6 thoughts on “Epsom Salt Piercing Cartilage

  1. Can I use Epsom salt and warm water to clean my cartilage piercing?
    I think my cartilage piercing is irritated because it’s swollen, red and itchy. Would Epsom salt & warm water help or hurt it?

  2. Can epsom salt be used to clean a cartilage piercing?
    I just got my cartilage pierced and i’m wondering if epsom salt works just as well as sea salt?

    • No. If you are going to use the salt method, only natural sea salt should be used. Mix 1/4 tsp to 8 oz. of boiled or bottled water and use it to clean and soak the piercing.

      Antibacterial soap is another recommended method. Just a couple of drops to a few oz. of boiled or bottled water and use q-tips (changing the end every time you dip it) and clean the piercing.

  3. how long will a cartilage piercing take to close completley?
    im 16 now but if in the future i dont want my cartilage piercings anymore, how long will it take for them to completely close? will they ever? and will a mark where it was always be visible? thanks!

    • Cartilage piercings usually take a year or longer to close up depending on how long you have the piercing in for. But don’t worry it will close eventually, it will just be a pretty long time. There shouldn’t be any mark as long as you looked after your piercing well. its recommended that you wash your piercings with a solution of warm water and epsom salts from time to time ( although u must do this everyday after u get it pierced) to prevent infections and what not. in any case its very difficult to see the mark on the cartilage because of how the ear bends on the top… so really dont worry! :)
      Hope this helped!

  4. Is it alright to use epsom salt on a new peircing?
    I have yet again (haha) got another piercing, it is above my first cartilage piercing, I wasn’t able to get H2Ocean unfortunately, and I’ve heard that the stuff piercers give you doesn’t work usually… so I was wondering if epsom salt is alright to use it?? I have used it twice to try it out and it stung like heck!!!

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