12 thoughts on “Arm Wraps To Lose Inches

  1. What do you have for lunch whe trying to lose weight?
    and would you eat a 180 calorie whole wheat wrap with turkey breasts for lunch? or is it not good to have everyday for lunch everyday when trying to lose weight?

  2. Does It Works body wrap help lose inches?
    I’ve heard a lot of good things about this. It is said that it helps you lose inches. Have you guys used this product and what did you think of it? Did it work? And how many inches did you lose? Some friends of mine have used this and they said it worked well, but I’m still not sure. Please tell me what you think of it, and if it helped you. Thanks.

    • Hi Jen,

      Yes, the wraps work! I had a dropped stomach after two C-sections. I was told by the doctors that the only way to get rid of the sagging skin was to go under the knife and have a tummy tuck. Well, I do not have that kind of money laying around. So, I tried a wrap for $25.00. In 45 min of just wrapping my sagging stomach, I saw a tightening of my skin and a reduction of 3 inches. After 3 days, It was even tighter and firmer and a total 5 inches gone!

      I kept drinking water and wrapped again 3 more times (I purchased a box of 4 (a loyal customer gets them for the same price as a distributor) and saw my dropped stomach all but disappear. I got them from a woman who went through the same situation as I did. Also, I lost over 50lbs and have wrapped all of my loose chin, upper arm and bust skin. I am 47 and feel like I lost 20 years off of my life. I was skeptical as well, but this stuff really does work! I use the defining gel after each shower to keep tightening up my skin in between wraps as I continue to loose the weight! This was the best $25.00 I ever spent in my life!
      I got them here at: http://www.bodywrapmenow.com/

  3. How many inches could I reasonbly lose after doing a couple inch loss wraps?
    I understand that these wraps are only a temporary solution.

    How many inches can I reasonbly lose on my arms, waist and stomach after doing 1 or 2 inch loss wraps?

  4. Has anyone here had any experience with body wraps?
    The ones that suck out whatever and make you lose inches. Has anyone used one and had a positive experience? Negative? I’m debating whether or not to do one – so feedback really helps! Thank you!

    • Unless you have a spa budget, or bathing suit photo shoot and your modeling agency is paying for it–it’s not worth it.
      Your skin is smoother and maybe you lose a inches from the water weight. They measure you from head to toe and then add up the difference and say–see you’ve lost a total of 6 inches.
      1/4 inch from one upper thigh 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one lower thigh 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one calf 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one upper arm 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one lower arm 1/4 inch from the other

      You get the idea.

      A much better spa investment is photofacial or laser hair removal or save up for lipo.

  5. What is the quickest way to lose about an inch of your waist?
    I’ve been dieting and exercising…Is there anything extra I can do to lose about an inch from my weight so I can take my physical?
    Thank you.

  6. How much does your hair shrink when you get dreadlocks?
    I’m about to get them and my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders, Should I wait?
    And also- I’ve seen people with really stringy and very spaced out dreads, how can I stop that from happening?

    • In my experience the amount that dreadlocks shrink depends on hair texture, the curler the hair the more they will shrink, back combing also creates significant shrinkage, when i started mine i had arm pit length hair by the time i got done back combing and crocheting they were just past shoulder length.

      You can avoid excessive spacing & scalp showing by following a brick laying pattern to space and separate your dreadlocks. Also do a good job of backcombing especially near the scalp it will minimize how much scalp shows by fluffing the hair thus filling in empty space. Scalp showing is usually the result of naturally thin hair that has just started to dread, bad initialspacing/seperation of hair, or excessiveover or under matinence which can cause tension on the scalp.

      I do think everyone should do research to find the dread locking method that is best for them. I have to say that in my personal experience over the several years of having dreadlocks that the backcombing + crochet method gets a bad reputation because of people improperly using the method… You can misuse/over use any dread locking method thus causing problems, this includes the “Neglect” method…

      If you don’t over use the back comb + crochet method and use it correctly all you are doing is wrapping loose outside hair around FILLING the crochet hook and pulling the lose hair into the lock then twist the hook to loosen/free it and remove… Many people just poke the crochet in and out rapidly which is NOT the right way to use this method then they incur damage and blame the method which they misused in the first place.

      I used the backcombing + crochet method to start my dreads and use it lightly once every 3 months to maintain them, in between time i just use aloe gel to twist and smoother the roots down. And my dreads are down to my waist, thick and healthy especially near the roots.

      The most damaging methods used to create/encourage dreadlocks is the felting needle method because of the excessive sharpness of the needles which pierce and tear the hair, the Dread perm method which uses unnecessary caustic chemicals, and the rip and twist method which literally rips the hair in half you can hear it rip. But i am a part time locktitian and have people come to me asking to make and take down their locks, and the people who used the rip and twist method maintain the worst damage when you go to soak them in conditioner and pick them out…

  7. How do I get rid of arm fat in one week?
    I’m at a normal weight, but my upper arms are a little bigger than I’d like them to be. I just now noticed how prominent they are and I’m going to prom in a week!!! I need to somehow shrink them.
    Note: It’s not armpit fat. It is the actual arm fat.
    What exercises can I do to get rid of some of it in one week?

    • Here are the only things I can think of:
      -You can go to a day spa and get a ‘Quick Loss Wrap’ It’s a skin tightening treatment.
      -You can drink a diuretic to reduce water retention

      Expecting to lose inches in just one week is an unreasonable goal. You can start a fitness routine with your arms and eating a healthy diet and expect to see results in about a month.

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