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  1. What was the weight loss trick used in the ultimate fighter team Brock vs dos santos episode 3.?
    The fighter was ten pounds over. His coach said he needed rubbing alcohol salt pack and other items, but he sat in a tub and sweat-ed a large amount. What did he do and use? just curious.

    • I’ve lost 4 lbs in a hot bath tub for an hour like he did just reading a book..but they put I believe 2 bags of epsom salt in tub..rubbed Albolene all over his body..not sure about the rubbing alcohol..I assume they poured it in the tub??? You submerge your entire body up to head in water very hot but not so hot you scald and you will sweat your ass off ..you will know because your head will be dripping..u are sweating under the water as well ..your heart will POUND and you will feel dizzy when you get out so be careful! … dry off and lay down for a bit..seriously your world will be spinning and very light headed

  2. How to get started ona detox diet?
    I would like to go on a detox diet, which I have never done before, as I have heard that would clear up my system and skin….can anyone suggest a diet chart and how to get started on that one…..

    • I use a detox program called Isagenix. It is a gentle cleansing system that helps with energy,skin and weight loss.
      There are not only toxins in our food but in our environment as well. It is a great idea to detox, Drink lots and lots of water. Epsom salts baths and infrared saunas also help detoxify from the outside

  3. have you ever tried the epsom salt bath to help detox your body?
    I have really struggled with my weight since i had my baby. he is almost 2. I had so much extra weight on me post baby. I have never had a weight problem in my life but i am in my mid 30′s and have a sit down job all day. I have lost all but 35 pounds and would really like to lose within 4 months for summer. Now I’m at a standstill on my weight loss. Someone told me to rid my body of toxins by having a HOT epsom salt bath. Just would like to hear other ppl who have tried it to know if it really works.

    • Our body is not full of toxins.

      “There are so many contradictions in the detox theory that it is laughable. For starters, the idea that some foods are poisonous and others are not is misleading and factually incorrect.”

      Dr Roger Clements, a chemist at the USC school of pharmacy, said tests have proved that no extra toxins were expelled from the body on detox diets and that suggesting the digestive system needs a break is ludicrous.

      “We have this wonderful thing called a liver and gastrointestinal tract which is quite long,” he says. “Between them, these two manage everything shovelled into our bodies quite well. We are not made to give the system a rest.”

      While retailers celebrate the arrival of the “detox season”, health specialists say that people’s drive to purge their bodies of toxins can, in fact, be harmful.

      Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital in southwest London, said she saw dozens of patients suffering side-effects ranging from bowel problems to potassium depletion. “There is a fixation with the notion that we can detoxify the body through what we eat and drink, but the whole idea has no scientific basis,” said Dr Collins.

    • No. Healthy, low calorie diet and proper exercise for weight loss. Epsom salt bath for your tired muscles after the exercise.

  4. Can anyone help with my sleeping problem?
    Ive had trouble with sleeping through the night. I usually wake up and eat in the middle of the night. I remember doing it but do not think about it when Im doing. For example, i don’t think about how hard Ive been working to lose weight. I just wake up around 3 and say Im hungry and get a snack.

    Lately Ive been able to stop eating at night, but I wake up 2-3 times a night and have some trouble falling back to sleep. can anyone help?

    Info to help you anser:
    *I do not drink caffeine after 9 am
    *I do eat enough calories during the day
    *Ive tried sleeping pills and do not like them
    *I dont exercise late at night

  5. Does Sea kelp (taken in vitamins) improve hair growth and weight loss?
    I have purchased some Sea Kelp tablets to help my hair to grow (im not too patient) but I heard it can help with weightloss too? How so?
    Thank youuu

    • I’m going to disagree with the first reply, as I think sea kelp is a fantastic supplement for your body, high in iron and vitamins it has been proven to shake up your metabolism (creating faster weight loss) as for hair growth im not sure.

      Part of the Japanese diet is sea kelp naturally and they have the lowest weight and longest lives. I add seaweed to my bath with epsom salts to detox, helps cleanse my skin and absorb the minerals for my metabolism.

  6. Has anyone tried the master cleanse is it only for over wieght people?
    I have been lookin into the master cleanse for awhile and it seems like that extra boost I need. I dont really need to loose weight maybe just a little bit on my stomach. I am also trying to gain weight, when i say weight I mean muscle mass. But I wouldnt mind having that extra energy also I have been eating alot healthier No fast foods, No soda, & no chocolate or candy. Are there other benefits besides wieght loss sorry for the length of questions thanks

    • I havent tried the master cleanse but I researched it too on the internet. It is basically a detox for your body, I think. But there are healthier ways of doing that without starving yourself and only drinking liquids for two weeks! Try doing a healthier detox which will give you energy and lift weights and do resistance training to gain muscle mass.

      For my detox, I ate lots of fiber and protein like salmon. Drink water with some lemon juice, talke vitamins(omega fish oil, probiotics) and soak yourself in a warm bath with epsom salt to get rid of toxins in your body. You’re doing great so far with eating healthier and not drinking soda!

      Also, green tea is good for you. It is a good source of antioxidant which will benefit you!

  7. Can you recommend a simple 7-day detox routine for your body?
    I know of epsom salt baths and skin brushing, can you recommend any other simple things and what diet to have during that week. I am not interested in losing weight, just cleansing my body.
    Lisa i will let you know when i find out!

    • Today there are many people who are turning to a detox and weight loss diet to help them loose the weight they need to get rid of. However, sadly some of them turn to fad diets for detox instead of good detox diets that really help them to get rid of the weight while helping to detox their body. So, you may be wondering, are these detox diets for weight loss really safe? Well, let’s take a closer look at these diets, how they work, and whether or not they are really effective.

      Basically a detox and weight loss diet is used to help get rid of all the toxic chemicals that are in the body. Some of these diets include drinks and others require that you give up sugar and carbs for a certain amount of time. Usually after you have cleansed your body, you are allowed to add these foods back into your diets, but only in a limited amount. So, basically these diet focus on drinking a lot and eating a small amount so that you can cleanse out the body and rid the body of the toxins.

      The reason that a detox and weight loss diet can be effective is because the toxins that are in your body can not only be harmful to your health, but they can also make it more difficult to lose weight loss as well. Toxins are not supposed to be in the body, and many of the toxins that get there get in through what we inhale, drink, and eat. Often then end up making people sick and they can also keep people from losing the weight that they need to as well. So, avoiding all the things that contribute toxins to the body and eating natural foods is a great way to start getting rid of these toxins so that you are able to lose weight.

  8. Some questions about antidepressant and chronic body ache?
    I have been suffered from chronic body ache for over 3 years and now I eat a medicine called sinequan.
    I want to ask that if I take this medicine,will my body ache disappear totally through the day pass?or it just can ease my ache to specific level?or should I go to see a psychiatrist because I’ve done lots of body checks but there’s no problem.please answer every questions I ask and thank you so much.

    • Have you ever known one person that was deficient in a drug? Chronic body ache can be due to dehydration and that is the most common cause. A magnesium deficiency can also cause this problem. Obviously there are other causes, but it is certain that it is not a drug deficiency.

      Check the amount of water against this information:

      The average person needs water at the following rate:

      Take your total body weight and divide by 2. That number is the amount of water in ounces that you need to drink each and everyday. Along with that, you should consume 1/4 teaspoon of “air dried sea salt” in conjunction with each quart of water you drink. This puts the electrolytes in your body that will give you proper hydration. The typical white table salt you buy in stores like the Morton Salt, for instance, is terrible for you and has loads of chemicals added. Avoid that junk. If you drink ANY diuretic drinks like, sodas, coffee, tea, alcohol, commercially prepared fruit drinks, energy drinks, etc., these all dehydrate you and you will need to add more water to the total to compensate for the water loss due to these diuretic drinks. Take the total ounces of the diuretic drinks and multiply by 1.5 and add that total to the original total to come up with the proper amount of water you need to drink each day.

      After following the above and it doesn’t completely solve your problem, I suggest you get some Epsom Salts that is magnesium sulfate and put 2 cups in a hot bath and soak in that for about 1/2 hour 3 times per week. If these solutions don’t work, then I would see a nutritional therapist that can actually help you get well. Doctors just treat symptoms & manage diseases; they don’t cure anything with drugs.

      Good luck to you

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