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  1. do you know of any cream/wrap etc for fat and flabby arms?
    my arms are flabby so i bought some dumbells and i exercise every day.Is there a cream i can buy that will help?

    • well, i know of a short term solution, it might seem wierd. but when i was joining the military, i was close to making weight. my recruiter had me rub preperation h all over my back sides and stomach and wrap it as tight as i could with saran wrap. it worked really well. just do it before you go to sleep. what it does is takes all the water out of your skin and shrinks it. it will work all the way up until the point you get in the shower, because your skin will absorb it right up. i lost 3-4 inches over night litarally. you only have to do it once or you can do it for a few days until you need to take a shower. good luck

  2. Can you loose weight with body wraps?
    I have flabby arms and I’m 18..I can’t wear tank tops nor strapless shirts because of it. I have a natural hour glass figure and I go to the gym and all.I’ve worked on mg arms but they tend to get bigger with muscle but j can’t loose the fat.my last option is a wrap but idk if it will be worth spending $60 on it..advice or suggestions please! or what are good spas that offer that? Dallas tx

    • Wraps work by causing high body heat in the area they are applied to. This activity can result in water loss where they are applied. But the water is replaced almost immediately when removed.
      Spot loss of stored fat anywhere on the body is impossible and unfortunately the marketing vehicle for hundreds of bogus “spot losers”.
      Stored body fat is lost from the whole body as body fat % drops.
      You need to stay on your program to succeed. It would be more advantageous to spend the $60 on fresh whole foods than gimmick weight loss choices.

  3. How many sit ups do i have to do to have a flat belly?
    i have a small belly but its flabby because i lost the fat but now its kinda flabby (eww i know)..how many sit ups do i have to do a day to have a flat belly??

  4. How can I lose arm fat, without looking like a body builder?
    I have big fat arms that make me look a lot fatter than I really am. I kind of already look like a diesel girl. So I want to lose the fat and build a little muscle of course, so they’re not flabby looking, but I don’t want to look like a body builder. How can I lose the fat without building too much muscles. I just want lean arms!

    • It takes a hell of a lot of effort to get body builder arms. Light weights and short reps will tone the muscles, but actual growth and huge muscles take enormous effort. You will be fine with 10 reps and light weights. You could also try a seaweed wrap on your arms.. it is said to help lose weight but what it really does is take all the excess water out, making your arms appear thinner.

      This is very good light video for arms, and you won’t get body builder arms doing it, but they will be nice and toned :)


  5. How can I make pasta from scratch?
    Do I need a pasta machine, or can I do it by hand? What ingredients will I need to make it? Is homemade pasta better than shop bought pasta? Does anyone have any recipes and tips for making your own pasta?

  6. How can i tone up the skin under my arms and belly?
    I’ve never really notice the flabby skin until today. How can I tone it up pretty quickly? What are some work outs?

    • So you have some skin slackening? Well, this is what one of my friends had done when she has the same thing with you. This was cause of sudden loss of fats in her upper part of arms. She did lifting each day and she also used something which she calls iw body wraps. And I can see that it was really effective because I can see improvement in her arms. For your stomach, crunches will help you with toning up. Hope this will help.

  7. Why do old women have really flabby arms?
    Overweight Women from 40-really old age seem to have loads of fatty skin hanging off their bones and their leg fat constantly jiggle all over the place and I don’t even think i’ve seen any muscle on old women before.

    Why is it like this?

    • Fat or muscle often deteriates when your older yet the skin used to wrap round this fat or muscle stays so it becomes flabby and wrinkly and just hangs due to it not having fat or muscle to occupy it

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