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  1. What can you do to be less bloated when you have your period?
    I’ve heard that epsom salt in your bath can help when your bloated but I just hate feeling and looking bloated so anything you know helps!


    • It might seem counter-intuitive, but drink more water. It helps to flush out the things causing your water retention. Next month, avoid salty foods and stick to veggies, fruits, lean meats and water.

  2. What is wrong with my betta fish?
    I have had my betta fish for almost a year now. About 2 months ago I noticed he had a really hard time swimming. His butt sinks towards the bottom and he really struggles to get to the surface of the water. I thought he was dealing with constipation so I tried the fasting and cooked pea trick many times and I even tried the epsom salt bath a few times. It has not worked at all. He still has a really hardy appetite and gets excited when I feed him. Im thinking maybe he is hurt? His color seems normal and he doesnt appear to have a bloated stomach. The water is kept clean and the temperature is regulated. Need some advice to help out my poor fishy :( Thanks!

    • What size tank .Does it have a Filter and Heater .Was it cycled.
      What are your Ammonia Nitrite and Nitrate readings ?
      Do you do a 25% water change weekly with a Gravel vac .

  3. What is the best way to treat and cure Dropsy? 10 points to the best answer?
    I have already had one fish die (way back when i first started) due to dropsy. I am noticing warning signs with my female betta who is inside a fully cycled 45 gallon tank.

    What are the best ways to cure dropsy? if u personally dont know then a link to a great website would be appreciated

    • Once a fish shows the signs of dropsy, which is a symptom not a disease, it’s pretty much game over for the fish. Dropsy is caused by the body no longer being able to regulate fluid inside it, causing bloating, and the internal organs are likely to have started shutting down, which is why it’s very unusual for a fish to recover from dropsy! It can be caused either by a serious internal bacterial infection or internal parasites, a serious internal injury could trigger it too.

      DO NOT USE REGULAR AQUARIUM SALT!! This will make the body take in even more fluid, causing the fish to get worse, not better!!

      If you want to try a salt treatment, use Epsom Salt (available from any good chemist), this encourages the body to expel fluid, rather than retain it, and can help alleviate symptoms. You should not however use it in the main tank rather as a short bath instead.

      If you can find anti-internal bacteria food, rather than liquid, you can try this too, can be hard to find though. I’ve never seen it for salt. That’s if the fish is still eating. If not, a good anti-internal bacteria liquid medication may help depending on how serious the problem is and if indeed it’s even caused by a bacterial infection! Internal disorders are notoriously hard to diagnose.

      Other than that, keep water quality immaculate and cross your fingers.

  4. what is causing my back and ribs to hurt so much?
    All right this has been happening to me for a few days. I’ve been hurting all over my ribs and back. It made me sick to my stomach and i couldn’t stop crying because of it. My mom tells me it could be constipation, or excess gas backed up inside of my body. Can someone please tell me whats going on, and how i can relieve my pain. I’ve been taking ibuprofen for it and i’m trying my hardest to tough it out but some time’s the pain gets worse where i end up screaming because it hurts so bad.

    • Have you done any strenuous exercises lately because that could be causing it if you pulled a muscle or twisted in some way that caused your back and ribs to be out of place.
      If so you might need to see a chiropractor to get your back adjusted and that will take away the pain right away.

      If you do have a lot of gas for some reason, ibuprofen will not help because that is only an
      anti-inflammatory pill and it will only work on muscle pains usually and fevers things like that. If it is gas you will need something to relieve the gas. Maybe you should try that first and see how you feel afterward. Try Gas-X or Tums or Walmart sells an Equate brand called Extra strength Gas Relief which works really well. Gas pain can hurt really bad and it could be that I know since I have had it really bad sometimes and it almost made me cry too but the gas pills really helped.

      But since you said it has been happening for a few days I really think you must have pulled a muscle or popped a rib out of place maybe, because gas Usually does not last for several days. Because your bones are connected to nerves that go to different spots in your body if your back is out that would also explain the sick to the stomach feeling you are getting because your lower ribs in the back go behind the stomach and the nerves could be pinched and be affecting the stomach too.

      Constipation should Not make you back or ribs hurt at all so I don’t think it is that at all. Constipation could make you sick to your stomach if you are really backed up but it won’t affect your back or ribs. I should know because I had it pretty bad when I was pregnant and it never affected my back. It just made me feel bloated and uncomfortable that was all aside from not being able to go. So I am assuming that you are not constipated since you would definitely know if you could not go to the bathroom.

      That’s why I really think you must have pulled a muscle or hurt your back somehow. Think about what you did right before you got all this pain. That should help you to figure out if it really is your back that is hurt.

      Then if it is get to a Chiropractor right away before it gets any worse. Also if you have any Epsom Salts (if not you can get them at the supermarket) pour them into a warm bath and soak in it for about a half and hour and if it is a pulled muscle that will help to relieve the pain and it will relax you so you can rest and heal.

      I hope that helps. Best wishes!

  5. How much Epsom salt should I put in my betta fish’s bowl?
    He’s been bloated for a while, and someone told me to put epsom salt in his tank…but how much?

    • Sorry, just want to clarify….aquarium salt, rock salt, and Epsom salts are different….Epsom salt helps to draw out fluids, reudce swelling, and such. I’ve used it when my daughter had a spider bite on her leg few weeks back. I know my 16 year old’s used it on pimples as well lol.

      Other salts make you “retain” water.

      I’ve seen a lot of different recommendations for dosage with Epsom salts, the salt bath that’s been mentioned would be fine to do as well. I usually see 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon per 1 gallon recommended though. A tablespoon seems a bit much, I’d say no more then 1 teaspoon per gallon. Be sure to dissolve it first in the water, put the fish in, and just keep an eye on it, if it starts to roll or swim funny, remove it back to the tank. I’d do the bath for about 20-30 minutes.

  6. I have a sick beta fish what can I do?
    So my beta fish has started to look really sick. His belly has started to really swell and turn white. His gills won’t close all the way, but this might be due to the swelling. We cleaned the water, but is there anything else we can do?

  7. Going on vacation. . .do I need to feed my betta?
    I’m going to be in the Bahamas for a week, but my betta is bloated. I fasted him and fed him a pea today, but I’m not sure if I should leave a feeder block in his tank or not. His bloat is pretty severe, he’s been like this for a few weeks now, but this is the first chance I got to try the pea trick. I also plan on trying an epsom salt bath when I get home, if he’s not better. But regardless, what should I do?

    • Leave him be. Bettas can go for a week without food easily, and might actually help his bloat. Do not use feeder blocks, they can foul water pretty quickly. My fish have gone a week without food for vacations, as it’s better to underfeed than to overfeed. Since fish don’t use energy to heat their bodies like us mammals, they can go longer without food. You can also hire a TRUSTED friend or neighbor, and lay down the law. Fish sitters are notorious overfeeders. And he’ll need good water during his compromised state, and overfeeding will not help.

  8. I desperately need help with swim bladder disease?
    We have a ~15 year old fantail goldfish who appears to be suffering from swim bladder disease. She is lumpy and bloated (especially around her chest/base area) and has been upside-down for the last few days. Because she’s bloated we suspect it’s caused by constipation. Also, this is likely because she probably doesn’t have much room in there – her body has become quite deformed in her old age (her tail is too heavy for her small frame).

    An hour ago we gave her an epsom salt bath, with 1tbsp per 4 Litres. Now she seems to be better and can stay upright by herself without being propped up – this is the first time in 2 days. Since the treatment appears to have somewhat worked, I’d like to continue it if necessary. Should we give her another epsom salt bath tomorrow? It didn’t stress her out at all because she’s really placid. Would it harm her at all? I’ll give her another bath if you think it’ll help her poop.

    It would be great if you could provide a reference
    Thanks for the fantastic responses. I’ll do the pea method today because she seems to have relapsed after the epsom salts. How often do I feed her a pea?

    The water is perfect by the way. There are two others living in the tank with her who are fine, so it’s probably not due to water quality.

    • You may do it on alternate days for as long as 2 weeks. Please make sure the pH in the water is not less than 5.5. Also, please do not feed it goldfish pellets. Feed it only with fish food flakes. The round ball goldfish pellets contribute and promote gall bladder disease.

  9. what natural remedies have you tried that you believe worked?
    example. my mom puts a orange slice on my ringworm. did it really work sometimes or did it go away on its on

  10. has anyone heard of adding epson salt to a fish tank?
    My friend told me that this helps keep the water clean. I this true? By the way I have fresh water fish so does she.

    • Epsom salt (MgSO4) won’t do much for keeping your tank clean, but as others have said, it can be used to relieve constipation and bloating. Aquarium salt (NaCl) will relieve nitrite poisoning, but this is by action of the chlorine ion only (Cl-) ,and a salt bath or dip is often used to protect fish from parasites. Some fish are sensitive to any type of salt in their tanks, so it should be used with care. If you use aquarium salt, you can put in 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water for most fish without a problem. If you’re using Epsom salt, you need to use a much lower dose, around 1/8 teaspoon per 5 gallons.

      Here’s a link to more info about using salt in a freshwater tank (both the facts and the myths): http://www.skepticalaquarist.com/docs/health/salt.shtml

  11. How to reduce abdominal pain?
    Last night I ate about 100 gr or maybe a little bit more sunflower and pumpkin seeds with salt. After that i felt like my stomach was bloating and I went to bed. This morning its not that bloated but it hurts.How can I reduce the pain? This happens to me when I eat gluten, but I dont think they contain gluten in them. Help?

    • I would bet serious money it was gluten contaminated, actually.

      In many countries, the majority of seeds, beans, and nuts are processed in facilities that also process wheat. In places like the USA, a company may choose to label their product ‘also processed in a facility that processes wheat,’ but it’s not a mandatory label. A company can choose to leave that label off and there’s no legal penalty.

      So many times, plain or flavored nuts, seeds, and beans can be contaminated with gluten. Both my daughter and I are Celiacs and one of the worst gluten reactions we ever had was to nuts with salt that we found out later were processed with wheat. I get neurological symptoms, she gets tummy ones, and we both got sick on these. We’d have them before with no issue, but then got a contaminated batch and wow that was awful!

      I would treat it like a gluten reaction, take an anti-inflammatory if you feel like you can tolerate it, drink lots of water to try and get it through as quickly as possible. Look up some herbal teas that are good for bloating and gas – there’s a surprising number that can be made from herbs that you would get at the grocery store, like sage or rosemary, that type of thing. Some are also good for inflammation, as well, and some foods are good for this, too, like nopalitos or prickly pear juice. I’ve heard that a juice called Nopalia (Nopalea?) is very good for inflammation, but I have not tried this myself. some people recommend a 10 minute soak in an epsom salt bath – the heat can help with the pain, sometimes, too.

      The one issue with taking any meds for this, if you wish to, would be that if it IS a gluten reaction, it means that your ability to absorb meds, as well as food, just took a nose dive for a few days. So meds won’t absorb quite right for a couple days (so be careful if you take birth control pills!), and anti-inflammatory meds may not either.

      Moving around, if you can, will help stimulate your body to move things through. Also, eating many small meals can help. Every time you eat, it stimulates the body to move the food along, so the gas can move along too.

      So sorry this hit you like this – sympathy from another gluten sensitive sufferer!

  12. How do I know if my betta is sick? The petstore said she may just have eggs to release. Does anyone know?
    Her main problems are that she is not eating and is swimming on her side sometimes and also hanging with her head down in the tank. I don’t know what to do regarding medicine or what to do. If anyone could help shed some light that would be great. I have had a male betta before who lived for about 3 years with no problems so I am not sure what to do in this case. PLEASE HELP! Thank you!!

    • Does her belly look bloated at all? She could be full of eggs, internal parasites, or just constipated. One thing I’ve read that can help her to release eggs, assuming that is the case, get a Q-Tip, dampen it, use a towel that’s dampened with some tank water and hold her in it, very gently massage her vent area with the damp Q-Tip. That’s supposed to help stimulate her to release the eggs.

      For constipation, don’t feed for a day or two, then feed the inside of a pea. But that won’t help if she’s not eating. You could try giving her an Epsom salt bath. Add 1/2 teaspoon for 1 gallon of tank water. Epsom salt, not aquarium salt, helps draw out the fluids and such, works great for constipation.

      For internal parasites, feed an anti parasitic food is the best option, but again, won’t help if she’s not eating.

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