6 thoughts on “Cure Pilonidal Sinus Without Surgery

  1. What is Hydrocentitis Superativa?Anyone ever heard of this disease?
    I need some to know if there is anyone out there that has heard of it or knows of anyone currently suffering from it.Also, are there any support groups or websites that might offer some help, or any research being done.This disease affects my daughter who has had it since she was 14 years old.I can best describe it as a glandular staph infection, that literally tunnels through the glands, first under the armpits & later, through the groin area. there is no cure, but we have been told that it can be “managed”, like diabetes! Surgery is of no help either… I would be so grateful for any information anyone has on this debilitating disease.
    Crystal…sorry about the spelling, I wasn’t sure exactly, but these symptoms are what she has experienced for the last 16 years!

  2. Pilonidal Sinus Cyst without surgery ? Please tell me how to cure it without surgery.?
    I have one little Pilonidal Sinus Cyst near by hip and back , probably less than 1CM in size.

    I don’t want to do surgery , please help me.

  3. How do i get rid of pilonidal sinus?
    I have 3 little holes above my anus, i don’t think they are infected as i don’t have puss or any discomfort. What should i to preven infection and how do i get rid of pilonidal sinus?
    I dont understand why i need an op for 3 holes :S its not like its infected surely it should heal like any normal wound.

    • Oleg, first, you need to visit a physician to confirm the diagnosis. Then you need to accept the fact that the base of the pilonidal sinuses or cyst is composed of deeply rooted collection of congenitally ingrown hairs and skin sweat glands which which when blocked will produce an enlarging, painful cyst full of pus. Though there are ways of treating it, you cannot remove the entire pilonidal contents without surgery. Various types are available. Healing after the operation may take many weeks of regrowth of surface skin but will be a lifetime cure when the right operation is done.

  4. Can a pilonidal cyst go by itself if I press over it and pus and blood come out?
    The pilonidal cyst was a little bigger before I pressed over it. Now it seems smaller. Also I do not have any pain while standing sitting of laying down. I used to have pain while sitting at a certain angle but now that it is smaller it does not seem to give me anymore pain.

    • It may go by itself if you sit without putting direct pressure over it.. but remember that the sinus tract itself doesn’t disappear, so they tend to recur. It is literally a pain in the ass, and us doctors don’t enjoy draining them either. Although we recommend surgery as a cure, if you think about how it forms, maybe you can avoid recurrence. They’re formed because of excess pressure or irritation from prolonged sitting, especially in a slouched posture, which puts direct pressure over the gluteal cleft (right above the tip of the tailbone)…this is where the hair gets driven deep down below the skin giving rise to the cyst in the first place. So next time when you sit down, correct your posture and avoid sitting directly putting pressure on that area, or pay attention to things that put pressure on that area while you sit (like a hard belt or snug jeans)… and you may be able to avoid recurrence, and avoid the need for surgery…. infact during World War II, Pilonidal cyst used to be called “Jeep Drivers Bottom” because this area was chronically irritated while driving for prolonged times on rough roads. Hope this helps.

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