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  1. How do I actually get rid of the dark shadows under my eyes?
    I do get a lot of sleep, at least 10 hours. No drugs/alcohol. And I’ve heard preparation H works for bags, but swelling isn’t my problem, it’s the dark circles. And I’m not going to go as far as surgery. I was just wondering if there’s some drug store lotion or whatever that will help, or practices I should avoid – I don’t want to cover them up, I actually want to be rid of them.

    • The darkness is caused by the transparency of the skin and you are seeing the tissue underneath.

      Sometimes this is hereditary and there is nothing you can do about it except use cosmetics if it bothers you. If you are severely underweight, this could also aggravate the dark circles because your body has no subcutaneous fat to lighten the tissue under the skin.

      You might want to try going with the darkness. It can actually make your eyes look bigger which is a good thing.

      Makeup tip: To conceal or minimize undereye darkness, don’t use a cover stick on the whole area. Use it only in the valley between the cheek and the undereye area and next to the nose if necessary. Waterproof makeup in the summer works well. Make sure to feather the makeup out so you don’t end up with two light lines on your face.

  2. can Preparation H reduce unwanted body fat?
    I am working on toning and getting into shape, and i recently joined a new fitness club. I do a variety of cardio (treadmill/elliptical) and weights every day. However, I deal with stubborn lower belly fat like many other women. I found out that a girl who works at the fitness center lost a great amount of weight, but after she lost it she had flabby belly fat, and said she used preparation H on it to get rid of it. Has anyone else ever heard of this, and does it really work?

    • No, no way. It acts as a diuretic which will only succeed in reducing body fluid, which will not make you skinnier, just much more unhealthy! Only hard work & sweat will allow you to burn body fat unfortunately. You cannot spot reduce either. You have to lose weight all over so your tummy might just be a part of your body shape. Most importantly, don’t sweat about it (I don’t mean that literally!)

  3. What would be a good home remedy to get rid off cellulite and saggy skin?
    I finally began dieting and excersizing at my 40 yo. I am losing approximately 3 pounds per week and got rid off 18 pounds so far. My upper body looks great, but my belly, butt and legs are horrible because of cellulite. Can anybody advise me on a good “recepie” to get rid off “cottage cheeze”?

  4. How can I make my physical appearance more attractive?
    I am tall with a tiny upper body and small boobs, but I have a butt, thighs, and hips.
    I always feel disproportional, and hate it.
    Any advice on this?

    Also, my acne has cleared up but I still have scars.
    Any way I could clear that up?

    Is there also any good makeup that can cover up bags under my eyes from not sleeping?

    Thanks! :)

    • Sounds like you have a body like mine.

      You look great in pictures and when you are sitting down, right? At least be glad that you’re not huge on top with flabby arms and a big stomach and a fat face.

      Guys like a big round booty. Don’t hate it too much.

      For your acne scars, use an abrasive facial cleanser. Something that will exfoliate. The skin turnover will be faster.

      For your under eye bags, use either green tea bags (after they’ve been seeped, cool them in the fridge), or use preparation H (I know it’s gross, but it works)

  5. How do I start treating my man like someone in their late 50′s?
    Hubby is 39. Doctors told him he has the body, organs and bones of someone in their late 50′s.

    Can you make of list of how men need to be treated physically different between a 30′s and 50′s in a marriage?

    • Buy him a rocking chair & a shawl..he’ll love ya for it also,stock up on a good supply of Preparation H, Metamucil, Ben Gay, Aspirin, Vitamins for seniors, Pepcid AC, support hose, a hernia truss, and Denture Cream, and get him that medical alert thingy in case he falls and can’t get up…..
      ..put him on a low salt, low fat, bland diet light in spices….decaf coffee or tea…..and set bedtime at 9 pm…..oh, invest in a walker, you never know, and one of those suction cup handle things he can grab to get out of the shower easier…and a elevated toilet seat so he doesn;t have to bend down so far to sit…he’ll love ya for it.and a pair of novelty slippers that say ‘Old Fart’ across the toes and make pooty sounds when he walks…..have fun.

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