Epsom Salt Soak For Dog Paws

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    Can I use Kosher Salt instead of Epsom Salt?
    I am supposed to be soaking my dogs paw in Epsom Salt for a nail that got ripped off. We don't have any. I can get some tomorrow but was hoping to get started on the soaking now. Can I use Kosher Salt instead? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:

      Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, which can help reduce inflammation.

      Kosher salt is sodium chloride and is more likely to sting than anything else.

    Has anyone seen anything like this on their dogs paw?
    We have a Boxer/Boston terrier mix, who is three years old and has never been sick before. About 3 weeks ago, we noticed him chewing at his paw and upon examining it, we didn't see anything unusual. A week ago, he was once again bothered by it, and upon examining it, it appeared very swollen, red, and a yellow bump could be seen. We brought him to the vet 4 days later, on tuesday, and in the meantime we gave him epsom salt baths. The vet said it was a mild case of pyoderma, gave him novolexin for 14 days. We protected the paw using a sock, kept it dry, and continued the epsom salt soaks. We returned to the vet that Friday, three days later, because the paw was significantly worse. The white areas spread, it was more inflamed, and now he was not using the paw at all. They said that it was now a severe pyoderma, and that the bacteria was likely resistant to the antibiotics, and put him on baytril, 150 mg/day for 14 days. It is now day three on baytril and the condition seems to be worse. The white areas are inbetween the toes, not just around the pad, and he is still not using the foot. Besides the Epsom salt soaks, we have also been putting Iodine on the localized area.
    It appears to be spreading and it looks like little skin tugs with black tips. They manifest from flat white spots that look like pus under the skins.

    • ANSWER:
      Your vet said pyoderma which is a very broad term but what tests have been done? And why the epsom salts? And if this was mrsa why baytril and not an antibiotic that is made for mrsa resistant strains? Baytril is a strong antibiotic but not for mrsa. Was any skin biopsy or scrape done? First I'm inclined to think the salt baths made it worse and that a vet needs to check what this really is by doing tests. It could be autoimmune, bacteria, or fungal.

    My dogs paw pad started swelling up last night,it got pink and theres a little bit of pus?
    I have soaked it in epsom salt and hydrogen P. has helped some,but today i noticed his mouth is a little foamy and his eyes are really red and keep watering. I am taking him first thing in the morning to the vet just wanted to see if anyone had an idea.

    • ANSWER:
      Might be an infection the foaming at the mouth might be because of panting because of high body temperature. He's up to date on all of his shots right? Might be rabies but I think it's because of infection.

    Help my dog has these swollen bumps between two toes?
    We have been soaking them in Epsom salts and now it seems he is limping where b4 he wasn't ?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like inter-digital cysts. In many cases the cysts will burst and subside after about 48 hours. But if the cyst is infected, antibiotic treatment or surgery may be needed.
      Always inspect dogs paws after a walk and wash any mud and dirt off.
      If the fur on the paws is long. keep it trimmed short.

    Why is this strange orange puss coming out of my dogs left paw?
    I got back from walking my dog and she went to lie down when I noticed this nasty orange puss oozing out of her left paw. I'm not sure what it is and why it is there.

    • ANSWER:
      she has an infection in the wound on her paw. soak it in warm epsom salted water for about 10 minutes 3 times a day until it stops oozing. apply thick white honey or an antibiotic cream and try to cover it with gauze then repeat in a few hours.if it is still oozing and red or she gets feverish take her in to the vet. make sure there is nothing stuck in the sore that is causing this to be infected, she has had this for a while for it to be this infected. watch it close and don't hesitate to take her in if does not heal. best of luck

    I have a cocker spaniel with severe feet problems. Please help so we wont have to put her down?
    We take her to the vet and doggy dermatologist all the time and nothing they prescribe ever works. We soak her feet in medicine and Epsom salts. She never wimpers but you can tell they hurt her. Please help

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like your vet doesn't know what he is doing. You are spending far too much money on a special dermatologist. You shouldn't soak her feet in Epsom salts. My suggestion to you is to take her to a new vet for a second opinion. Try a grain free food as dogs allergic to grain can show the allergy in their paws and give her some Benedryl to stop the irritation and I would guess that she is biting on her feet. It will stop the inflammation. The dosage is 1mg per each pound of dog. My dog takes it too. That dosage came from his vet. My dog is on his second vet now because the first one didn't know what he was doing at all. My dog was misdiagnosed on two occasions by him. I took him to my sons vet and now my dog is fine. Not all vets are good ones. Especially if your vet is sending you to a dermatologist. That tells me that he can't figure it out on his own which means he isn't very good. You may give your dog Benedryl once every 12 hours. 1mg per each pound of dog. No more than that.

epsom salt soak for dog paws

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