, pomelo & mango sago soup, silky soft sweet soyabean curd, sweetened yam/taro puree with pumpkin & gingko nuts.....

      Just thinking of all those yummy food really tests my resolve to lose weight to the max! All those gastric juices are, it's gonna be difficult to sleep tonight! :)

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