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  1. How can I use Borax to ward off/kill roaches?
    I am desperate to get rid of these awful things!! I’m not sure if I can just sprinkle it around the corners of the apartment, and down the bathroom drains. I also called an exterminator and they are coming out possibly sometime this week. I want these things gone! It’s so damn annoying to have to get up and run around killing them. I’m ready to move out of this apartment.

    • Hi bluebell82,

      This is Ricks Picks. I work in the Garden Department for The Home Depot. I think that you are referring to Boric Acid. Borax is a type of soap and does not affect roaches. The Boric Acid is safe to use but is deadly against roaches. Boric acid works in two ways. When the bugs crawl across the powder, the microscopic shards act like glass and scratch open the waxy surface of the insect. This causes the roach to lose moisture and to dry out. The roach can also consume the materiel with the same results. The Boric Acid is safe to use in your cupboard and pantry. Check with your local retail nursery or store that carries treatments for insects such as roaches to find more information on this type of product.

      I find that using a three pronged approach against roaches seems to work the best.
      •1 & 2: If you add some type of bait that the roaches can feed on and drink from, as well as keeping the area as clean as possible.
      •3: Using a good pesticide spray along the floor board area, your chances for success will increase. Depending on your area, you may not be able to get rid of these persistent critters but you will be able to get a good control of them.
      Having the pesticide company come out is a good start, but be sure to follow tips 1&2 as well. When the roaches feed on the bait, both solid and liquid, they will take it back to the nest and share it with the rest of the brood. This will help to kill the ones that you may not be able to get to.

      The battle with these annoying critters can be a challenge but you can be successful. Apartments can be a challenge because you are not able to control what your neighbor does. You can only control your own space.

      Good luck with your challenge. This has been another of,

      Ricks Picks

  2. What is the best way to kill roaches?
    By best way kill roaches, I mean the deadly east poison, toxic or anything you could think of to get rid of roaches. If you know whats the best way to kill a roach tell me, it dosent have to be real either but still belivable.

    • I suppose a 12-gauge shotgun isn’t believable…or reasonable… Okay, sprinkling borax powder under the cabinets works for us. Or sprinkle it anywhere the roaches hold their parties.

  3. How to rid my car of ants?
    We just purchased a car a couple of days ago. The previous owner had not used it for months and we found out that it is infested with little black ants.

    It seems their nest is in the body of the car and we have vaccumed and also put some boric acid (because it got rid of the roaches very quickly) around the places we saw them coming out of. However, they are still there.

    We vaccumed up the dead ones and replaced the boric acid with Twenty-mule Borax powder stuff and they are still there.

    Are there any other ways of getting rid of these ants? I need natural ways. I can’t use pesticides because we do use the car and we have children.

    I’m pretty much willing to try anything, as long as it is natural (ie. herbs, oils, etc), so please help if you can!

    • Say what ?
      I’v Never heard any car having Ants inside in my life.
      Yes, Ants could possibly crawl up from of the 4 Tires but,,,,,they would have to crawl through a very Humugous Maze just to get ‘inside’ the car. Just about an Impossible Maze for Ants to complete.

      From the wheel to the Roter to the Axil and to crawl under the Car where the Tire fits around.
      Woe! Long haul they’d have to make.

      Don’t get me wrong, dude. I Believe you. If you say there’ s black ants in the car then…..there are ants in your car, ‘Period’ = )

      Maybe the first owner of the car accidently spilled a jar of black Ants all over by his/her son.

      O-kay. I’m not really Answering your question here, am I? lol

      *Simply, go buy some ‘Oderless Ant Spray’.

      1) Park you car in the Shade.

      2) Shut all your windows and Spray every nook and cranny inside your car. Shutting the windows keeps the Potency of the Ant Spray stay ‘strong’ so it can kill every single Ant inside your car.

      3) After say 12 hours, open up all your car doors so air out you car for a few hours.
      Guarrenteed, you’ll see all your pesky ‘black ants’ as Dead as a door-nail : )

  4. How dose boric acid kill roaches and how long dose it take for effect?
    Ive been using it for 3 days now and i haven’t seen any results. will someone tell me how it kills them do they eat or or is it the other way around.

    • Mix up the following recipe: 4 parts borax, 2 parts flour, and 1 part cocoa powder.

      This mixture makes the boric acid more appealing. Borax has sugars as part of it’s composition (It’s mainly boric acid) and the flour and cocoa add more food attractant.

      Being more attractive, the roaches eat it and soon die of dehydration. They also drag it back to their nests on their legs, where new hatchlings will eat it and die.

      Good Luck :-)

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