Preparation H And Saran Wrap To Lose Inches

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe to uses icy hot in a body wrap?
    In an article it says that if u apply icy hot to the areas you want to lose weight and then wrap Saran wrap you will lose a few inches. They say it will burn but if just shower after the redness will to away. Is it safe. Or is preparation h better?!

    • ANSWER:
      NOT SAFE!!

      Topical applications of those chemicals DO NOT cause you to lose weight. Wrapped up, they can, instead, give you a chemical burn, possibly very serious.

    Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?
    I have read articles about quick weight loss methods and I was wondering if saran wrap is a good idea since it makes you sweat a lot or is it dangerous? Also what about using preparation H.
    Do you have any quick, extreme weight loss ideas?
    I meant using preparation H under the saran wrap. I read that it draws out more water.

    • ANSWER:
      Running with saran wrap is not a good ideal at all. Have no idea what prep. H can do. You can google for body wrap in your local area. You can loose inches within 2-3hours under professional supervision. You have to drink lot of water during the exercises though. What they will do is measure you first, ask for your problem area, then cloth wrap you, then pour mineral liquid on you then ask you to either do stair stepper or treadmill or elliptical exercises. When your cloth dried, they pour some more mineral liquid on you....once done, they measure you again and tell you how many inches you lost totally. Remember those inches lost only due to water, you have to get on a diet and exercises plan to maintain it.

    how many inches on your waist does preparation h help you loose?
    i know for a fact it works from several army buddies. its an old military trick to pass the tape test at meps. how many inches does it take off if you do it correctly?

    i know you smear it all over your waist and wrap it in saran wrap all nite and dont' drink water till after your tape, any other tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Things your buddies say are hearsay, not facts. Prep H restricts blood flow. I doubt you would lose an inch, and then only temporarily. And it stinks. Have you smelt it?

    Need to lose 2 inches off of abdomen area FAST?
    I have heard that you can rub Bengay all over your abdomen area and wrap yourself in saran wrap to lose inches off of your waist? Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work?
    Any other ideas on how to lose inches from the waist FAST (non-surgically)(within 3 days!) would be helpful too.


    • ANSWER:
      Its preparation H not Ben Gay. Google Preparation H and you will see why.

      It does work - for an extremely short amount of time. You are looking at 2-3 hours tops.

    How to lose 3 inches off your waist quick for Navy?
    I need to lose 3 inches off my waist to got to a meps station for the NAVY and pick my job? I just need a quick fix so i can hurry up and get this over with.

    • ANSWER:
      for a quick fix try buying some preparation h and saran wrap.. wrap it around your waist, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and see how much smaller you are... temp though comes back within a few hours and quicker when you drink. its just water weight but for the future.... well I suggest cutting out everything except for protein and vegetables, forget breads and sugars... just protein and vegetables and work out not too much though. Because when you eat your body will take all the energy from the food instead of from the fat already in your body, remember to eat before exercising and only eat about 2-3 after exercising, drink only water, and don't eat 2-3 before sleeping, also remember the 10 hour trick, eat all you want the first 10 hours since you woke up but after that don't eat anything. For example since your still in school you may wake up around 6 am.. eat all you want between 6 am and 3 pm but after 3 pm don't eat anything because your body breaks down foods and burns fat best the first 10 hours. Try an exercises ball its great works very well just buy one for cheap around , 20, 30 dollars and just look online for free exercise ball workouts lots of them instead of paying for dvds.

preparation h and saran wrap to lose inches

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