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  1. How do you get rid of ants in your kitchen???
    Hi everyone! I’ve got ants in my kitchen and they are really hard to get rid of! I’ve tried ‘Ant Rid’ in the past, but no luck! Is it just a matter of cleaning all surfaces really well, so there’s nothing for them to eat?

    • Clean bench tops and cupboards down really well, and then wipe down with a clean damp cloth that has a few drops of essential peppermint oil on it, you may need to apply a few drops of oil a couple of times.

      Ants hate the smell of it and it is also environmentally friendly, and safe for humans and children, and no residue powders etc to clean up. Add the big bonus is the kitchen smells fresh and minty.

  2. Most effective way of getting rid of house ants?
    It’s winter over here and for some reason the ants still keep raiding my pantry and hang out at other sources of water like the bathrooms.

    It’s extremely annoying because they absolutely swarm the counters on some rooms and the worst part is getting my breakfast only to find dead ants when I pour milk into my cereal.

    How do I get rid of these ants once and for all without professional assistance (budget limits)?
    Yeah, they’re after me lucky charms….no I’m serious they literally are.

    • Wash your counters down with a combination of baking soda and vinegar. If that still doesn’t do it, wash the countertops with a combination of borax and warm water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil (ants hate peppermint).

  3. What is best to get rid of roach and ants in my Atlanta apartment?
    Our neighbors sprayed their apartment and all of the roaches came into ours from across the breezeway. Also, because of it being summer, I am finding a ton of sugar ants in my boxed food. What are some good ways to get rid of these pests? The apartment management isn’t very prompt with doing anything so I need to take this into my own hands. Also, as a side note I have two cats–an adult and a kitten, and two children.
    Roaches I mean, pardon that! :)

  4. How do I get rid of Ants?
    So I have ants where I live and they’re annoying the f*** crap of me! But I have cat, and he gets in to everything… So I like to a good way that’s not harmful to animal and is full proof to work to kill the little Bastards! So any Idea?
    They are inside

    • For ants in the home simply determine the entry point and put a few drops of peppermint essential oil around the area where they are coming in. Ants really dislike peppermint oil and they will then stop coming in, you should not need to repeat applications for the same spot. Works like a charm and the ants stay outdoors where they belong.

  5. How do you get rid of ants on a wooden swing set? Spray? Kid Friendly?
    I just put up a real nice wooden swing set and I’ve noticed I’m getting really tiny ants (or at least they look like ants) all over the swing set (mostly the wooden areas). When I say tiny I mean really tiny! I don’t know if a spray will work to solve this problem or if anything else is out there for a job like this…

    I am worried aobut the saftey issues if I would spray bug/ant spray all over. I’ve sprayed the grass that it’s on and all the bottom areas of the swing set that aren’t touched by the kids. Any thoughts or ideas? I’m sort of desperate becaue I can’t keep up with killing these things. I don’t know if they are attracted to the wood or what! Thanks!

    • Purchase pipe tobacco from your local store.
      Soak it in warm water overnight.
      Decant the liquid and throw away the soggy tobacco.
      Pour the liquid over the anthill – they overdose on nicotine and die.
      Follow the trail of ants to determine where they come from.
      Locate the holes, apply the holes with soap or white glue.
      Apply baby powder on the trail of ants. Ants that come in contact with the powder will die soon.
      Apply more baby powder or red pepper to kill the remaining ants. After they are dead, sweep away the ants and excess powder or red pepper.
      You can also add two to three drops of lavender essential oil. That will keep away ants away, too.
      Dish soap doesn’t always work as it doesn’t always kill off the queen.

      Try a natural repellent such as ground or powdered chili, or used coffee grounds. Citrus peel (ground) works well too. They hate the smell of vinegar; make a solution with water to spray around.
      For a more permanent solution, find the ant mound, and destroy it using boiling water.
      You can also leave a jar of honey somewhere else, this will show you if they are nesting elsewhere too.

      Douse the entire swing set (especially the wood, it’s most likely their nest) with vinegar – it’s well worth the hassle.

      There’s a brilliant article I found here:

  6. How can I get rid of tiny ants?
    I’ve had pest control come 4 times, I have tried liquid bait, ant traps, bug be gone around the outside of the house…. nothing is working. They are staying primarily in my kitchen pantry area…I have nothing left in the cupboards…what else can I do?

  7. What’s the best method to get rid of ants?
    Every spring we get black ants in our kitchen. They show up for a month or so, then disappear. We have all packages of food tightly sealed, empty the garbage daily, and wash dirty dishes immediately. But they still show up. I have checked around the foundation of the house and the basement but can’t find any signs of them. We have tried various name brand ant killers with no success. Is an exterminator the only solution or does someone know another approach or product that works?

  8. does anyone know how i can get rid of ants naturally without bug spray?
    i’ve started noticing ants in my bedroom and i dont want the smell of the chemical in my room. i don’t keep food in there and i can figure out where they came from. If any one can help please let me know. please do say squish them there are too many lol

    • Ants do have the annoying habit of appearing in places where you least want/expect them.
      There are a couple of ways to rid them so you have to experiment and see which one works for you:
      1. Try something citrus – verbena, bergamot, citronella. These are all essential oils and a few drops near the source of the infestation usually succeeds. Caution: don’t use citronella if you have cats or dogs in the bedroom.
      2. Leave strips of lemon rind near the source of the ants. Ants cannot tolerate the juice/oils of the lemon.
      3. If you are anywhere near an Asian food market or shop, ask for screwpine leaves a.k.a pandan. These are long, narrow leaves usually used for flavouring food in SE Asia but are known to rid houses of ants, roaches etc. Bruise the leaves lightly to release their juices and scent, tie them loosely in a bunch and leave them near the souce of the ants.
      Hope that helped.

  9. How do I safety get rid of ants in the house?I don’t want to harm my cats if I spray ant killer.?
    They’re not the tiny little sugar ants; these little critters are bigger – and they bite!! They are not just in the kitchen, either. They seem to be everywhere. I’ve sprayed the carpet when there’s been a line of them. However,I have cats and I don’t want my pets to step in the spray, then lick their paws, as cats will.
    Does anyone know of a “safe” method of killing ants indoors? I have tried vacuuming them up, but they re-appear. Thanks.

  10. How to get rid of ants without using pesticides?
    My kitchen has been infested by ants. They have been eating my cat’s food and I’ve already tried some things, but they never seem to work, at least not for long:
    - ants trap with peanut butter (it didn’t have a minimum effect on them)
    - soap water (they die immediately, but a few hours later others come back)
    - I’ve already found some of the trails and some places where they come in and out and tried to kill them, but nothing works as I said before…

    Any ideas? It’s very annoying to have them around!


    • you can get rid of ants naturally using peppermint natural soap and peppermint essential oils. the peppermint scent overwhelms them and will deter them. just combine a few drops in in a hot water bucket and wipe down where they come in. be careful using near your cat as they are sensitive to smells as well. just wash around your cats food with something like lysol soap and water.

      you can even make a inexpensive natural spray and spray around the outside of your windows and doors to help keep them out.

  11. Are there any organic ways to get rid of ants?
    They have made a nest in my bathroom and using ant powder would be inpractical.
    I haven’t thumbed down anyone, Ivor.

    • Go to an aromatherapy shop, get some essential oil of peppermint. Place drops onto tissues around you house, to keep them from wandering there, and pour a few drops of into onto the nest. They WILL leave, that nest anyway.

  12. How do you get rid of ants coming into your house permanently?
    I need a way to stop ants from getting into my house. They find a way in and then before you know it, there is a long line of ants in my kitchen. They come back every year at the beginning of spring and leave in the fall. I’ve tried spraying around the inside of the house and outside and nothing seems to work. Anybody know?

  13. Getting rid of ants – home remedy?
    Does anyone have a solution for getting rid of ants? I’ve tried several chemicals, ant traps, the whole deal. My kitchen is spotless and all the food is in plastic containers – yet they still keep coming! Please help!

    • Ants hate Peppermint Oil, if you can find where they are coming in your home put some drops there.

      You can also put some in a spray bottle shake it up, and spray the area. If you want to get fancy you can get an emulsifier to blend the oil and water. But it really isn’t essential.

      I have to spray for a few days then they are gone for about about ever year and a half. You can find peppermint oil at most health food stores or online.

      It’s inexpensive, not harmful, and it works!
      Good luck!

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