Using Preparation H To Lose Inches

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    What is the fastest way to lose inches off my waist either temp or for good?
    In my particular branch of military service we have a waist measurement taken. What is the fastest way to lose about an inch, it doesn't have to involve working out and doesn't have to be permanent. If it works for the 1 minute it takes for them to measure my waist then I gain it back over night it's fine. I've heard some people wrap celophane around their abdomens the night before and use preparation H so a rash doens't break out and they lose an inch or more does anyone know if this works or have any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try wearing a corset!

    Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?
    I have read articles about quick weight loss methods and I was wondering if saran wrap is a good idea since it makes you sweat a lot or is it dangerous? Also what about using preparation H.
    Do you have any quick, extreme weight loss ideas?
    I meant using preparation H under the saran wrap. I read that it draws out more water.

    • ANSWER:
      Running with saran wrap is not a good ideal at all. Have no idea what prep. H can do. You can google for body wrap in your local area. You can loose inches within 2-3hours under professional supervision. You have to drink lot of water during the exercises though. What they will do is measure you first, ask for your problem area, then cloth wrap you, then pour mineral liquid on you then ask you to either do stair stepper or treadmill or elliptical exercises. When your cloth dried, they pour some more mineral liquid on you....once done, they measure you again and tell you how many inches you lost totally. Remember those inches lost only due to water, you have to get on a diet and exercises plan to maintain it.

    Is it safe to uses icy hot in a body wrap?
    In an article it says that if u apply icy hot to the areas you want to lose weight and then wrap Saran wrap you will lose a few inches. They say it will burn but if just shower after the redness will to away. Is it safe. Or is preparation h better?!

    • ANSWER:
      NOT SAFE!!

      Topical applications of those chemicals DO NOT cause you to lose weight. Wrapped up, they can, instead, give you a chemical burn, possibly very serious.

    Does anybody know anything about the 'Preparation H' wrap to lose inches off your waist?
    Also, can you do it again and again and it will keep working?

    • ANSWER:
      Alot of military recruiters and I guess the "old school" bodybuilders used it to deplete the skin of sub quetaneous (probably spelled wrong) water, which will give the appearance of tighter, more toned skin. Recruiters try it on those that are just at the threshhold or their branch's bodyfat standards (1 inch equals like 2% bodyfat) as far as the tape measure goes. Process being you cake on the prep h and wrap saran tightly and ace bandages wouldn't hurt on top of saran. sleep with it, in the morning, wipe it all down really good and depending on the person, you may see results of an inch or two....OR NONE.....all depends on the persons body. but for .00 I guess it's worth a shot. So it isn't an urban legend and as soon as you shower you will probably re-acquire the water again.

    Saran wrap with preparation H around the waist/stomach?
    Does anyone know if this really helps reduce inches from the waist line as well as help keep the abdominal area (preferably the stomach) flat? I know by using preparation H in conjunction with the saran wrap it causes the body to sweat more. I'm just curious on your thoughts, or experiences in this department.

    • ANSWER:
      It's actually a method that military recruiters recommend to people going through processing who need to lose a few inches quick. Usually you put it on and sleep with it, which I imagine is pretty uncomfortable. It does work (absorbs water and tightens the cells) but it's only a quick fix -- a day or two at most.

using preparation h to lose inches

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