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  1. What are these rash like areas on my 15 month old son?
    To me it looks like ringworm, only without that definite darker ring surrounding the infected area. One spot is above his left rear cheek, the other above the pelvic region spreading across from hip to hip. Both are in the diaper area but at the top of the diaper only.

    –We have tried wal mart’s offbrand of athlete’s foot cream, the “Tough actin tenactin”. we have used most of both tubes.
    –epsom salt baths, good but gentle scrubdowns.
    –we heard to try leaving 2 brands of soap without any water so we are currently improving on that advice (started this evening).
    –We’ve done the butt creams, baby powder.

    I don’t think it’s heat rash, we’re homebodies mostly and it’s been raining a lot.
    –we use pampers cruisers 4 and pampers sensitive wipes. Never change!!!
    the stools aren’t the issue either; they are more often hard(big boy kind, lol)
    –This has been for about 2 months. Going to doc on the 15th.
    Any ideas????? Advice?????

    • I wouldn’t worry till you go to the Dr. It could be anything. I was all worried about a rash my daughter had and it ended up being a bad reaction to a bee sting. So just leave it be till the 15th. The Dr. will give you what he needs.

  2. 8 month old raw in between fat in diaper?
    My daughter is chunky and started getting raw where her legs connect to her and all the way from her butt crack to the front. I have tried diaper ointment and powder and it is getting worse and smells. This isn’t something worth calling the doctor on a saturday for but is there anything I can do until monday? It is hurting her and she is crying when her diaper is changed.

    • I would get a liquid barrier, like the old Desitin (not the creamy but the maximum strength stuff.) A lot of diaper ointments don’t form a real strong barrier from the liquid and so unless you have tried something like Desitin maximum strength then I have to assume you’re using a normal butt cream.

      In her bath, give her an Epsom salt soak, then dry her very carefully and completely. If possible, I’d let her run around nude to let it completely dry out. The Epsom salts will help to sooth and dry out the rash. With my daughter, I used to use a blow-dryer set on cool-air to make absolute sure she was dry all over, while she sat on a towel in case she went.

      When you change her diaper, skip the wipes and use a soft wet washcloth or even just wash her off in the sink or bath and dry her completely again. Do not wipe at any sticky poops, either put her in water to wash it off, or put a wet washrag on the sticky area and just let it sit there a minute until it hydrates a bit, then you can usually wipe it off without it irritating.

      If she’s really in pain from it, then a little bit of Tylenol or Advil can help with the inflammation so she can rest and relax and heal. But just using water mostly, a moisture barrier, and drying completely tends to work with most rashes.

      Add: Every doctor I have every had has said to never use a full strength fungal cream for adults that can cause all sorts of skin irritation and problems on a baby. Read the inserts, read the instructions, read the WARNINGS on those things, and wait for the doctor’s appointment. If it is a yeast infection (yes normal rashes can smell if it’s inflamed) he’ll give an infant approved fungal cream.

  3. I have a cut on my private area how do I get it to go away?
    I have a cut on my private area how do I get it to go away? I got it during my period it happens now & then I think from my pads but usually goes away right away but this time hasn’t I put some diaper rash ointment on to relieve the pain & the pain from when I urinate what else should I do?

    • Have you been sexually active at all… either orally or by intercourse? If so, go see your doctor.

      In the meantime, take a bath with Epsom Salts in lukewarm water, and keep the area clean and dry. But do go in to see a doc.

    • Could be a few answers.
      If you are sexually active it could be something like crabs; a small parasite that burrows in your skin.
      If you have been active or sweaty, it could simply be irritation from your underwear or boxer fabric.
      If you have recently changed detergents, fabric softener, or dryer sheets – that area may be sensitive to the new detergent.
      If you have been sweating, the area may have just been too moist too long.

      Course of action, if I were you – I would clean the affected area well. Dry it thoroughly, and apply some sort of diaper rash cream. It may sound strange, but it will seal your skin, and protect it from the unnecessary moisture and friction of clothing. Another method would to use a talc or baby powder to absorb excess moisture in the area. Also try applying an A&D ointment to help protect against any infection (even if it’s just irritated, digging with dirty fingernails, even if it’s not dirt you can see, can cause infection in the raw skin). To help soothe it, try soaking in a Epsom Salt bath, which can help draw out itch and possible infection… however, it may burn a little bit.

      If it doesn’t clear up in a day or so, seek medical attention and testing.

  4. Diaper Rash That Refuses To Go Away?
    my son is 12 1/2 months old. and we have been in this constant struggle with diaper rash i just can not keep it under controll. he poo’s 4-8 times a day and by the end of the day his bottom is bright red. i put creams on him after every diaper change and have taken him to the doc twice. they gave us a cream and after 4ish days the yeast infection clears up. but it starts all over again of his bottom being bringht red by night come morning it is almost all better and the red by that night and after two or so days the yeast infection comes back. also he has had no diet changes or new foods that we don’t eat on a reg basis. i feel so bad for him he is oviousley in pain when i change his diaper but no matter what i do i just can’t get it cleared up.
    we are following the doctors instruction the cream for the yeast infection. so no worries there.

    • His problem is likely his stomach, if he eats big people food its time to stop. If he eats fruit, stop that too (accept bananas). If he drinks regular milk, stop. Put him on a very bland diet for two weeks, feed him lactose free infant formula, rice cereal, oatmeal without fruit and absolutly no meat. In a week you should see a decrease in the amount of times he poops and a change in the consistancy of his poop when he does. After two weeks re-introduce other foods one week at a time starting with regular milk one week and baby food applesauce the next. These are good to start with because they are very common irritants on babies tummies, make sure to dilute them in his rice cereal to lessen the effects they may have on him. Continue from there, some kids don’t start eating real food untill they are toddlers because their tummies are sensitive. Avoid tomatos, vinigar, chocolate, nuts, and seeds for awhile to keep from having reactions to those things as well. Reactions can accur even without allergies. Good luck
      To get rid of the rash now, bathe his bottom daily in an outmeal bath using a tiny bit of epsom salt (aquarium salt) I know it sounds crazy but it will heal anything. Too much will burn him so only use a little.

  5. I got a really bad sunburn. Tips to help relieve pain…?
    I was in Florida on the beach for a few hours and did not use sun screen. Ya I am dumb but I just need some extra tips to help relieve the pain and make it heal faster.
    I have been putting alo vera on it, but that doesnt help all that much. Any household tips, foods, etc. to help.

  6. Genital warts in rectal area.. Hurts to wipe, what should I use?
    I found out a month ago I had contracted HPV and it turned into genital warts.. It spread when I skipped treatment for a few weeks and it stings to wipe. There’s also a small amount of blood from irritation, so my doctor recommended wet wipes. However, I bought Pampers sensitive thick care and it seems to have made it sting more. I’m not really sure what else to do, has anyone else had any experience?

    • Try Epsom salt baths, this can helps in the healing of the genital area after any treatment. (This helps in the healing better than anything I know) Avenno packets are also good..but do not use the body wash…the cleansing bar is fine.

      You may want to use a squirt bottle filled with water (a dish soap bottle works well) and clean with this..most of all the wipes have things that can irritate. Witch hazel is another thing that can work…or the pads used for hemorrhoids’. Do more patting of the area than wiping. Use lots of water…also using zinc oxide/diaper rash ointment or A&D cream is helpful in the healing. It is usually best not to use anything with a cortisone cream. No harsh soaps in cleansing your bottom, us non soaps products to clean. When there is lots of irritation anything else can cause more irritation.

      It is easy for the virus to be transmitted to the rectal area when the virus is active…this is more of an auto-inoculation of the virus. Wiping often produces entry points for the virus particles to enter.

      I have had hemorrhoids’ and I had CIS of the external vulva so I understand the sensitive genital area.

      I wish you well.

  7. What to do for diaper rash?
    I have been fighting diaper rash for two, almost three months now. My son is six months old and He never had diaper rash his first three months then once the first one happened it just keeps coming back!! We have tried everything you can think of for creams. The work to get rid of it but then it comes back a couple days later. It wasn’t foods or anything that started it, it just started. We have gotten creams from the doctor, some worked some made it worse but no cream works twice in a row. We use disposable diapers, if we switch to cloth do you think it will stop cominf back?

    • First, rule out a yeast infection. If your doctor says it’s not one, then it’s not, but it sounds like it could be a yeast infection.

      Second, yeah, cloth diapers could help. He may be reacting to the disposables. It can’t hurt to try. If you don’t want to try, then I would suggest getting something like “Huggies Pure and Natural” if you can in his size just to see if something in the normal diapers may be setting him off. They go to size 5, so you should be able to try it. But cloth if you can.

      Third… have you tried full-strength Desitin? Now, this has fish oil in it, and can stain and ruin cloth diapers, and if he’s allergic to fish he could be reacting to that, but for my kids there’s nothing else that works. It coats to keep the skin from touching the pee and poop, so you have to change them before too long but until you can change them they’re not having that irritate, and for my kids that’s all that’s been needed.

      Fourth. I always like to recommend Epsom salt baths and letting them run around naked as a way to help dry it out and heal. Sunlight on the nether regions also seems to help. :) “Let the balls blow in the breeze” as it were.

      Good luck. If all else fails, they’ll go away once he trains.

  8. Best way to get rid of a serve diaper rash?
    My son who is 15 months has a terrible diaper rash, he has sores and his skin is raw, I’m a very clean person when it comes to him but his daycare provider has been letting him sit in the same diaper all day! Ive taking him out of daycare because I’m positive the lady wasn’t changing him, his last day was Friday so now I’m stuck dealing with this terrible rash, he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming for 10 mins and it’s clear he’s in terrible pain! Please help, seeing him like this makes me want to punch that woman!!!!

    • If it doesn’t clear up, he may have picked up a yeast infection. That may need a doctor’s appointment and ointment for that.

      For my kids, what has helped with a severe diaper rash:
      -epsom salt bath.
      -drying them out completely, gently patting and using a blow-dryer.
      -letting them go nude for a while. Sunlight exposure if it’s warm outside was always helpful.
      -a higher quality diaper for a while to make sure all liquid is pulled away quickly. My kids actually did react to different brands of diapers, pampers were thinner than some and it made a difference in how they reacted.
      -original formula desitin (not the creamy stuff) put it on in a thick layer so that basically the butt looks white (note, it will stain cloth.)
      -and yes, if it was painful I would use some infant advil which helped with swelling.
      -probiotic yogurt. sometimes what goes in helps with what’s coming out so that things reset better.

  9. What are some tips & remedies to relieve pain from abrasions caused from birthing a child?
    (And tips/remedies for faster recovery)
    Yes. :) That is a good tip…I have been taking many baths…I am hoping for some other tips….the pain is pretty intense.
    intensity is only during urination….

    • All of these are good solutions. To them, I would add the following: 1) Expose your vulva to sunlight for a little while every day. This truly does help. 2) You could try using comfrey salve (and this is my favorite for the inevitable diaper rash with the baby, as well.) 3) Apply olive oil to your puss, it really helps. 4) Take homeopathic Arnica tablets 4 tabs/4x/day. 5) I used to pee in the bath for awhile during the earliest part of my son’s life. He weighed 8’6″ and kinda ripped me up good all inside. I usually say I skidded him out. No rips, just some nasty big abrasions…He’s 6′, 200 something pounds these days and a rugby player/monster snowboarder/cutie pie/wonderful man who picks me up and puts me where he wants me (“Outta my way, woman…!”, he says.). He looks like a Greek warrior, only taller and more handsome. 6) You can try a sitz bath w/ Epsom salts, too, or a chlorophyll plaster. 7) Believe it or not , smushed up tofu applied as a plaster directly to your bum helps as well, but this may be a bit messy for some ladies. It’s wonderfully cooling. Blessings upon you, new mommy! The immediate pain will be over soon! Witch hazel compresses are a great help, too!

  10. Yeast diaper rash or just a diaper rash?
    How can I tell the difference between a diaper rash caused by yeast or just a diaper rash? It is just on his butt and hasn’t spread anywhere else. It’s very red and some of the dots look like little blisters. He has had diarrhea since yesterday when the rash appeared. Also, I ran out of diaper cream, but I do have bag balm. Could I use that instead?

    • It definitely sounds like a yeast rash.They get real red and they get little blisters. To look at it ,it looks very painful to the baby or child. Use your baby bath tub and put warm water and use epsom salt in the water.Let your washcloth fill with water and squeeze the water so that it will reach his bottom.When you finish soaking lay him down and blot his butt dry. If you are out of cream I would use cornstarch on his butt and the bottom of the diaper and close it up.Yeast rash are not so easy to clear up,sometimes the diaper cream just won’t do it, so you might need to call the pediatrician for a special ointment,or make an appointment.Good Luck! hope you have a well baby soon.

  11. Does Ice Cure Diaper Rash ?
    My two year old boy has a slight diaper rash. I don’t want to buy expensive cream if it will go away soon but I don’t want it to develope into something bad. Do you think Ice will help or are boys sensitive in that area? Are there an other house hold things that can help?

    • Put him in a bath tub in which you have dissolved some epsom salts. This will soothe the rash. After his bath, dry him well, and cover the area that is affected with vaseline. If you catch it early enough, this works really well.

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