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  1. What size is Tyra Banks now?
    people keep on saying that she is fat, obviously she isnt as skinny as a model anymore but she i don’t think she is fat!!! Does anyone know what size she is??

  2. Did I ruin my body by binge eating for so long?
    I am only 16 years old, but last winter I became anorexic due to self esteem issues and lose 20 pounds, I was at an altime low at just 103 pounds, I am 5’8. Then I saw a picture of myself in a bathing suit and realized what I was doing to myself was killing me. In an effort to gain it all back as quickly as possible, I started bingeing, and it got completely out of control. Last summer I binged almost every single day on total crap. I could eat up to 5,000 calories a day. I got cellulite all over my body, everywhere, even my arms and hips. But the thing is, I have an extremely fast metabolism, so I am still pretty thin at 125 pounds. I just look so unhealthy with the cellulite EVERYWHERE. I am very active and am coming out of my disorder slowly but surely. Although it’s only been a few weeks, I haven’t noticed any of my cellulite go away. Will it ever go away, or did I ruin my body in just a few months of binge eating on crap?

  3. Is starvation mode a lie?
    I am not condoning starving yourself..but is it a lie when they say if you eat too few calories you won’t lose any weight?.I have seen friends of mine,practically eat nothing and actually lose weight..what gives? i am just curious how this happens.It seems that Anorexic people also seem to lose weight,and they barely consume anything.Do they make up the “starvation mode” thing just to scare off people from eating very little? thanks

  4. Should Sarah Palin wear long sleeves so we don’t have to see all that flabby cellulite on her upper arms?

    • I want to see some real flabby cellulite Fred, come on post a picture of you mother so we can all see what you are talking about.

  5. What do men really feel about a woman who is considered gorgeous but used to be overweight?
    I am told on a regular basis how gorgeous and stunning I am. How I have a great personality. That I should be a model. I am overweight by about 10-15 pounds, 5’8″, hourglass shape, long hair, but it does not seem to matter. Most men get speachless around me. They just keep telling me how amazing my smile is and how stunning I am. It is a confidence booster. I am really not trying to be full of myself, honestly, I am getting to the problem and need to paint the picture first. I portrait great confidence but……when it comes to getting itimate I am not sure how the man will react so I need to know. I used to be overweight by 100 pounds or so, about 15 years ago, I work out like crazy and still can not recieve the results I want. So my dilema is this….Can men really tell what you look like with clothes on? Do they know before hand how imperfect I am? I have cellulite on my butt and some on my legs, and some rippled skin on my inner thighs and they are not firm. My arms are not firm. My breasts are nice but not firm. I have a flat stomach and very defined waist (my assets). Do men really give a crap? My confidence dwindles at the thought of their reaction. I am very sexual and want to just spread my wings and fly so to speak but because of my imperfection I don’t feel I can so I really need to know what men think. Please be honest!!

    • Maybe I am unusual, but I am far more attracted to a woman who carries herself with confidence and does the best with what she got physically speaking over a woman who might be physically perfect by lacks confidence and class. I doubt this view transfers over to most men though. I might have a very low view of most members of my gender, but I think your worries are well placed considering the nature of men in general.

  6. How to become Popular..?
    I want to have more friends, what can i do to be more popular.
    What should i do/change?


  7. How to get rid of fat or ‘Cellulite’ on your thighs?
    I’m only 16 and I’m not actually fat I wear a women’s size 8. My stomach is flat and my arms are skinny but my thighs are big?
    They are really fat like all my fat I eat goes to them.
    How do I get rid of it???
    Thank you

    • First off, I think thicker thighs can look sexy on a thin woman because they actually emphasize your curves and let your womanly figure stand out. They complement the rest of your body nicely based on your description. I have you pictured looking amazing. So that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

      Now if you still want to get rid of your cellulite, just exercise the same you would to reduce any fat. Spot reduction is a myth, so when you work out, you lose fat all over your body, you’ll just notice the legs more.

  8. What are some good ideas to put in my modelling portfolio?
    I need help, I need some ideas for my modelling portfolio! I don’t do nudity, swimsuit or underwear and all that stuff cos i’m only 15 but I have like no ideas! HELP!

    • Modeling agencies want black and white photos along with colored photos. They require a head pic and a fully clothed body pic. Usually at least four pics are required, two black and white photos and two colored photos. Also they prefer Poloroids so if you don’t have a Poloroid camera you might want to get one unless your going to pay someone to take your pictures. But other cameras can be used as well.

      These photos do not need to to be professional photos. They are more interested in what you look like naturally, not wearing makeup, dressy clothes and hair all done up because many times in modeling, models don’t always wear makeup, that’s why they prefer to see you without makeup.

      Wearing jeans and a tank top is usually what they prefer in photos, this helps them to see what your body looks like in clothes mainly because many models start out modeling in jeans. The tank top shows them your arms, also it allows them to see any tattoos or scars she may have.

      I know you said you didn’t want to wear a swimsuit but some modeling agencies want to see their prospective models wear one for their portfolio, again to see if she may have any tattoos, scars, stretch marks or cellulite, including fifteen year olds, especially if they want to do runway. This does not mean in any way that they want you to model swimsuits it’s just they want to know what you look like. Many fashion designers are very picky when it comes to choosing models to model their designs on or off the runway.

      2 black and white photos, one of your face and one fully clothed body pic, jeans and tank top preferred.

      2 colored photos, one of your face and one fully clothed body pic, jeans and tank top preferred.

      Some modeling agencies will ask to have a pic of you in a swimsuit, but you DO NOT have to.

      The photos can be taken inside or outside. Minimal make up, usually only lip gloss and mascara is preferred if one still wants to wear some makeup.

      On the back of your photos you will want to put

      Your name, first and last
      Your age
      Your height
      You body measurements – bust – waist – hips
      Your eye color
      Your hair color
      Your phone number, so they can call you if they are interested
      Your e-mail address, if you have one in case they call but get no answer

      Hope I helped, and I hope your dreams come true :).

  9. How can I lose stomach fat and tone my legs without equipment?
    Hi :)
    So, I’d like to lose a bit of stomach fat, and tone my legs. My arms are perfectly fine, it’s just my stomach & my legs that I worry about.
    And I’m thinking exercise wise, since I already know to eat healthy.
    I already run about 3 days a week, and play EA sports active (high intensity) on the days I don’t run.

    Thanks :D

    • I have pictures of every move starting from the first one to help :)

      1.) squat jumps are nice; do about 3 sets of 20 reps of those. This is where you get into a squatting postion and you jump as high as you can, and then go right back to the squatting postion repeat it over and over.

      2.) mountain climbers. you’re on the ground with only your feet and hands are touching the ground and you bring one leg up to your chest like you’re climbing a mountain. Repeat and keep bringing one leg up at a time. Do about 2 sets of 15 reps.

      3.) get a chair and stand up on it with one leg and then down. alternate legs and do about 3 sets of 15 on each leg.

      4.) lunges. proven to reduce cellulite on biggest loser! if you have some space just do walking lunges around an area for about 2 minutes. if you’re limited on space do standing in place lunges where you just lunge down on one leg and then switch legs. do about 3 sets of 15 on each leg as well.

      5.) side lunges. just lunge to the side. alternate sides each rep and do about 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg.


      1.) regular crunches. just lay on the ground, keep your legs in the air at a 90 degree angle and do about 2 sets of 25 reps

      2.) ab bridges aka planks. only your feet and forearms should be touching the ground. keep your back straight and stomach tight. try a minute of this, if you can’t try 30 seconds.

      3.) bicycle crunches. lay on your back, and keep your legs in the air and act like your peddling a bike with your legs. keep your head off the ground and abs tight. do about 1 set of 20 reps

      4.) scissor crunches. lay on your back, put your hands under your butt, put your legs straight out in the air and make a scissor motion with your legs. crossing them and uncrossing them over and over for about 2 sets of 15 reps.

      I hope these help, if my explaination isnt clear, please look at the picture i have provided. they are in order with the exercise. (first exercise is the first picture, second exercise is the second picture, etc.) Remember having a high protein diet is also key to toning your muscles so look up good protein sources to eat before and after your workouts. Running, like you’re doing is a great way to also tone your legs and arms because it works every muscle in your body :)

  10. How to stay motivated to lose weight as a teenager?
    To stay motivated Ive been watching a TV show while I work out that has someone I aspire to look like in it to motivate me, but I get tired or unmotivated and can’t figure out what to do. What do you do to stay motivated? Tips??

    Thanks. (:

    • Thanks for answering on my question about weight loss, I really appreciate it!
      I’m making a collage. The beautiful legs, the flat stomachs, the toned arms and gorgeous smiles on one side – the obesity and cellulite and miserable looking girls on the other. Print out the pictures you find most inspiring/motivating or cut them out of magazines, then stick ‘em together and hang them above your bed. Voila :)
      I also have a Dos and Don’ts list above my bed. You can personalise yours but this is what I’ve got on mine:
      -Do drink only water and green tea (2l water a day, but remember,per 1h of exercise you need another 2l of water)
      -Do eat mostly veg/fruit smoothies as a substitute to cooked food
      -Do go to sleep early
      -Do exercise (obviously :P )
      -Do consume at least 1,200 calories a day
      -Do eat frequent, small meals throughout the day that are well-balanced rather than one huge meal
      -Do boost your metabolism (green tea, eat omega-3 fats like salmon, tuna, trout, flaxseed and walnuts, and by having a cheat day. It’s when you eat more on a certain day to keep your metabolism in check)

      -Don’t stress
      -Don’t drink alcohol (if you have to- stick to clear spirits)
      -Don’t eat much dairy products
      -Don’t eat/drink unhealthy foods/beverages
      -Don’t go out often until you’ve reached goal weight (No distractions- focus on your goal and that alone.)
      -Don’t hate yourself in the meantime of still being overweight – you’ll change that soon :)
      -Don’t fall into a routine

      I’m also going to have 2 exercise plans hung up, making sure I don’t forget anything. Two, because I’m swapping them after each week so I don’t fall into a boring routine.
      I think that’s it :D
      Those rules are definitely motivating me even as I write them!
      Hope this proved helpful and good luck!

  11. what is cellulite and how do you get rid of it?
    well i don’t have it, but my friend keeps complainin’ bout cellulite so i’d really like to know what it is and how you get rid of it. i think she has it on her legs but i’m not sure.

    • Cellulite is dimpled fat. Commonly seen on buttock, upper thighs and upper arms of overweight people or those people who yo-yo diet. The late Princess Diana had it —as seen in tabloid pictures.

      I understand cellulite can be removed by liposuction (bit extreme and post-op risk of infection).

      Gradual weight loss by vigourous excercise (burning calories stored in body fat). Research eating in accordance to GI Index principles . Minimise manufactured or processed carbohydrates. A baked potato is better than potato chips. Freshly stewed apple is better than apple pie.

      Therapeutic massage improves circulation to assist the fats and excess water and wastes to leave the body via the lymphatic system.

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