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  1. Can someone help me get rid of stretch marks?
    I have some on my theighs, knees, and the back of my calfs.
    I’ve tried bio-oil and it didn’t really work too well

    And I’ve used some vitamin E cream but it didn’t do anything.

    I’m 15 and have had them for about 2 years.
    I used to be a bit overweight and I dropped a lot of weight which is probably the cause for it.

    I heard vicks vapor rub works good.

  2. I have this cold that I woke up with, and now I have these piercing pains in the side of my head?
    They last like half a second.

    They hurt really badly, and are coming and going a couple of times each minute…

    What is it, what can I do??

  3. How can I rejuvenate my body?
    I got sick a few months ago with mono and I think that took a lot out of me. Since then I do not have the same energy level and can barely make it through an 8 hour work day. What can I do?

  4. Do you have a passed down family remedy for anything?
    I am curious about your remedies for whatever. Here is one of my favorite I will pass on to you. Dryer Sheets to get rid of soap scum. Get a few of those wet and start wiping your shower or tub down….rinse. So easy, works fast and is not harmful to eyes or skin. Can be used on glass enclosed showers as well……you wont believe how clean it gets.

    • That is an excellent idea for the tub and shower, thank you. Now here are mine, they are mostly medicinal. Kerosene will stop bleeding. Flaxseed oil tablets 2 daily will lower your cholesterol. Wet tobacco will take the pain from a bee sting. If you get a tick, just put Vaseline over it, it will eliminate the oxygen and the tick will turn lose of you and die or you can just remove it and burn it. If you have a sore throat or chest cold put Vicks Vapor Rub on the area and it will break up the stuff in your lungs, just be sure to wash it off before you go outside. A drop of kerosene on a sugar cube will help you open your sinuses and break up the infection in your lungs. Every spring take a teaspoon of caster oil in orange juice or any juice. It will purge your body of any infections and works to help your immune system work better and it will definitely clean your clocks if you know what I mean. If you get a splinter in your finger wrap the finger in a slice of raw bacon, it will help push the splinter out so you can get hold of it with tweezer’s and remove it, also raw fat or raw bacon will bring zits and blemishes to a head and you can pop them with a pin and use two fingers to pull on the area, never push a zit or blemish, it damages your skin, and the muck in the zit or blemish will come out. You can clean brass with Brillo pads. Crushed mint leaves and lay them wherever you see the ants will keep ants out of your home. To keep rabbits and other animals out of your vegetable or flower garden, just throw some moth balls in them, this also helps keep snakes away. When you water your inside plants use lukewarm water, cold water can shock the plant and cause it to die. Always cut your rose bushes just above the first 5 leaves on the stalk and cut all flowers at an angle, they retain water better and will last twice as long. If you are terribly constipated and nothing is working, take a tablespoon of Epsom Salts into warm water, do not leave the bathroom and do not sneeze, it works that fast.

  5. Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy or Poison Sumac?
    I have it all over my body and ive tried callydryll calimine lotion and bendadryll anti poison ivy stuff and their not working… I just wanted some natural remedies to try…

    p.s. This is the 6th time ive had it this summer haha

  6. How to get rid of a cough and hoarse voice?
    Im coughing and having to clear my throat afterwards and my voice is hoarse :( its really annoying, ive been taking medicne but its not helping any unfortunatly….. Someone please help and give me some tips to help it fast

    • 6 Weird Ways to Stop Coug: coughing is a reflex that forcefully expels air from our lungs. It clears the respiratory system, including your lungs and throat, of irritants, foreign particles and congestion. Coughing is a good thing, but it can be annoying, especially if it won’t stop. If you need a remedy and are willing to try new things, read this informative article and find out 6 weird ways to stop coughing.
      1. Drink a Cup of Hot Cocoa
      Scientists have discovered that chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid of the cacao plant. Theobromine subdues the vagus nerve activity in your body which is what makes you cough. Not only is it more effective than taking a cough syrup containing codeine, but drinking hot cocoa has no side effects.
      2. Use a Cold Washcloth or Ice Cubes
      To stop a cough, run a washcloth under very cold water; wring it out. Lie down flat and wrap the cloth around your throat. Cover it with a hand towel. Or, put some small ice cubes in your mouth. Either way, the coldness will help numb the nerves in your throat.
      3. Vicks VapoRub to the Rescue
      Another weird way to stop coughing if it’s caused by a cold or the flu is to rub Vicks VapoRub generously on the soles of your clean feet. Put on a pair of cotton socks and climb into bed. The medicated vapors will help clear the congestion so you can breathe easier.
      4. Raise Your Hands
      The next time you start coughing, simply raise both of your hands up and over your head. It’s not clear exactly why this works, but it’s thought that raising your hands expands your lung capacity making it easier to breathe.
      5. Take a Steamy Hot Shower or Bath
      Breathe in the steam from a shower or bath and it will moisturize your dry throat and nasal passages. If you’re congested, it will help loosen and clear out the mucus. If your coughing is due to allergies, the steam will help clear out pollen and other allergens.
      6. Eat Raw Honey, and Maybe Add Some Garlic
      Get a heaping spoon of raw honey and eat it. This sweet remedy will soothe your throat and calm your cough. If the cough is accompanied by congestion, place a little minced garlic on top of the honey.

  7. I just had a very heavy cold which has moved to my chest, how long will it take to go away?
    I have been hacking up this yellow/green stuff for a day now, and it is very heavy and is really unpleasant. What is the best way to get this cough gone, and how long will it take to go?

    • Yellow/green is an indication of the infection itself…it’s a good sign that it is loosening up and you are coughing it up. Drinking plenty of hot liquids helps in this as well. There really is no quick fix..just medications that either mask or make the symptoms more tolerable.
      Some cough colds can last up to a month or more.
      It’s not a myth or old folk lore to abide by the advice…plenty of rest,drink lots of fluids and try to keep up your strength and eat.
      If you are not getting the necessary rest your body will remain weak and not be able to do it’s job of fighting this virus. The fluids help to flush out the germs your body is trying so hard to expel..and the hot part..well, it works better than cold.. and warms your chills if you have them as well as being the best at breaking up phlegm or mucous that your body needs to get rid of.
      I know you may not like to hear it..but “vicks” vapour rub is awesome at doing wonders to break up this cough cold (the original is a petroleum gel but since have brought out a cream version..less messy) Personally, I think the petroleum would work better..I dunno…bottom line is,it’s a great remedy.
      You apply a thin layer on your chest and upper back…can also apply it on the lower back area.. put a t-shirt on over it to eliminate feeling cold and to absorb any excess ointment. Putting on your neck is even better..where a turtle neck or when my kids were small at bed time I just loosely wrapped a sock around their neck (not tied!! yikes) like a short scarf. Besides, I didn’t mind if the gel couldn’t be washed out completely..You many need to tuck two socks into one another to elongate the material..you can pin it in place if need be..then tuck it into your shirt collar to stay in place. :) Here’s the secret…To be even more effective I always applied the rub to the bottoms of their feet..and then nice thick socks over top to keep them warm. The down falls don’t come close to the wonders of this stuff – It smells strong, it can be messy and stain any good clothing(petroleum gel) and it sounds very weird/strange BUT it WORKS…
      Good Luck..you have nothing to loose but your cough/cold :D

  8. How do I keep safe while cleaning a hoarders “home” ?
    A elderly friend is living in hoarding condition, neighbors cats have brought fleas into the home, and now i’m not sure how I can go over and help clean anymore without putting myself at risk, between the unbreatheable air and the fleas seemingly embedded between every layer of newspaper and filth…

    What are some precautions I can take to be able to work in these conditions, or to be able to help without risk of my own health?

    • I would take vicks vapor rub & put it on the outer part of my nose & get some hot water boiling (be very careful you don’t spill this on yourself) I take a towel & wrap it around my head. & I breathe in the hot water. This loosens up the mucus & I blow my nose til i can get most of it out…I drink alot of water to get it thined out…I believe in metaphysics which is the study of the mind body connection. When someone has a cold they are confused about something. They don’t want to be around others. So when you clear your mind the cold will go away. When you find a positve reason not to be with others you won’t need the cold. If yo believe you always get a cold in July then you will.

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