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  1. How To make a Homemade Slimming Body Wrap?
    I need to lose some belly fat and all the exercises seem to not be working for me, so I thought of this because I watched a YouTube video a few days ago but then I checked to see if I had any of the ingredients and I had none, I’m trying to do this without my parents knowing and I’m too young to drive so I cant go to the shop and by them but I’m just hoping some people here will know some of the ingredients that a normal person would have in there house, I don’t have the cream and the paper that has to be wrapped around the belly but I have a heated blanket and that is about it, is there any suggestions? Please help I really need to lose all my belly fat in a few weeks :D

    • as long as you walking and dong leg lifts stomach crunches and you are young you will firm it up try to do 100 of each and you may have to build up to it also back in the 70′s the women used saran wrap wrap it around your waist from under breast to pelvic then do all the climbing walking running works like a sweat suit just make sure you drink lots of water . cut out most of your carbs and no sugar that means no colas even diet is high in sugar!

  2. How can I HEALTHY loose weight?
    So I’m 13, and I’m not overweight, but even my mum says I’m getting a belly. Summer is here, which means I can eat whenever I want, whatever I want, and I’m not walking at least 2 miles everyday (walking home etc.)
    I’m a vegetarian, and my family doesn’t really have all that many recipes for me (the other 4 in my family still eat meat… with every meal) so I usually have fake meat product and starch (along with some sad overcooked veggies) for dinner, covered in butter.
    I would seriously love it if someone could give me some ideas for foods I can eat (sorry, tofu makes me sick, like throwing up sick :( ) vegetables that are easy to grow in michigan, and any way at all i can loose weight (I’m sooo desperate, I even made myself through up once, and I try to starve myself but. .. )

  3. help me please! please read!?
    i need help with my eating plan, i don’t think i am consuming enough calories. i have an app on my phone and it says i am consumming around 11138 cals (estimate) correct me if i’m wrong.

    breakfast – 2 choc weetabix with semi skinned milk and a banana
    snack – peice of fruit (usually apple or banana)
    lunch – cheese and lettuce sanwhich or peanut butter sanwhich (wholemeal bread)
    dinner – whatever parents make e.g homemade curry, pasta, chicken tikka wraps etc (medium sized portion)
    i drink around 1-2 lits of water a day.
    the thing is i am obsessed with walking! i walk around 4-8 miles 5-6 times a week.
    don’t tell me to stop because i enjoy it, it makes me feel happy and healthy.

    i am 17 years old, 5 ft 1 nearly 5 ft 2 and i weigh 7st and 13lbs (111lbs )
    i dont look skinny, i have a big frame.
    so what i am asking is how many calories should i be consuming in order for me to be healthy and continue with my 6-8 miles walk aswell as loose weight at the same time.i want to loose my inner thigh, love handles and my belly fat. no mean comments! thankyou !

    • Sounds like you need more calories. If you are a hundred and eleven pounds at 5′ 1″ you are under weight. And 17 yr. olds don’t have FAT.Its called room to grow into. Nourish your body. Stop depriving it. You only get 1 body. You are still developing. Relax and walk to your hearts content. Reat along the way too. Food is fuel. Mind, body and spirit. It’s like a tripod. If one is lacking you are sure to fall.

  4. Homemade tummy tuck body shaper thing? Ideas?
    Okay so my belly is a little chubby but not alot you know, and i like having smooth sides an then a good sized butt, and if i tried wrapping plastic wrap around my belly a few times and it smooths out the sides but when i sweat underneath it, it rolls up? If you know any ways to fix that let me know. I don’t wanna go buy one of those gurdle things because I don’t wanna waste my money… any ideas with stuff at home? Thanks.. :)

    • You have created your own “sweat suit” used mostly by wrestlers to drop weight.
      All you are doing is causing your midriff to sweat.
      The weight is replaced the moment you take a drink.
      It is not converting an ounce of stored fat to be lost.
      That is done with that pesky healthy diet and exercise thing.

  5. I’m 15 and overweight? I’m sick of being this way can you please help me? EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Hey I’m 15 and 5’6 and 170 pounds. Before the summer started I weighed 150. I just feel stupid and I feel like it is impossible to get back to my normal weight. I hate my body shape too. I am a little bigger on the top so basically a muffin top and then I have a great butt and then I have fat on the inside of my thighs that I want to lose. So basically I am apple shaped and I don’t want to look like that. I want to look like pear shaped. I have always wanted a flat stomach too. I feel like its impossible for me to eat healthy no matter how much I try, I am always finding myself then eating cookies, alfredo pasta, pizza, ice cream and chips. I just don’t feel full when I eat healthy and I can’t enjoy my meals. There aren’t many healthy foods in my house either. Today I had for breakfast 1 egg, half a tortilla wrap with a little bit of cheese. Then junk food came in. So far I have had 10 baked cookies and a plate of alfredo sauce with brocolli. Alfredo sauce is my WEAKNESS. I have also tried drinking water but its just not taking my craving away and then it makes me want it more. I try working out and after the first couple minutes I feel so tired, really warm and I just want to stop. I’m sick of eating unhealthy, not wanting to work out, and being the shape that I am now. It’s mainly belly fat I want to lose but I know spot reduction is not possible. Can you please help me.
    I am a vegetarian.

    • Hi Amber, I know how you’re feeling/what you’re going through.. The first thing you should know is that losing weight is possible, but it’s going to take A LOT of work. Just know that in the end, everything will be worth a rockin’ body (: Alfredo sauce is your weakness? The easy thing to do is stop buying it. Once you tell your parents (or whoever buys groceries) of your weight loss plan I’m sure they’ll understand. Cut off all soda and sugary drinks from your meals, just eliminating this element will cut off TONS of sugar and added calories from your meals. The reason why you don’t feel full is because you’re not eating the right foods. Try brown rice, potatoes, fish, oats, beans, basically anything fiber packed. For breakfast try two eggs instead of one with a side of wheat toast. Or you could have some greek yogurt with lots of berries. If this doesn’t make you feel full until lunch snack on some lightly salted nuts if you get the cravings for chips. I know you like pizza so try making your own pizza at home with a wheat tortilla, spaghetti sauce, and lowfat cheese. Stick it in the oven, and you have your homemade pizza (: You can also make your own cookies: http://www.eatingbirdfood.com/2012/08/testing-out-paleo-chocolate-chip-cookies/
      As for working out, you need to focus on cardio. Have a set goal in your mind when you start working out and focus on that. You need to remember that this takes time and results will not happen overnight. Good luck & if you need advice in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me!

  6. i go to the gym 4-5 times a week and ive put on weight?
    im trying to gain weight im 10stone 9lbs im 5ft 7 and im aged 19 my bmi is 23.5

    when i started weight training last year i weighed 10 stone i had man boobs and a bit of a belly i lost the belly and man boobs and they now look alot more in shape, ive added alot more calories to my daily intake and ive just weighed myself now and i weighed 10 stone 9, at chrismas i was only 10 stone.. would this be fat or muscle?? i dont look any bigger at all and nobody has said i look any bigger.. for a week i went through a fase of eating maybe 8-10 slices of brown bread a day.. could this be where the weight has come from? making me fat? i cant figure out where the extra 9lbs has come from.. i always eat healthy.. i drink alot of water daily..

    my usual days diet

    9am – Breakfast – Porrige in semi skinned milk with 4/5 tablespoons of honey

    an activia day yoghurt/ with multivitamin

    11am – honey sandwhich (4 slices of bread)

    12pm lunch – half a chicken and boiled white rice

    a apple

    2pm – packet of velvet crunch crisps ( 70 percent less fat theres 2.0g of fat but 0.2g of saturates)

    5pm – dinner – homemade shepards pie ( no butter in mash, fat rinsed out) with leaks, brockli, carrots and maybe coliflower

    HALF 6 = GYM

    half 8/9 – after workout meal- protien shake, bown of bran flakes, 2 or 3 tablespoons of penut butter, and another multivitamin, maybe beans on toast ( reduced salt/sugar heins beans) or maybe scrammbled egg ( 4 eggs )

    what do you think could be the weight gain and whats my diet like? to many carbs maybe?

  7. Can i have some weight loss tips ? please?
    i am 14 years old and i weigh 71kg and 157 pounds i’m 5ft5″ i don’t really eat very healthy and i don’t really move very much. i have many health issues like : constipation, migraine issues ,asthma and i have been to see a dietitian but i was discharged after 1 session so it wasn’t much use. i wear size 14/16 clothes and i really want to be a size 10 all my weight goes straight to my belly and so i have like a pot belly and i really don’t like it . it restricts me in so many ways and i really want to try and loose the weight fast . i am 11 stone and i want to be 8 or 9 stone.please help me . i would really like it if someone could possibly write out a diet plan or fitness regime please. or just general tips would be really helpful thankyou :) and i do drink alot of water

  8. will walking for 30 – 45 minutes 4 – 6 times a week help me shed belly fat?
    i’m 5ft8 and 140lbs, will walking around my house 30 – 45 minutes 4 – 6 times a week (at a moderate pace with stair-climbing included) shed my belly fat?

    i’ve also started lifting weights every 2 – 3 days.

    will i lose my tummy fat and become skinny if i keep this up?

  9. Need help loosing weight, please no rude comments!?
    I am 5’4″ and over 225lbs… I have lost 40lbs in the past but am not able to loose it again… I would really love to loose the fat on my inner thighs and my belly. Please help me get back on a healthy diet asap…. NO RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE…

  10. Daily workout-routine?
    So, I am 19 years old…. my height is only 170cm and my weight is 60kg. I enjoy playing badminton and tennis a lot.. I play at least once a week, and I do push ups almost everyday too. I want to improve my body posture, I want to widen my chest and shoulder. I also need to burn some fats (especially fat-belly). Any tips???

  11. will this excercise and diet plan help me lose 70lb?
    hi i’m 15stone 5ft11 and 15
    i need to lose a lot of weight
    i’m an irish dancer and need to get fitter

    if i follow this plan do you think i’ll get there?

    breakfast-porriadge/oats with orange juice
    lunch- tortilla/wrap with tuna and lettuce, with apples and grapes and a museli/cereal bar with water
    tea- jacket potato with tuna OR fish and pasta OR chicken with noodles OR rice
    snacks- fruit
    drinks orange juice/water

    monday-pilates one hour
    tuesday-30 min jog/walk
    wednesday-aeroibics 75mins
    thursday- irish dance (hard shoes) 40 minutes
    saturday-irish dance (soft shoes) 40 minutes
    sunday- jog/walk 30 minutes practice dance about 20-60 minutes

    i want to lose 5 stone 70lb by july following this do you think i can do this please add suggestions and everything thank youuu :)

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