7 thoughts on “Bengay Plastic Wrap

  1. Has anyone ever heard about using begay and plastic wrap to lose water weight?
    I heard once from a friend that if you use like a whole tube on begay on a part of your body that is to big/ fat/ whatever and wrap in it plastic wrap over night you can lose like 5lbs of water weight. They said its like an old trick in the army. I’m not saying anyone should ever do it but is it true?

    • it causes the temporary loss of water from subcutaneous fat stores. it has no effect on fat loss. the Bengay thing is a very old bodybuilder trick used to temporarily cause water loss in the lower back area before a bodybuilding competition. the actual visual effects of this will vary from person to person. a person that has a very high amount of body fat will see no visual results.

  2. At Home Body Wraps?
    I am looking to lose some inches quick before my wedding. I have lost the weight but I still have some inches that I want gone. All of my money has gone towards the wedding so I can’t afford to go out and spend $100 on a body wrap. I was told by a friend that if I take plastic wrap and bengay that I can wrap it around my belly and lave it on for a while that it will take the inches off. He said he did this before going into the navy and it worke like a charm and left no side effects. Has anyone else done this if so can you help me figure out someways to lose these extra inches???
    Thanks Erin I thought the bengay part sounded a little funny coming from him lol. My aunt said sea salt and a certain oil will work better with the wrap and moisterize my skin so I think I am going to try that

  3. How do I lose belly fat asap?
    I’ve heard of grueling techniches like wrapping urself in plastic and adding bengay????!!!!! I know I’m willing to suffer big time just need some advise. Oh and I don’t want no “that’s the wrong way” or “u will gain it just as fast” no I just want a staright up awnser …. Let the torture begin

  4. does bengay and saran wrap really work?
    i heard that you can drop inches in your waste and your theighs and such if you cover them in bengay and wrap them in saran wrap or plastic wrap. how does it work? and are there any precaussions you know of that i need to be aware of? the thing is that i don’t know if it actually gets rid of fat or just water? because if it’s just water it makes you lose, i can’t afford that… i am dehidrated as it is. but if it burns up fat… that would rock!! i don’t know if anyone has heard of such a diet or whatever, but if you HAVE (such as gy’s on a wrestling team) then PLEASE let me know… i’m trying to get ready for my wedding and would LOVE a quick fix for my fat theighs…

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