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  1. how do I get a smaller stomach?
    I am starting to gain weight and it’s about to be summer time and i need to get ready for my bathing suit. Does anybody know way to get rid of stomach fat in a short amount of time? Thank you.

    • 1) Choose the right foods

      A flat stomach passes necessarily a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, cereals … vary the sources of vitamins and fiber to help eliminate and prevent bloating.
      Oats, for example, is one of the favorite ingredients of your belly. The salads are also good allies to eliminate, and their satiating effect.
      In summer, you can have fun with fruits and vegetables in season in the winter concoct delicious meals with attention to ingredients too fat.
      A mid-season, do a little detox cure to cleanse your body and leave the right foot!
      And contrary to popular belief, the carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice should not be banned from food, without abusing it.
      You will also learn how to reduce your tax base and reduce fat when cooking.
      2) Strengthen your abs
      Even more flemmardes of us will not cut it: a flat stomach and shapely abs necessarily pass through sport!
      Traditional sessions of abs through the gym, fitness or other high calorie expenditure sports such as swimming, tennis, jogging …
      Move is essential for the line, but also for health.
      3) Stalk cellulite
      Fight against stubborn cellulite on your stomach and hips improves elasticity and hydration of the skin.
      For this, many techniques are recommended: massage the stomach, applying creams destockantes the slimming clothing, the use of manual palpate and roll …
      In breaking fat deposits beneath the skin, you may be able to lose a few inches!
      4) destress!
      It is well known, the stress and the pounds often go together. Especially with regard to the belly, cradle of emotions and victim No. 1 anxiety problems.
      To feel better in her womb, so we will start by trying to get better in his head! Some relaxation sessions can help you better manage your emotions, and learn some breathing exercises anti-stress.
      Yoga or meditation can also help you relax and relieve you – if it is a few pounds – small everyday worries.

  2. How to get rid of these stretch marks from my pregnancy?
    I didn’t have any stretch marks until the last 3-4 weeks of my pregnancy because my baby ‘dropped’ and then started growing at a faster rate. I’m 18yrs, 5’10” and 2 1/2 yrs ago i was 132lbs. I started taking BC and antidepressants at the same time and slowed down on my working out til I finally stopped. I slowly gained weight til I was 186lbs (last September) and I found out i was pregnant in June. By october i lost weight (i never had morning sickness so i’m not sure why i did) and i was 160lbs by the time i actually started gaining weight from the pregnancy. When i gave birth I was 202lbs and now I’m back to 186. I’m working out again to lost the weight and i know i will eventually reach my goal in the next 6 months of being 132 again but now i have stretch marks. They are about 3in long on my hips and 6-8in on my stomach from my belly button and down to the top of my panties. I’m starting to use Cocoa butter for them but I’m wondering what else will help or if there’s a better product to help them fade away. Also, will they go away as a result of my working out and toning up again?

    • No they won’t go away from working out, sorry to say but you are stuck with them for life. Over time they may fade some and there are certain creams that may ( and it’s a slim chance) help them fade. But stretch marks are like scars they don’t go away

  3. A fast, easy way to get slimmer without totally giving up junk food?
    I’m not exactly fat, i’m pretty muscular. i just have a bit of excess weight in my stomach, hips, and thighs. i love my snack foods and desserts, and they haven’t seemed to give me an hastle until just lately. so is there anyway to get rid of this excess fat quickly?

    • i was on a diet for 5months and ate junk food every day.
      just eat a small piece because a little bit tastes exactly the same as alot.
      i general ate a herseys kiss but if i bought a candy bar i would divide it in several pieces and have a piece after a meal. and if i ate ice cream it would be a spoonful or a small scoop at most.
      if anything is put off limits the mind creates a psychological craving for it. when i knew i could have anything i wanted, i was satisfied with a little bit.
      fast and quick fat loss better mean at least a month unless it’s like a lb of fat.

  4. What is the fastest and most effective way to lose 20lbs and have abs?
    without using those stupid diet pills, what is an effective workout and meal plan? i need to lose about 20lbs, and is there an exercise to slim thighs and hips? I know you cant lose weight in just one area, im just asking about exercises on those areas

    • Hi,

      You CAN’T improve or enhance your leg, butt, hip, thigh or tummy areas with cellulite creams, lotions, wrap treatments, diet/fat burning pills, butt enhancement supplements or any other money wasting scam that sounds to good to be true. (You may have already wasted A LOT of money on some of these). Deceptive marketing companies take advantage of advertising loopholes that allow them to lie to you on the packaging and in their advertisements. They don’t care about you at all. They just want your money, nothing else.

      You’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas if you do simple, yet carefully structured, bodyweight exercises (no weights & no machines) which combine all three types of muscle movement: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric. This is a crucial factor for man and women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs. The only way to combine these for maximum results and SAFETY is by focusing on bodyweight type exercises. Because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines.

      I am a 5.7 and 25 years old and a month ago I weigh 147lbs although about a year ago I weighed 188lbs. I am not very happy with how I look, although I have slimmed down a lot, but I still look like I’m pregnant. My stomach is flabby, my butt is big and I just feel and look disgusting. I used to run on treadmill for 15-20 mins then do some stretching for 10 min and then workout for 30-40 mins and all this 7 days a week. But I just couldn’t reach my goal. It is enough to make anyone frustrated.

      A month ago a friend introduced me a workout program. I was skeptical at first that this would work by itself. Targeted weight loss is quite tough, some would say impossible, but it definitely does produce results. I have lost 20 lbs in four weeks plus 3 inches from my stomach and even my legs are much more slimmer then before. If you are wondering that this program is too good to be true then get your FREE copy of ‘The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement e-Guide’ at the source below. You will not regret it! And your body will thank you for it.

  5. What is the best exercise to loose Fat from thighs and a flatter stomach?
    Ok, so I start school August 30th but I want to go back with slimmer thighs and hips and a flatter stomach. So far I’ve been doing 200 sit-ups 3 times a day for a flatter stomach will I have results fast? and….what workout could you suggest for slimmer hips and thighs and a smaller butt? Will jump roping, walking and running/jogging help?
    I’m not overweight, I’m at the right weight for my age, but I feel overweight, my shoulders, arms and upper body are skinny, my stomach is flabby but its not flat, my thighs are disgusting, my butt is gross, I wouldn’t be able to do weight watchers because I’m “too underweight to do it” so what do I do? I wanted my summer before my senior year to be good, but it seems like the only thing that has happened was that I’ve been gaining weight. I went from a size 1 to a 3 in a year and a 3 to a 5 in a year, what is wrong with me? I feel like I’m going to go crazy! I feel disgusting.
    at the top I ment “Isn’t flabby but isn’t flat”

    • If you are 15 or 16, your gaining a size a year isn’t a big deal – it just means that you are growing, which is what you are supposed to be doing at this age.

      A general exercise program, 4-5 hours a day, with 30 minutes or so of real exercise, will tone your body and build muscle. Muscle burns calories 24-7 so you can pig out on ice cream and pizza and not have it go to your belly the next day.

      Walking or jogging is good, but so is weight training. This is a great chance to learn about it – it helps a lot in getting a nice slender body.

  6. What’s a good way to burn stomach fat?
    I’m slim and fit, but lately my belly has gotten really flabby and I even have little stretch marks on my hips. I have a really bad back so it’s really uncomfortable to do crunches or lemon squeezers. Any other good tips?

  7. What are the quickest ways to get rid of cellulite?
    I mostly have it on my butt and thighs, and im tired of looking “old”.

  8. How can I lose a lot of weight, really quick?
    I’m 5’6 and I weigh 125 pounds…it’s not that I think I’m fat or anything I’m just… awkward and pudgy (for lack of better words) I just want a flat stomach and my collar and hip bones to show a little more prominently, get rid of my love handles, make my thighs a bit slimmer… lose a bit of fat on my arms.. I’m not asking for a miracle cure to be model-thin (although it would be nice, so if someone has the answer to that please don’t hesitate to say so) I just want to be…slimmer everywhere.
    I can’t stick to any dieting ritual, as my mom doesn’t care what I’m trying to do for my body. She refuses to buy healthy food for me/the family.. and I’ve tried starving myself and I dropped a little weight but it’s not accomplishing what I want. I mean should I just starve myself for longer? Should I start making myself throw up again? I’m so desperate to be the beautiful girl that I see on television, or in the magazines, or even the popular girls from my school.. I’ll do anything it takes to drop weight and to have a beautiful body.. and the fat between my arms and my chest…that’s a gigantic problem for me as well, please help!

    • •Yoga helps you controlling your weight. It burns your excess fat and makes you slim and trim younger. One of the benefits of yoga is that you learn to control practically every muscle and joint of your body so that the issue of weight gain will stop to exist.
      •Do daily exercise. Exercise is necessary. Small changes to your activity level can add up over the course of a day, and can start creation an impact on your weight within as little as a week. The key to quick weight apart from diet change is exercise are Walking, cycling and swimming are the best ways to lose weight.
      •Eat healthy home cooked meals, Use less oil, low salt, fresh produce, and you’ll start seeing results in no time.
      •Avoid the junk food like that sodas, cookies, ice cream, pizzas, and other fattening and highly processed foods.
      •Drink massive quantities of water and as much unsweetened iced tea, tea, diet sodas, coffee or other low-calorie beverages as you like. Do not drink milk, normal soft drinks, or fruit juice.
      •Eat vegetables and fruits. They are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber and they’re low in calories.

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