Petroleum Jelly As Lube

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can i get petroleum jelly out of my vagina?
    I masturbated using petroleum jelly as lube with a sex toy today and later found out after researching that its bad for your vagina. I didn't use much, but I'm nervous now about if and how it will affect me. Will i get an infection? Is there a way for me to clean it out? And i plan on having sex next week, so will it still be in my vagina by then or will it be gone? Because the only birth control we use is condoms and i hear it breaks condoms. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Wash with water, then allow your body to do its own thing. You produce discharge that cleans your vagina. A week should be enough tome for your body to clean it out.

    Why is it bad to use Petroleum jelly as a lubricant for ear stretching?
    so i just stretched my ears for the first time yesterday to a 14g, and i used petroleum jelly to lube my ear.....and NOW im hearing its really bad for you! i know now i wont use it ever again, but i have no symptoms of it getting an infection or itchiness or anything, i clean it everyday with this ear piercing cleaner. so why is it so bad to use it as a lube?

    • ANSWER:
      Its not the lubricant that causes the problem, its the ear stretching

    How much does pretroleun jelly effect condoms?
    So my boyfriend and I had sex last night, with a condom and used petroleum jelly as lube. Well today I found out that's a huge "no no" because apparently it can cause holes/wear & tear on the condom. Anyway when he took it off I can clearly see his come in the condom. So my question is if the vaseline did anything to the condom would it be like a huge hole and all his come would have noticeably came out? Or just a small hole to where we wouldn't be able to tell?

    • ANSWER:

petroleum jelly as lube

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