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    Can someone help me get rid of stretch marks?
    I have some on my theighs, knees, and the back of my calfs.
    I've tried bio-oil and it didn't really work too well

    And I've used some vitamin E cream but it didn't do anything.

    I'm 15 and have had them for about 2 years.
    I used to be a bit overweight and I dropped a lot of weight which is probably the cause for it.

    I heard vicks vapor rub works good.

    • ANSWER:
      I am sad too. I have white old stretch marks on the back of my calves, upper thigh and i am desperate about them. I have cocoa butter . It is good when you put it on and go out it hides them somehow but it does not make them disappeare.

      Some people tell me that the only way is to have surgery! I am trying the wraps now and i see that they helping reduce the marks a lot.

      However , since you are still young and 15 years old, i recommend that you use the cocoa butter , the bio oil every day. There is also what is called HOT WRAPS you can purchase a kit online and follow instructions or go to the spa and have them done there but it will cost you money.

      On this website you can read about what wraps mean. You can know what kind of wraps are there and so on...

      The good thing about the wraps is that you can see immediate results. I had the anti cellulite once before and they work amazing.

      Note : Herbal Body Wraps – With the right herbal ingredients a body wrap can be a very effective way to eliminate stretch marks. The key is using the right combination of herbs and essential oils.

    Do you ladies want to cheat a bit to Lise weight?! ?
    I discovered dry skin brushing literally like on the 1st of January. I literally saw results overnight! I love waking up in the morning, lifting up my shirt and seeing amazing results! I am 18 years old and only 13 lbs overweight. I am also a young mommy. So I've been doing this 2 weeks and I swear I've lost inches off my waist, not sure how many since I've never measured. I know I've lost about 3 pants size so far. Let me just say I DON'T workout, and I eat normal (whatever I want). I don't drink juice, sodas, or eat any type of junk food for fear of getting yellow teeth. 

    Dry brushing not only tightens skin, it removes toxins from the body which in return helps you lose weight. It also helps with stretch marks and scars. you can dry brush your whole body! I only do my stomach area though. 

    When I first started I would dry brush for only 5 min at night. But I read your supposed to do it for 10-15 min morning and night! Faster results are better anyway! 

    Your supposed to use a certain type of dry brush and it's supposed to be natural, but I bought one from the dollar store. It's actually more if a scrub, like to clean floors, bathrooms, kitchens. 

    When I brush, I brush clockwise, counter-clockwise, and towards my heart. It's amazing being able to see all the old skin fly right off like dust!
    I also mixed vicks vapor rub(works miracles on stretch marks), palmers tummy cocoa butter, and a spoon of olive oil after I scrub at night and sometimes I'll wrap it with Saran wrap sometimes not. 

    Dry skin brushing works miracles! I wanted plastic surgery but hope this gets rid of my problem 100%! 

    Oh yeah & it also works great for cellulite! Though I don't have any.

    I was using size 11 jeans for 2-3 years. Today I went to kohls & tried on 2 pants size 7! I used to be a 5 before ever gaining a pound!

    If anyone could give me a good women's forum or blog I'd appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't sound right to me. No offense. If it works for you then that is great. I am on adipex and have lost 18lbs since Dec. 17th. By the way you can't get a tummy tuck or anything like that until you are done having children :)

    if you have stretch marks on your body and they are red are they going to loose color in time?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. After a good few years they will turn white.

      But use cocoa butter, hell even Vicks vapor rub, an exfoliating cloth, and even some cellulite lotion ( the cellulite lotion has chemicals that improve the elasticity of your skin and more, and that helps with the fading).

      When their still red, that is the time to action. You can still have a chance on getting them gone.

vicks vapor rub cellulite

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