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  1. What is the slimming body wrap clay recipe?
    I have gotten a body wrap done and they use clay and then a ace bandage type thing. I’m looking for the recipe so I can just do it myself. Thanks!

  2. my husband is trying to lose weight I have heard home wraps with benonite clay work but for how long?
    I have read on benonie clay and body wraps you can do at home, but I have haeard that it makes you lose only water weight. Wut r sum good ways to lse weight and if you have any recipes that are good at home body wraps.

  3. How to do a body wrap at home?
    I want to lose a couple of inches off my thighs, I’m not overweight and I do exercise and eat healthily but my thighs are too big. I heard that a body wrap can make you lose inches quickly and I was wondering what the easiest and cheapest way to do one at home it. I found websites but the instructions are complicated and there are loads of complicated ingredients so I was wondering if there was a basic one even if it’s not quite as effective. Thanks:)

    • Hi,
      I know what you mean about those complicated websites and instructions and ingredients.
      Ill tell you my basic home wrap regimen.Its quite simple.
      Youll need some fullers clay,crepe bandages,warm water and cling film.
      Take fullers clay and mix with water,or rose water or lemon juice or essential oils ( your wish) to make a paste.
      Massage fullers clay onto the area you wish to wrap.The clay should cover the area well.
      Take some crepe bandage and soak into the warm water,squeeze and wrap over the clay.
      It should feel tight.Clip in place. Now wrap it with cling film for extra grip.
      Keep it on for an hour and remove.
      You can even measure before and after the treatment to see the inch loss!

  4. Can you do a body wrap with green clay?
    they say to do a body wrap with sea clay but could i use green clay? or would that not work?? i also have aztec clay…is that good??? what is better? thanks…also do the home body wraps work?

  5. What kind of store can I buy bentonite or green clay, and sea salt from??? I want to do home detox body wrap?
    I live in Brampton, Canada. I am very interested in doing a body wrap – home detox treatment.
    But I have no idea what kind of stores carry these materials. If you have any ideas about where I should go or know of a cheap site Please let me know. Thanks in advance

    • I recently ordered bentonite & french green clay from the linked seller.

      bentonite – $8.20US for 1#
      green clay – $7.49US for 1#
      SEA SALT-DEAD SEA MINERAL – $9.95US for 2#

      She does free shipping to US for $100 orders & has lots of nice herbs & bulk stuff. I know she ships internationally also. I would suggest contacting her to find out ship costs or if free/discounted ship would apply. I know she charges fair shipping in US, the maximum she charges is $7.95 no matter how many items.

  6. How do you use la looks body wrap clay?
    I’ve just got my la looks clay body wraps in the post, but no instructions. I’ve checked the Internet but can’t find anything to tell me what to do

    • A clay body wrap is a two step process, like all other body wraps except those that are liquid based. this two step process (absorption and compaction) are what make clay wraps far superior to liquid wraps when it comes to inch loss.

      Step #1

      Exfoliate your skin and apply a pre-body wrap solution.

      Step #2

      First, apply the sea clay to your entire body, or the areas that you are treating. Apply the mud generously, but make sure it is not clumpy or thick in areas.

      Step #3

      Apply the wrapping cloths to your body. Make sure the cloths are very warm. This will help open the pores allowing your skin to absorb the clay.

      Step #4

      Leave the wraps on your body for about an hour. Remove in the shower or bath and rinse. Once clean, apply a post body wrap solution to your skin.
      How Do Clay Body Wraps Work?

      So you are probably wondering how a clay body wrap works. Simply put, the clay helps absorb fluid based toxins that are held between the cells. Once these fluids are removed, the pressure from the wrapping bandages helps squeeze the tissue and compact the pockets where the excess fluid once was. The body then starts to reconnect these pockets so that they no loger exist.

      Clay body wraps are the best types of wraps because they have the highest absorption properties of the different types of body wrap formulas.

      If you have never tried a clay body wrap, I highly suggest you do, especially if your goal is to lose inches.

  7. What kind of store can I buy bentonite or green clay, and sea salt from??? I want to do home detox body wrap?
    I live in Brampton, Canada. I am very interested in doing a body wrap – home detox treatment.
    But I have no idea what kind of stores carry these materials. If you have any ideas about where I should go or know of a cheap site Please let me know. Thanks in advance

    • Look in your yellow pages under Health Food Store. Most carry bentonite, green clay and sea salt. You may find a body wrap that has all ingredients. Another suggestion is your local apothecary or pharmacy and ask if they carry these items.

  8. Do the minerals and clay actually do anything in a body wrap?
    Just curious if the lost inches are squeezed out by the wrap or if the minerals actually provide more function.

  9. Ingredients

    Natural Clay: Choose 2 cups of clay suitable for your skin type.
    Dead Sea- Mineral and nutrient enriched for detoxification
    Green Clay- Detoxifies, oily skin, stimulates circulation
    Moroccan Red – Exfoliates, stimulates circulation Fullers Earth -Oily skin, exfoliates and stimulates circulation Red Clay -Stimulated circulation, removes dry skin cells Rose Clay -Exfoliates, stimulates circulation

    Salt: Choose 1 cup of salt

    Epsom Salts -Relaxes the nervous system eases pain and removes toxins

    Sea Salt- Draws toxins from the body

    Dead Sea Salt -Skin tonic, detoxifying, nutrient enriched

    Herbs: 1 cup in total .Try to add at least 2 different herbs
    If the herbs are not already powdered then puree them in a blender.

    Aloe Vera -Soothes and Heals

    Neem Leaves -Anti bacterial, anti fungal

    Rose Petal Powder -Stimulates Circulation

    Alfalfa Leaf powder -Relives muscle and joint pain, fatigue
    Calendula powder- Heals broken skin

    Chamomile Powder -Anti inflammatory, Calming

    Stinging Nettles Powder- Deep cleanser, soothes irritated skin

    Parsley Powder- Detoxifying, soothing

    Peppermint Leaf- Stimulation, soothing, stomach upset

    Rosehip Powder- Vitamin c, nutrients

    St Johns Wart Powder- Healing nutrient

    Kelp Powder: 1 cup
    To detoxify the body and add vital nutrients that help reduce cellulite and increase circulation

    Moisture Agents: Replace the water you will bring to the boil with any of these wetting agents E.g. Add 1 cup of milk, then remove 1 cup of water from the 1.8 liters of spring water.
    You can substitute any of these moisture agents for the water. Try and choose 3 different ones to benefit different areas

    Apple Cider Vinegar -Helps to heal bruises, soothes irritated skin

    Glycerin – Deep skin Moisturizer

    Chamomile- Promotes relaxation and detoxifies

    Witch Hazel- Skin toner and cleanser

    Goats Milk- Balances Ph levels in skin and exfoliates skin cells whilst moisturizing

    Whole Cream Milk- Relieves dry and itchy skin and full of nutrients
    Fruit Juice -Full of vitamins

    Yogurt- Soothes dry and irritated skin

    Lemon Juice- detoxifies and cleanses skin cells These essential oils are used to combat cellulite and detoxify the body

    Essential Oils- 18mls in total combined oils Or 1% of mix

    Lavender Essential Oil -Headaches, stress, insomnia, minor burns, skin rashes, lowers blood pressure. Calmative. Basil Essential Oil- Anti bacterial, headaches, mental alertness, fatigue, stress, Period pains(Blends well with lemon and fennel). Lemon Essential Oil- Cellulite, oily skin, anti bacterial, asthma and other respiratory complaints.

    Patchouli Essential Oil -Tightens pores, combats wrinkles, Mobilizes cellulite, stress reliever, insomnia, relaxant, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sores and minor burns (Blends well with lavender and sandalwood).

    Sandalwood Essential Oil- Calms the mind and spirit, oily skin, soothes irritated skin, and is an aphrodisiac for men. (Blends well with lavender and sandalwood).

    Spearmint Essential Oil- Soothes the skin, calmative, and settles upset tummies.

    Lemon Grass Essential Oil- Skin toner, oily skin, fatigue, muscle aches and gastric infections- (Blends well with tea tree and lavender).

    Tea Tree Essential Oil- Anti- fungal, acne, skin toner. (Blends well with spearmint, sandalwood, lavender, and eucalyptus).
    Juniper Berry Essential Oil -Cellulite, uplifting (Blends well with lavender, patchouli and sandalwood).

    Fennel Essential Oil – Diuretic, circulation. Cleansing oil, indigestion and gas. (Blends well with lavender, lemon, basil and sandalwood).

    Cypress Essential Oil- Diuretic, varicose veins, circulation, coughs and colds. (Blends well with lavender , sandalwood and patchouli)

    Natural Additives: 2 tablespoons of any
    Aloe Vera Gel -moisturizer Rice Bran Powder Fine- Prevents wrinkles, exfoliates skin, absorbs excess oil and dirt

    Honey Powder- Skin cleaners, softener, absorbs dry skin.

    Coconut Milk Powder- Skin softener, full of nutrients

    Moisturizing Oils- 2 tablespoons in total only.

    Almond Oil -mature skin, sensitive or dry skin

    Aloe Vera Oil – anti ageing, skin irritations, cuts and minor burns

    Palm Oil – Moisturizing oil

    Apricot Kernel Oil- Skin irritations, dry inflamed skin. Absorbs quickly.

    Refined Emu Oil- repairs damaged and wrinkled skin, muscle and joint pain, repairs scar tissue.

    Shea Oil – retains skins elasticity, moisturizes dry cracked skin

    Sesame Oil- moisturizing, retains skins elasticity

    Sunflower Oil- moisturizes, regenerate and condition skin

    Soybean Oil- moisturizing oil filled with vitamin E

    Evening primrose Oil- eczema, nourishes dry skin

    Flaxseed Oil – eczema, psoriasis, acne and aging skin

    Olive Oil- regenerate new skin cells, draws moisture to external skin cells

    Macadamia Oil- Penetrates the skin quickly, anti oxidant

    Rapeseed Oil -strengths skin tissue full of vitamins and minerals

    Preparing your ingredients
    Once you have your ingredients ready boil 1.8lts of water in a large stainless steel stockpot. Once it has reached boiling point add the herbs and remove the pot from the heat. Add all the remaining ingredients to the pot stir well and allow it to cool down for 10 minutes.

    Application process:
    Dip your bandages or cloth wraps into the mix one by one making sure your mud mix stays warm, you may need to re-heat it if it cools too quickly. Thoroughly soak each bandage into the mix then wrap it around your body starting from your ankles and working your way up. If you are getting help with this one by all means wear underwear it wont make much difference to the outcome. It is however important to stay warm, so if your room is too chilled wrap yourself in a washable blanket lay back and relax for a good 60 minutes.

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