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  1. Women: Non-medicinal ways to treat and get rid of a yeast infection?
    I’ve been taking an anti-biotic for a sinus infection and I developed a yeast infection. I used the Monostat 1 day thing last night and it’s still kicking and not much better than it was yesterday. Can someone please tell me some non-medicinal ways of curing a yeast infection? I am going away for four days tomorrow night and I’d like for this to be as much better as is possible!

    • well those medications can take a few days to start to take effect…i am the queen of these infections..i get them from simply eating a little to much sugar sometimes…if you have a 24 hour pharmacy or walmart near you there is a prduct called azo yeast it helps take the symptoms away…also eat a lot of yogurt…i have been doing this every few days a well and they have subsided….i buy empty gel capsules and fill them with boric acid and insert them into your vagina and they help balance out your ph! so maybe if you can try that….also stay away from sugar, and bread and drink lots of water…the sugar and carbs will only feed it…STAY AWAY FROM DOUCHES they may push the infection up into your uterus and further into your system.. try squirting yourself with water and epsom salt or taking a bath. FEEL BETTER!

  2. Will an Epsom salt bath give me a yeast infection?
    Will Epsom salt bath give me a yeast infection like some bath products do?

    • Not necessarily.
      It will change the PH of the water though, so be careful
      They are safe however for use on skin

      Other bath products contain so many chemicals in them…they just arnt good for vaginal health.

      I dont want to say yes or no, cause it could always happen, but the risk is quite low

  3. what can i do about my extreme vulvar damaged caused by a yeast infection?
    Ive been suffering this for about 3 months with visits to the doctors…over the counter creams and everything. my vulva is so damaged that that the skin is so weak, irritated, pink, and moisture that it burns and pisses me off. my doctor told me to do a sitz bath with Epsom salt twice and days it worked but I had a yeast infection to take care of and my yeast infection isn’t done yet…ive used clotrimazole…ive used steroid cream from my gynecologist..ive tried being a clean as possible..wearing cotton panties..changing my panties everytime they got wet from the yeast its so frustrating I feel like crying each time it gets worst :,( I cant handle all the irritation and pain! and each time I get my period my vulva get more damaged and I have my period right now and all the outer skin is so pink and irritated I don’t know what to do now :,(

    • I once had thrush so bad it spread all over the pubic area with big red sores and i went to the doctor and had to show them the problem for which i got canestan but a strong version of it and it cleared up quite quickly, i would suggest going back and saying you have tried numerous options and these are not working

  4. My daughter is 4 and I have had her to the doctors for itching feeling and she does this squat thing?
    We ruled out pinworms ,UTI ,Yeast Infections, & the Dr said it was her exploring herself but she is expressing to me an itch…and discomfort not pleasure…I have changed detergents to Tide Free …We do Baking Soda & Epsom Salt baths..I was told to use vaseline or Hydrocordisone 1% nothing helped ..and still I don’t know if this is habit forming now….I am just exhausted from wondering what and why it could she could be doing this

    • Take her to a professional Homeopath who is more likely to figure out what’s causing the problem in the first place and be able to clear it.

  5. Could my daughter be allergic to her panties?
    For about a year and a half, ever since my daughter potty trained at age 3, she has been experiencing frequent vaginal itching. We have been to the doctor more times than I can count, ruling out yeast infections, food allergens and other common allergens in the environment. I have changed her laundry detergent from the dye-free I was using, to the Dreft for babies, and washing her clothes in small loads. I have changed her soap and shampoo several times, tried Epsom salt and vinegar baths, drying her completely, showering her instead of bathing – everything I can think of. She has been treated with Nystatin (orally and topically) as well as Miconazole, Neosporin, even plain baby powder. Nothing has helped. I’ve even tried making sure I help her wipe so there’s no contamination, and we’ve tried potty wipes and baby wipes, as well.

    Her pediatrician even tenatively diagnosed her with eczema, but even with Desitin, there was no improvement. She did admit that at this point she doesn’t know what is causing my daughter’s problem.

    She does have an appointment with a Urologist coming up in a couple of weeks, but I don’t really think it’s an internal issue, and I can’t find any pediatric gynecologists in our area. I have a friend who suggested she might have an allergy to the material in her panties, and to try 100% cotton. Which sounded like a good idea, except I realized her panties are already 100% cotton.

    Could she be allergic to the cotton? But, if she is, why does she only have the reaction in her private areas, and not all over her body? Yesterday, just for an experiment, she didn’t wear panties all day, and she didn’t complain once about itching. So, I tried looking at the store for little girl panties that are not 100% cotton, and couldn’t find any. Do they exist?

    Any suggestions or information would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  6. How do I cure a yeast infection?
    I have heard that putting half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of epsom salt in a warm bath works.

    I was wondering if I should use apple cider vinegar and if I could use kosher salt or iodized salt instead of epsom.
    Can someone answer my actual question? Does the vinegar and salt thing work?

    • All the really effective remedies I know for yeast infections involve taking refined sugar out of the diet and using hydrogen peroxide.

      If you decide to go the peroxide root you can
      a) Go on a slow protocol which involves drinking a few drops of food grade H2O2 (this works the best).
      b) applying a low concentration of normal store bought h2o2 to the affect site.
      c) applying frozen yogurt to the affected site (the enzymes in there generate h2o2).

  7. Is there any way I can get rid of paiful internal scar tissue?
    I had a cyst on my ovary and had it removed…but since then on the line of the scar there is a slight rise in my stomach (like a hernia but soft and squidgy) …but i aslo get pain intenally from all the scarring……
    Is there a way I can relive the symptoms or break down the internal scar tissue?????

  8. what natural remedies have you tried that you believe worked?
    example. my mom puts a orange slice on my ringworm. did it really work sometimes or did it go away on its on

  9. What can be done for a dog that has stepped on a bee?
    It’s almost midnight Friday,(no vets available) and our dog came in limping and licking his paw. When I tried to check it, a bee flew up from it. We can’t find the stinger,but it still seems to be hurting.

  10. How Too Tell If You Have an Yeast Infection?
    Last Friday I had sex , but we didn’t use NO condom .. The sex was a little pretty rough .. Saturday Sunday & Monday I was fine … It was that Tuesday when I woke up , use the bathroom and when I urinate it hurt soooo bad felt like my pee was burning my skin around my vagina hole … I’m not sure but I think I probably seen a little thick discharge on Saturday morning but I was such in a rush I just look past it … But on that Tuesday while I was on da toilet I wipe my vagina and it hurt so ******* bad .. I took a mirror n look around and check my vagina I seen white discharge around the vagina hole .. I didn’t see no yellow discharge or nothing on my panties .. I waited till 4 days too see if it will go away .. But it didn’t so I brought monistat 7 … Cause I’m thinking its a yeast infection … In the bad thing about it I don’t know if it’s my period or spotting … I don’t know what too think if it’s an STD a yeast infection or any other infection I’m scared out of my mind … My labia hurt when I wipe it , it hurt really bad .. HELPPPP !!!

    • Just like any other part of your body, if it gets roughed up it bruises. You are bruised inside and also your labia. In other words, the sex was too rough. You don’t have a yeast infection. The burning was probably either friction on your urethera from the sex or else you got bacteria up there. Drink some cranberry juice. 100% cranberry.
      You can also sit in a hot bath with some epsom salts in it if you have any, and that will take some of the swelling down and make you feel better. It will take a week maybe. Just like a bruise in your arm or any place else would take to heal.

  11. what can i do about yeast infection and vulvar damage for about 3months including various visits to the doctor?
    I really need some hope here. I have been suffering through this for about 3 months itching and burning and wetness from the yeast infection. it all started when I accidently got a cut by my outer vulva of my vagina and got infected. I thought I could of handled it on my own, used some antibiotics, but then researched that it can cause a yeast infection. I was using polysporin and felt and burning sensation that I couldn’t handle. my cut was really infected and irritated. it came to the point I told my mom and went to the doctor. she told me to do sitz baths with Epsom salt and clotrimazole for the vulva and I for the suppositories for the yeast infection that wasn’t yet full scale. I was getting nausea and dizziness from the clotrimazole that I went to the hospital and I was dumb enough to follow the doctors order not to use it and well I end up with a really bad yeast infection and cut. so then I used the treatment. I kept going back to the doctor for check up on the cut and well it was curing…but the yeast infection was still coming up she gave me pill but nothing…I never went back because she kept getting pissed..so then I bought another clotrimazole and nothing…I bought monistat 3 for a stronger effect I guess it was better but it came back…I used natural remedies such garlic suppositories…tea tree oil this week … yougurt 2 days ago but nothing…my cut is gone but over time because of the yeast infections my vulva has become irritated and damaged that it burns and looks red..i went to my gynecologist he gave me a steroid cream its kinda working but its still irritated…and my yeast infection keeps coming back…and ughh!!! im so pissed that nothing is working I don’t want to go thru this anymore :(

    • For this you need to be constant on the steroid cream that your gynecologist prescribed you, once it heals you have to continue taking it until you are one month fully recover, if you stop the treatment prior there is a chance to come back and even stronger. The gynecologist was by far the best decision. Keep area clean, and do not sit on the bathtub by doing so you are feeding the bacteria what they like. Good luck :)

  12. Are diseases that cause memory loss permanent?
    I’m not talking about diseases like amnesia or Alzheimer’s I’m talking about a disease like fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia causes memory loss but is the memory loss permanent?

    • I have a lot of experience with what you are dealing with. the memory loss will come back when you get better but you may not remember the time when you were sick if that makes sense. I lost my memory with lyme disease but got it back. you may have same thing. Fibromyalgia is a vague diagnosis. the memory loss is most likely an infection in your brain. when it clears so will the memory loss. Check out bariumblues.com chemtrail illness protocol. this is really what is up but regardless I cured lyme after 10 years with the following

      2 cups salt- combination of borax, epsom salts and sea salt added to water

      Hydrogen Peroxide 16-32 oz at 3% per bath OR
      Sun laundry powder WITH color safe bleach 1/2 cup – toxic use every few days or less
      This will cause big die off and should be added slowly over a few baths for sicker people
      Some baths I add vinegar instead of peroxide or sun experiment to see what feels right.

      Sulfur soap made by GRISI sold for 2.99 at rite aid and north gate, albertsons. Only soap I use now in shower and bath.

      dissolve teaspoon of kosher or sea salt in a few ounces of water and drink as much as feels safe-makes me feel sick to my stomach if I drink to much.

      6 limes sliced
      1-2 quarts drinking water- squeeze lime juice into water, drink while laying in the bath
      use squeezed limes on skin. Rub on skin vigorously while laying in the bath for several minutes. this may hurt.
      Scrub face with borax on a wet wash cloth.

      I have also been taking lots of salt (himalayan or other mineral salt), Iodine Most people are iodine defficient, Vitamin C, Oregano Oil, Olive leaf, Grapefruit Seed Extract for a few days, and then probiotics for a day. I have been taking primal defense and multidophollis. Nutritional yeast flakes or the supplement version
      Pau Darco Tea and Cat’s Claw, found in bulk at health food store tea loose herbs/spices section bark by the pound should be around 8 a pound for Pau Darco and 13 for cats claw
      I stopped eating wheat, dairy, sugar, rice anything processed basically, no caffeine or any other toxins, pharmacueticals nothing but veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, quinoa, apple cidar vinegar with the mother, sesame oil raw if I use oil. ground flax in smoothies.
      I plan on taking diatonausous earth and bentonite clay but haven’t yet.

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