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  1. What can I use instead of an ace bandage?
    I rolled my ankle today and I don’t have an ace bandage to wrap it up. I used to have one, but I lost it. I also don’t have time to go buy one. Is there another option that I could use that’ll do the same job?

    • Drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or Duane Reades (etc.) sell stretchy ace bandage-like elastic braces for things like ankle injuries that provide strong support but aren’t heavy and allow you to move. I have tendinitis, a sprained ankle and a fracture in my foot and I wore one in competitions, my recitals and in class and it worked really well. They’re usually in either the foot care section or with the other braces. The braces are tannish and I’m pretty sure they come in a yellow box, and come in size xs-xl (pretty sure). It should be tight, but not so it’s cutting off your circulation. And also, put ice on your ankle before the job.

  2. Is wrapping your foot good or bad for it if you fracture it?
    If you fracture your foot is it okay to wrap it with an ace bandage or something?

    • Yes, but you have to know what you are doing. The bones need to be set, and you have to make sure you don’t wrap it too tightly. If you think you have a broken bone in your foot you should see the doctor.

  3. Will a turned ankle make the arch of your foot and the top of the foot to the toes hurt?
    That wouldn’t have anything to do with tendons or ligaments would it? When I have turned my ankle before only the ankle hurt, not my whole foot.
    Will an ace bandage help?
    It is swollen and hard to walk on and I don’t have insurance.
    Any tips would be appreciated. And I do have to walk on it – I can’t stay off of it all of the time.
    Thank you.

    • yes it has everything to do with ligaments and tendons
      if you have a stage one ankle sprain you can use an ace bandage
      but if you have a stage two or three you may need a boot
      or even surgery. I’m no doctor but have been a professional athlete
      and a high school coach in my younger years
      since you say you have twisted it before you may have torn a ligament
      since you don’t have insurance, you could go to emergency rooms
      or you could ice it down for a couple of days stay off it and keep it wrapped
      then see how it reacts, ankles are touchy they can heal quickly
      they can also take several weeks to heal.hope this helps
      good luck, and stay off of it. oh and with the ice 20 minutes on 20 minutes on
      for a couple of cycles then wrap an elevate

  4. What is the proper way to tape or wrap a foot?
    I recently hurt my foot, and went to the doctor. he told me to wrap it up in an ace bandage or get a good brace. He thinks it is some kind of hairline fracture or some other fracture that involves a lot of pressure or something so it doesn’t always show up. I go for x-rays tomorrow but i still need something he said. So what is the proper way to put an ace bandage on or even tape my foot? Or should i just get a brace from like wal-mart? it is the top of my left foot

    • uhmm…i would probably get a brace…but if not…you’re supposed to put the end of the ace bandage on the bottom of your foot where the pinky toe meets the foot and go around…and around and around and around…and where is hurts…you go around in the same place 5-7 times…you’re gonna need more than one ace bandage, then you have to go up to just above that bump thing in your ankle…but since you have to use the whole bandage…keep going up untill you run out…

      technically you’re supposed to go alllllllll the way up to the knee but…that’s a littttle ridiculous

      answer mine?

  5. Foot burns after ACE bandage is on for a while?
    I just sprained my ankle today and if i leave the ace bandage on for a while, The bottom outside of my foot starts to burn and hurts really bad. It’s only when i have the ace bandage wrap on though. Is the ace bandage on too tight or is it another problem.

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