Epsom Salt Soak For Swollen Feet

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    is it ok to use epsom salt to soak my feet in while pregnant?
    my feet swell really bad and i heard that you could use epsom salt to soak your feet in. have any of you tried it? i was just curious cause it is magnesium sulfate. thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      go for it relax while you can. one thing to stay away from is foot massages before the last month. you have trigger points on the ankle and heal area that can cause uterine contractions. i had gotten a gift cert for xmas while pregnant and couldn't use it till i was 36 weeks. my aunt is a massage therapist who specializes in pregnancies. but just soaking them is no prob.

    How much Epsom Salt should I use for a swollen foot? And how many times a day?
    My right foot has been swollen for 6 weeks after foot surgery and I was told to try soaking it in warm water with Epsom Salt.
    How much Epsom Salt (in a foot basin) should I use, and for how long each time? Would doing it more than once a day be even better?

    If you know anything else to try to reduce foot swelling would appreciate the info.

    Thanks for your time!

    • ANSWER:
      When I soak in the tub to ease my pain I put in like a cup of baking soda and a cup of epsom salt. Maybe try 1/4 of a cup? Soak for like 15 minutes and do it twice a day. That seems like it will help.

    Has anyone seen anything like this on their dogs paw?
    We have a Boxer/Boston terrier mix, who is three years old and has never been sick before. About 3 weeks ago, we noticed him chewing at his paw and upon examining it, we didn't see anything unusual. A week ago, he was once again bothered by it, and upon examining it, it appeared very swollen, red, and a yellow bump could be seen. We brought him to the vet 4 days later, on tuesday, and in the meantime we gave him epsom salt baths. The vet said it was a mild case of pyoderma, gave him novolexin for 14 days. We protected the paw using a sock, kept it dry, and continued the epsom salt soaks. We returned to the vet that Friday, three days later, because the paw was significantly worse. The white areas spread, it was more inflamed, and now he was not using the paw at all. They said that it was now a severe pyoderma, and that the bacteria was likely resistant to the antibiotics, and put him on baytril, 150 mg/day for 14 days. It is now day three on baytril and the condition seems to be worse. The white areas are inbetween the toes, not just around the pad, and he is still not using the foot. Besides the Epsom salt soaks, we have also been putting Iodine on the localized area.
    It appears to be spreading and it looks like little skin tugs with black tips. They manifest from flat white spots that look like pus under the skins.

    • ANSWER:
      Your vet said pyoderma which is a very broad term but what tests have been done? And why the epsom salts? And if this was mrsa why baytril and not an antibiotic that is made for mrsa resistant strains? Baytril is a strong antibiotic but not for mrsa. Was any skin biopsy or scrape done? First I'm inclined to think the salt baths made it worse and that a vet needs to check what this really is by doing tests. It could be autoimmune, bacteria, or fungal.

    would it work better to soak my feet in cold or warm water? Im 34 weeks & my feet hurt so so so bad?
    They are not swollen, but they just hurt all the time. Even when I woke up this morning they were so sore. Im going to soak them with epsom salt, but i didnt know if warm or cooler water would make them feel better? Any suggestions. Also, we have mint leaves growing outback, would it help if i threw some of them in the water too?

    • ANSWER:
      Warm epsom salt soak you will feel great like new feet.

    How do you get rid of bruises faster?
    I had an accident Sunday and I was injured. My left leg/ankle is swollen and bruised. I am basically one big bruise from the mid lower leg, outside calf to the bottom of my foot. The bruises range from blueish purple to almost black. My foot and ankle are swollen also. Is there any way to get these to go away faster? I have tried ice, soaking in Epsom salt, not walking on it and propping it up. Anything else? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      wherever the bruises are, gently rub your skin in that area (GENTLY) towards the direction or your heart. So if it's your ankle gently rub the skin over the bruise and near it towards your heart. This stimulates the blood causing the discoloring, etc. to flow back towards your heart and recirculate.

      this won't help much now, but if you do this immediately after injury, you can greatly reduce the severity of bruises or prevent them altogether. I would rub for about a minute, give or take depending on how hard you fell, got hit, etc.

    What antibiotics would commonly be used to treat mild blood poisoning?
    I've a small puncture on my finger thats spreading a red line up toward my wrist, I've soaked it in epsom salt and kept it protected with some bacitracin, but I'm wondering if I could use anything I already have to spare a trip to the doctor :( Thank youz!

    • ANSWER:
      you do not want an antibiotic, if using alternative health/herbs, you want organic or wildcrafted plantain

      This was used with great success by the master herbalist Dr John Christopher who worked several decades with real people

      read the testimonies I copied from this link below


      it is a common weed found everywhere in parks, lawns, lots and often outside the front door

      It looks like this..note that the leaves have lines arching towards the middle from bottom to tip and the leaves can either be wide or narrow. Below this is a close up of the stalk stems. You may recognize it.



      Use as a tincture or tea (organic preferred) and as a poultice over the area. He also gives some other suggestions at the first link specific to blood poisoning. These things have even helped gangrene --a type of advanced blood poisoning.

      here is an excellent brand for the plantain tincture


      Also take ecinachea tincture

      I copied the testimonies you can see how effective it is.

      1. Plantain and Blood Poisoning: We had a man come to us for help who had blood poisoning. Red streaks were running up his arm; he had a large lump under the arm pit, and he was in extreme pain. His fingers were swollen so large that his hands were spread wide. We simply bruised some leaves of the plantain herb, made them into a poultice and applied it over the entire arm. Within twenty-four hours the fingers were normal, the lump was gone, and the tell-tale red line had entirely disappeared. The herb had drawn the poison completely out. [SNH p.54]

      2. Poison From a Cut From a Sea Shell: In another case, a girl cut her foot on a poisonous sea shell, and her leg swelled up with the usual red streaks and a knot formed in the groin as large as a baseball. A plantain poultice was put on her leg, and within one hour pain was gone. The poultices were repeatedly applied every hour and she was completely healed in a very short time. [SNH p.54]

      3. Woman Doesn't Want to Lose Other Arm: Dr. Shook tells of a woman with only one arm came to me in great distress. She had been stung by a bee on the only hand she had left. Several years previously, she had been similarly stung by a bee. That time she had gone to a Doctor because the whole arm was swollen and she was in grave danger.

      The Doctor lanced and drained the pus from the infected hand, but still the arm had continued to swell. Ultimately, the arm was amputated. This lady was in abject despair, believing she would lose her other arm.

      Outside my door there was some Plantain (Plantago Major) growing. I picked some of the leaves and gave them to the woman, telling her to wash and crush them, make a poultice and apply to the part where she had been stung. Next day this lady returned to thank me and pay for my advice. The hand was entirely well. No sign of poison or inflammation was to be seen, where, but twenty-four hours before there was swelling, inflammation and risk of amputation.

      The word "Alterative" is intended to mean that certain herbs gradually alter and correct a bad condition of the blood, without necessarily producing evacuations of the bowels beyond normal evacuation.

      They change the process of nutrition and excretion and restore the morbid organs of the system to healthy action. They promote absorption of inflammatory deposits chiefly by stimulating the lymphatic glands, though this is not all. The purification of the entire blood stream, by means of better digestion and regular secretion requires the maintenance of a mild alterative influence to be continued for some time. Therefore, it follows that the term "Alterative" is property applied to those agents, which slowly, moderately and steadily expend their influence upon badly functioning organs, thus bettering the condition of the blood. [NL 1-2]

      another interesting case about blood poisoning and a chisel and more info is found here

      http://www.herballegacy.com/After_the_War.html search for word poisoning to find the relevant section on the page

      Dr Christopher even had a doctor call him with a gangrene case when the daughter refused to let him amputate her mother's leg as she had studied under Dr Christopher. The doctor was very reluctent and rude to christopher but allowed the woman to try what Christopher said as she was so insistant. The gangrene went away and she saved her leg. The doctor was so shocked and happy he called Christopher back with much gratitude. He used things like marshmallow root, plantain and other things for gangrene (search for that if anyone reading this needs it at the first link by typing it into the search engine at herballegacy.com

      Do not doubt the power of herbs when they are good herbs by people who have not any experience with them but if you feel it best, then go to a doctor. My aunt did for mild gangrene and despite surgery, she lost her mind from the poisons and was never the same woman again.

      Christopher said plantain works quickly. At least read the links/testimonies. This was a devoutly religious man who loved God and people and he would not lie about his clinical case histories of that I am sure.

      herbs also fixed raging infections in my mother's legs after doctors were wrong that the MRI would not pull tons of shrapnel she had in her legs for decades from stepping on a land mine in Italy during world war II as a young teen. It pulled much of the metal out which is believed to have had poisons in it the Germans did in their mines and none of their many antibiotics helped at all. A single night with a very intense herbal series of fomentation (that in her case did burn) saw her healed nearly overnight. She not being a believer, said maybe it was something the doctors gave me but I knew as this had been done with others before with success.

      I give these case histories, despite the skeptic thumbs down etc, sure to come, as I would not advise someone if I had not seen the power of herbs on infections (I used cayenne all over her legs for several hours and it did work).

      I have no personal experience with plantain for blood poisoning but I do completely believe Dr Christopher had the success he said he did, The man was super knowledgeable on herbs and as I said worked with many people including the incurables for around 5 decades and always had full waiting rooms..people who are not successful at treating illness do not have full waiting rooms for decades.

      However, if you do not have any growing or have a health food store selling organic plantain tincture you can access by tomorrow, you might want to go to the ER as I would not want to have you wait so long it harms you, but this brand herbpharm is commonly sold at health food stores and co-ops but the particular herb may be harder to find locally unless you pick it outside and I am not sure what states it grows in here it grows here but would be better to find in a warmer climate than where I live this time of the year. I pick it here and dried it for use through the year if needed or tincture it, but it might even be out there in the colder months if the area is not mowed

epsom salt soak for swollen feet

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