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    What can I do to soothe a herpes outbreak and make it heal faster?
    This is the first time I've had blisters in 15+ years, and I don't remember how to make it feel better. I only have like 3 blisters, but they are really irritated and sore. What can I do to get them to feel better and to heal faster?

    Oh, and I'm talking about genital herpes.

    • ANSWER:
      There are antiviral treatments, creams and even chinese medicines would help. You can use epsom salts baths 1-2 times a day soaking for about 10-15 minutes. Applying diluted hydrogen peroxide to the sores/ blisters regularly can also help. The best things to do is to keep the out break clean and dry and to use some kind of antiviral therapy.

    what can I do about herpes? is there a treatment or strategy that is effective?
    is this manageable? will I have attacks frequently? what should I tell future partners?

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes is VERY manageable and the frequency of attacks depends on your immune system and how your body is reacting to the virus... the body generally adapts and you cease having outbreaks after about 7 years- but you can spread it even after then!

      I caught it 2 years ago. It's traumatic when it first happens. I got lucky as far as having people to talk to, though- my boss, a coworker, my aunt (who has never given it to her husband and had kids)...
      The emotional pain of getting "it" can be devastating! Obviously, you catch herpes from sex. Usually with someone you trust. It sucks.

      If it helps any, there are ALOT of guys out there who are VERY sympathetic and will date (and sleep with) you anyway. Herpes does not make you "damaged goods".

      I do think it's important to get on the daily dose of acyclovir, valtrex, or zovirax before becoming sexually active again. This way, when you meet someone you are interested in having sex with, you have done all that you can do to prevent the spread of it and with a condom their risks will be VERY minimal.

      This also helps when you decide to tell a guy. Usually I've been like "um... well, I always use condoms anyway, but I also take Valtrex for herpes to reduce the transmission rate...". Then I tell him that it reduces the asymptomatic shedding by 80-90% and if we use a condom, and I'm not having an outbreak, his risks will be VERY small. I usually blurt it out around the second date or whenever we start talking about sex.

      Also, when you do go dating again, older men (age 30+) are MUCH more understanding. Guys in their 20s just don't haven't been around the block enough, for the most part. Most older guys have usually been with a chick who has "it".

      If you're having an outbreak, epsom salt baths can help sooth it. Bathing does not spread the herpes virus.

      Try not to think of yourself as "sick" if you can help it. I find it's best (for my stress levels as well) just to deal with things matter-of-factly, educate myself on the facts, screw everything else, and treat myself like a queen.

      Catching herpes made me, oddly enough, respect myself MORE. I caught it from being assaulted, so maybe the anger-releasing assertiveness-learning "**** it all" attitude was also a way of dealing with THAT stress. As I said, I was very lucky to have people around me who I could talk to. I was also lucky in that I was able to reconnect with my body, not generalize one incident to "men in general", and to have supportive male friends (I got thouroughly spoiled in the months following).
      Sorry for getting off on the ramble there- so much to say...

      Anyway- hope that atleast some of this helps- feel free to contact me....

    Natural treatment for herpes?
    Is there a herbs or some more natural way to get herpes treated? Or suppressed? Maybe some over the counter meds?

    • ANSWER:
      VavaVoom is SO WRONG!!!

      I don't use meds of any kind - I take care of myself naturally.

      When I feel an outbreak coming (tingling or itching) I use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer (mostly alcohol) on the area & sometimes it can keep an outbreak from happening at all.

      When I see sores appearing I take baths in salt (epsom salt or table salt) and that takes the sting out of the sores & is a natural healer!
      And use hydrogen peroxide after every trip to the rest room when I have sores - that helps keep them clean & dry them out also.
      After 2 days - stop the baths...because the sores need to dry up & scab - and they won't if they are wet too often (but peroxide is still fine).

      Keep them clean & dry...loose-fitting clothings...especially panties (there are days when i wear a long skirt & my husband's boxers to work - so nothing rubs on the sores!)
      Allow them to scab up & let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking the scabs off could cause the sores to last longer

    Herpes Treatment? How Do I Reduce Redness, Itching, Etc?
    First Off, I Am A Girl and i recently had sex for the first time with my boyfriend and a couple days ago i noticed a few itchy red bumps on my area. there are multiple bumps with lead me to believe it is not a rash or razor bumps, etc.
    i would like to know some ways to reduce redness and itching and make them less noticeable. Ways that dont require a lot of money and not any over the counter stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      Warm Epsom salts baths, the salts are under and they can help relieve the symptoms. There may be some over the counter creams that you can use on the break out to help heal it. The best thing for herpes though is antiviral medication or suppressants.

    Topical Treatment (Herpes)? . .?
    What has been the best topical cream you've used for herpes treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      What worked for me is 2 1,000mg lysine in the morning and 2 at night. Epsom salt and tea tree oil bath for 15-30 mins every other day. Using corn starch on a cotton ball throughout the day to keep it dry. Crushing up tylenol pm (u can put it in a baggie and use a hammer) mixing it with a TINY bit of hot water and cold sore medication (most people recommend Abreva but i've used L-Lysine+ cream its like 7 bucks instead and it worked fine for me) - put it on over the infected area right before you go to bed (i used a blow dryer to help dry it 1st). Sounds crazy i know but it worked for me.

      - also Ive been experimenting with mixing crushed lysene with the tylenol pm
      -and it will hurt when you 1st put the mix on as a warning - cuz the site failed to mention that

epsom salt herpes treatment

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