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  1. Anyone know how to get rid of stupid mosquito hawks? There are EVERYWHERE in my house?
    Every time someone opens the door to go outside about 10 of them fly in the house and I am sick of them!!!! Help

    • In the evening close all the windows and doors. Take a mosquito mat, burn one side and put the fire off. Now the smoke comes. Now take the mat towards the light and move aound it. Within half an hour all the mosquitoes will die. never let the door or window open. Near the entrance keep a mosquito coil buring.

      Peppermint, vanilla, bay, clove, sassafras, and cedar have all been used as bug repellents. Be creative. Make your own potpourri from these great smelling naturals or make arrangements of fresh eucalyptus leaves. Open a bottle of Pennyroyal essential oil and watch the mosquitoes take off. You can purchase Pennyroyal usually from any stores that sell herbs or essential oils.

      Buy citronella candles or by the bottle. Mosquitoes hate it. Set mosquito traps around your home by putting water in a bucket and add a good measure of dishwashing soap. When the mosquito lands to lay her eggs, she won’t be able to escape from the slick emulsion. Plant a barrier of tansy or basil near doorways or around outdoor patios. Mosquitoes as well as flies and ants are repelled by them. If you’re having a barbecue, throw some sage and rosemary on the coals to repel mosquitoes.

      High frequency sound devices are available in the market.

    • One can use essential oils to naturally (and without using synthetic chemical detrimental to your health) to get rid of insects, including moths. One is cear essential oil. Put some on a cotton ball. It will either kill them or deter them from ruining your clothes. Lavender and peppermint should work as well. Also. they love wine ( they will drown in it).

      The no kill method: at night, Turn off all the lights in your house. Opne the window, then go outside and turn a bright light on somewhat close to the window. The light attracts many flying bugs. Shut the window, and all done!
      *** Well, its a no kill method if you turn the light off once you get back inside!

  2. How do I get rid of fruit flies around my fruit bowl?
    They are annoying little things. I need to leave my fruit out to ripen.

  3. How do you get rid of flies?
    My husband I and live right beside chicken houses. They’re about a football field away from our house and we have flies soooo bad! We have fly strips everywhere and they look sooo tacky and redneck and don’t work well. Anyone know of a way to rid of these nasty things?!

    • oooh, poor you!

      Firstly you could use aromatherapy oils. A combination of lemongrass, lavender, citronella, pennyroyal, peppermint. If you put a few drops of each onto a cloth and keep it in a tin to let the smell build up then you can open the tin on your table when you’re eating or when you need an extra kick to get them away from you. Don’t know how effective that’s likely to be. (Please be aware that although essential oils are natural, they can be harmful on your skin as not all of them are used by aromatherapist on clients as some can be toxic so if you are using them, don’t get them on your skin)

      The other and perhaps more reliable idea would be to get a plug in rentokil thing (you can get them for about £7 from amazon).

      Although it’s obvious, do make sure you keep all food covered too as flies that have been on chicken mess could be carrying some horrid things that, while harmless in your house, you definately wouldn’t want to ingest!! Good luck

  4. How do you keep midgees away when you are working in the garden?
    Midgee : a fly that makes you itch a lot. Mostly found on warm days in Ireland. Tiny little pest.

    So how do you get rid of them ?
    Please dont tell me perfume or hairspray ‘cos they dont work for me !

    Thanks !

    • You could try putting some citronella candles around, in little glasses or jars to shelter the flame from the breeze. Also, get a lemon essential oil, a good one, and dab a bit of that on you and your clothes. If you are sitting at your garden table, get a lemon scented geranium, and every so often brush the leaves with your hand to release the fab aroma, and keep the blasted things away. They drive you nuts, don`t they.

  5. What is a natural way of getting rid of flies? They are coming into my home and make me sick.?
    I have pets and do not want to make them sick, so I want a natural product. Is there a way to keep flies out of he house. They come in from the door and skylight and are really disgusting.

    • Severel things. Apparently they hate the scent of lemon, so a lemon scented geranium, that you brush your hand over regularly, to release the scent, may help, as may burning lemon essential oils, if you are there for safety, or the citrus scented night lights, (tea lights).

      You could swing your vacuum cleaner nozzle at them, you`ll definitely manage to suck some up. But for serious zap power, and chemical free, get a fantastic thing called the exterminator. It`s shaped like a small tennis raquet, and has a battery in the handle. You press the on button while you swing at the flies and zap them. Release the button to stop the charge. It works like those fly zapper machines in butchers, and food shops, but you have more chance of getting them when you can take a swing at them. A good hard ware store will sell them.

  6. Is there a way to loose this extra weight?
    I have a chubby stomach, kind of big thighs, everything else it fine. IS there a special way i can get rid of it by exercising. * i want to loose it by the end of the year. And if there is how long will i have to exercise.

  7. pls help?How to get rid of flies, they are buging my horses.?
    the flies are really bad i have tried every fly spary on the sleves of tack stores nothing works.

    i put fly masks on the horse to keep them out of there face, they are really bugging the horses, the horses are going around kicking and stoped there hoofs.

    anybody have any good ideas to get rid of flies.
    i have a pinto, a buckskin, a dun and white pony.

    • Keeping your horse clean does nothing but attract them-the dirt prevents the flies from getting through to their skin-that’s why they roll all the time.

      Here’s some herbal remedy recipes. It’ll depend on which area you live as to which one works…we’ve used them forever on our horses and dogs. (benefit-they smell REALLY nice and are super shiny…and no harmful side effects, etc.)

      Citronella Repellent
      2 ounces witch hazel extract
      60 drops citronella essential oil

      Preparation: Put 2 ounces of witch hazel into a lotion or spray bottle. Add 60 drops of citronella essential oil. Label properly. Shake well before each use.

      This is approximately a 5 % dilution. For a 10 % dilution add 120 drops of citronella. Witch hazel extract is non-drying and medicinally soothing to insect bites. You may use olive oil, rubbing alcohol, vodka, or prepare a lotion in place of the witch hazel.

      2 cups white vinegar
      1 cup Avon Skin So Soft (Bath oil)
      1 cup water
      1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil

      If your horse is allergic to fly bites, try 1/4 cup of apple cider
      vinegar on their grain once a day. This raises the blood acid level
      just enough to bother the flies, but it is completely healthy for the
      horse. It takes about one week to start seeing the effects. Several
      old timers have told me that they always put vinegar in their horse’s
      drinking water during the summer to repel flies and mosquitoes.
      For cheap fly repellent, mix about 1 1/2 cups of plain white vinegar into about every 75 gallons of water in your horse’s water tub. If you use this it in the water about a week before flies start biting, it will have circulated in your horse and it helps keep flies from biting.
      1 oz. Citronella Oil
      2 oz. Skin-So-Soft or Coat-So-Soft
      1 Cup Cider Vinegar
      1 cup Water
      Mix in a 20 oz. spray bottle

      (Fly control is important too-try fly balls or bags (they are ugly and stink but work). The site also has some fly management recipes. Keep the manure picked up and moved away from their shelter as much as possible too.

      We alternate these according to what we have on hand at the time. We did not like commercial sprays b/c of their smell and bc of handling precautions. We couldn’t risk the small children at the stables getting ahold of them.

  8. what can I do or put out to keep bugs, insects down I live across from lake?
    the lake and tall grass produc a lot of flying insects when it’ hot and hummid. What can I treat lawn and home with to keep insects at bay.Help . I am not able to trust neighbors to keep their lawn ship shape but I do want to keep control of mine. what do I sprinke, spray the best that works please.
    thank you all for your ideas.

    • The best way is prevention. Get rid of rotting fruit, or fruits and veggies that are ripe need to be eaten soon.

      With the bananas, I would store them in a basket and cover them with a cloth. Light has a tendancy to cause them to ripen faster. Also get some citronella essential oil and put a few drops every day or so on the bottom of the basket.

      Bugs hate citronella as it is deadly to them.

  9. How do I get rid of moths without smelly moth balls?
    I can’t stand the smell of moth balls. what else works? They are all over my garage and come inside frequently. I have tried fly papers and sprays to no avail.
    Chunky: huh? You just might win this one for giving such detail on something that has nothing to do with what I asked.

    • either essential oil of lavender sprinkled on a bowl of pot pourri, or cedarwood balls have their own special insect repellant properties. Also, oil of citronnella is good and a lot cheaper than lavender. Finally, a pot plant such as lemon scented verbena will also help.

      HEY CHUNKY – credit where it is due for your extensive copy and paste from wikipedia!!!

  10. I keep finding small moths in my flat, where do they come from?
    And how can I get rid of them?
    I live in the city and and I’ve been looking all over my flat if there are any nests, but can’t find any. Where do they grow? I read in a previous question that they don’t like essential oils, which I am using, but why did they suddenly appear? I didn’t have them last year I keep my flat very tidy, but it is an old flat.
    I keep windows and doors closed, there must be nest somewhere. A friend of mine once found a think like a maggot, which was really disgusting and embarassing.

    • No point looking for a nest as moths dont behave that way. Are your clothes OK. The larvae stage of moths eat clothing! Moth balls placed in wardrobes will kill them.
      They could also be coming in in dry goods like flour and corn etc.
      Check these for any signs of larvae which are little grubs! If you find any just discard them and the goods too.
      If neither of these apply and they aren’t getting in at the flying stage then the only other possibility is a wood loving moth that lays its eggs on wood. You should look for holes in wooden furniture and flooring etc. You need an insecticide to get rid of the larvae!
      It could also be a result of the milder autumn we had. The bugs and flys seem to be around longer this year! I’ve never had to use a fly spray as late in the year before!

      Some essential oils will work but I dont know which is the best for which type of moth.

  11. what are good plants for repelling insects particuarly blowflies?
    Im aware that venus fly traps are good for killing them but they also attract them I have a huge problem with flies around my house and I notice that they breed in the lawn. Does anyone know of insect repelling plants or some magical potion to rid them from my house?

    • peppermint is good for repelling flies.you could buy some essential pepp. oil,add about 10 drops to a spray bottle

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