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  1. what it is the best cream that can tighten up skin after losing 100 pounds???is there any efficient way?
    I have been on a diet and I have lost 100 pounds but it like I had a problem and I went into another, which is the hanging skin. I don’t want to try the surgery option at all. I do drink a lot of water as some friends advised me, I do use Q 10 Nivea body to dehydrate and tighten up skin, I do exercise an hour and a half 5 days a week doing step and aerobics. I ‘m just tired I wonder if you can give more tips, and what kind of food I should eat. any tip could change a lot, thanks
    I’m 23 years old

    • OMG Gay Guy,
      You rock! 100 lbs?!! Good job. Any how I like to work out with preparation h on my belly and saran wrap over it. Yes you read that right the prep h helps to dehydrate the skin along with being wrapped up in plastic which makes you sweat like crazy it really works (makes you stink but you shower when your done with a work out anyway right).
      Here are some ways to help with diet maintaining a lower fat diet and eating lean proteins to help minimize the extra skin, even after you’ve lost the weight. Second, hydration is crucial. That means drinking plenty of water [64 ounces or eight cups per day]. Use sports drinks with electrolytes to replace those lost while working out. Eat lots of water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. . Develop and stick with good eating habits. If the loose skin persists, go with an aerobics or Pilates program. And most of all good luck you’ve done awesome!

  2. What would be a good home remedy to get rid off cellulite and saggy skin?
    I finally began dieting and excersizing at my 40 yo. I am losing approximately 3 pounds per week and got rid off 18 pounds so far. My upper body looks great, but my belly, butt and legs are horrible because of cellulite. Can anybody advise me on a good “recepie” to get rid off “cottage cheeze”?

  3. How can a 13 year old lose belly and thigh fat?
    I’m 13 years old and i want to lose weight in my belly aqnd thighs so what type of workouts should i do what should i eat drink how long should i workout and does saran wrapping stomach work i want to lose all of these b4 i got back to school

    • It’s good you’re trying to watch what you eat and how much you exercise, but honestly, at 13, you really don’t need to worry about losing “belly and thigh fat”.
      Just exercise everyday for at least 20 mintues. Eat healthy. You’ll be fine. Trust me.

  4. Could saran wrap help me lose more weight?
    I know excercise and healthy eating helps you lose weight, Im just curious, could wrapping my belly in saran wrap before I work out help me? If so, will I be burning more fat or is it water weight? I recently had two babies(toddlers under 3). I can’t lose my baby belly even though Im losing weight everywhere else.
    Please don’t judge me like people get alot, I am doing this healthy,serious answers only. Thanks in advance.
    I just wanted to add, I work out hard, Im not stupid. I run for thirty minutes and I then I lift weights for all my body parts, including stomach. I was just curiuos to if I could move the results faster, healthier. Thanks to all you aren’t being an A*s..

    • Unfortunately saran wrap will just make you sweat more and any weight you lose will be water. Some people say that sweating when you exercise makes you lose weight. It does if you’re aiming to lose water but it doesnt affect the fat. Sweating is just a sign that you’re hot, when you exercise it can be because you’re converting some of the extra energy from breaking down the fat into heat energy. It doesnt work the other way though- you cant burn fat because you’re sweating. Being hot for long periods of time actually lowers your metabolism and you burn less energy! The way to lose more weight (from fat) is to gain muscle because the muscle is what uses up the energy in the fat, therefore the more you have the more energy you burn. I’m not saying turn into a bodybuilder but balance your cardio exercise with resistance and weights. “baby-bellies” are usually more from loose skin and muscle than fat. All skin has a certain layer of fat underneath it, especially in your abdomen, hips, thighs and bottom so when you pinch it it will look like its all fat but it’s really just doubled over – think like when you fold a slice of bread in half. Make sure you’re doing the right exercises to strengthen your abdomen and tighten the muscles back up as you probably know they stretch and go out of shape during pregnancy. Unfortunately the same happens with the skin. You can help it regain some of the elasticity it used to have through moisturising. There are creams on the market but they tend to have limited effects. If when you get back into shape with the rest of your body but your belly doesnt then I think the only option if it REALLY worries you is surgery but it’s quite drastic and it should only be if you want it. I can guarantee other people dont notice your tummy as much as you do. I hope that helps to some extent

  5. How do i lose belly fat by the 31st of may?
    me and my friends are having a party but im a little fat on my belly so i need to loose as much as possible. Also my friend wants to know how does she lose her “thunder thies”?

  6. Have you ever used saran wrap on your body as?
    a way to slim down your body?
    Does it work? How long do you keep it on? What else do you use?
    So it goes- are you mental?

    • it does NOT slim down your body. all that happens is you lose water weight and guess how long that lasts – yep: right up until your next drink of water.

      anybody who tells you “it worked for me!” probably has “will that be cash or charge?” as their next question.

      and yes, you could die. i remember once going into a gym to find a woman sitting in the sauna wrapped neck to wrists and ankles in saran wrap under a workout suit made of parachute silk. i got in there just as she passed out and fell off the bench. i hit the panic button and had to literally cut the stuff off her with a nail file because it was so hot, the plastic was too stretchy and wouldn’t break. she was rushed to the hospital and held overnight to be treated for hyperthermia. i’d say she was lucky she didn’t have brain damage but i guess that ship sailed.

      NO, it doesn’t work. it’s an old-school scam from the 40s and 50s, the same era that gave us the cabbage soup diet and those jiggly-belt machines that “broke down” belly and butt fat just by having you stand in teh machine and the belt would jiggle you like mad.

  7. How to get rid of stubborn belly fat?
    I dont know what it is natrually im a size 0 – 1 & im 16 years old. ive been told im so lucky and im so skinny and people are envious, but i dont see whats there to be jealous over because i have belly fat that when i sit down it becomes four small rolls and its so DISGUSTING, does anyone know what i can do to get rid of them, or at least make them go down a little bit?

  8. good ways to loose belly fat?
    this question is for my uncle, he’s lost a lot of weight but can’t seem to get rid of his belly fat. he works out (runs, sit-ups, crunches) and he continues to loose weight but no inches from his waist. help please

    • Sometimes belly fat is the hardest to get rid of. I would suggest just drinking lots of water, and lots of crunches. I’ve heard that Green Tea is good and really helps a lot. I know this will sound crazy but my husband put Preparation H on his waist and wrapped it with Saran wrap (plastic wrap), and it help, because the preparation H is hot so it burns at the fat.

  9. Best ways to lose 3 inchs around the belly button and fast?
    Im in a gym for about 2 hours everyday and usual do at least an hour on a treadmill at a 15.0 incline and a 4.0 speed. Any possible tips i drink water all day no pop or anything like it and no junk food usually keep the calories around 1500 per a day. Im 20 years old joing the Army and i also workout with future soldiers and a recrutire every Tuesday and Thursdays

    • It sounds like you are on the right track, but I would suggest switching up your cardio routine from time to time. Change your treadmill routine to run- walk/ run- jog in order to keep your heart rate in the target zone, possibly change your workout to elliptical or stair stepper. Ab workouts, of course (keep those changing as well, and varied for the different abdominal areas). You should also look up fat burning foods…if you eat 1500 calories of bread in a day, that’s not good. Go for a high protein, low carb diet (not NO carbs!), eliminate sugar, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils wherever possible.

      If you are doing this because you are getting tape measured, and are really running out of time, i can suggest wearing a belly band; or if you dont want to buy one, saran wrap the area while you are working out. it will help you shed excess water in the area by squeezing, building heat and making you sweat profusely, therefore temporarily shrinking the area. This won’t last like fat loss, but it worse comes to worst on that day, depending on your body type, it might do the trick.

      Good Luck!

  10. I need to lose 2 inches off my waist/belly in 12 hours…can it be done and how???
    I am in the Navy and need to lose @ least 1 inch but 2 to be safe for my ‘weigh-ins’ tomorrow morning, 9am.

    • Saran Wrap and Preparation H. It sounds dumb but here’s what you do:

      Take the Preparation H and rub it all over your stomach, love handles, and lower back. Once its rubbed in, take the Saran Wrap and wrap it snugly against the skin. Go to sleep with it on. In the morning, take the Saran Wrap off. Take a damp rag (not WET, just DAMP) and wipe the greasiness of the area so you don’t get caught. Go to formation as normal.

      What the Preparation H will do is shrink the fat cells in your stomach. It is usually used for hemorroids, but works for all cells the exact same. Your cells will start to go back to normal after about 2-3 hours, but it should do what you need it to. I’m in the Army, and it worked for me, taking me from a 41 inch waist to a 38.

      My recruiter taught me this when I joined, because I was kind of chunky. I didn’t ned it back then, but now that I have a desk job, it has been handy.

      EDIT: Do a google search for this phrase, with no quotation marks: saran wrap preparation h

      You’ll see that the first link is to a Weight loss site. Here’s the link:


      Cuz that’s how we roll in the Army.

  11. By wrapping saran wrap around my belly, will it appear flatter?
    I don’t have a big amount of belly fat. I just want it to be completely flat, and I heard by tightening saran wrap over it while exercising, will make the tummy more flat.

    I am trying to lose weight, I know this won’t help that, but this is just for the meantime. I have about 10 pounds to lose before I would be on the borderline between “underweight” and “normal” weight.

  12. How can I shave inches off my waist?
    i was just wondering what is the best way to shave inches off of my waist? like whats the best food to eat, what exercises do you suggest? anything will help thank you :)
    im not expecting magic, im expecting myself to work off the inches, eat healthy, and feel better

    • Of course, overall weight loss will help. If you want to target your waistline, wrap your abdominal area with saran wrap. Sound crazy? I thought so too but my husband did it for one week while walking on our treadmill at home and he lost over an inch.

      Diet: Cut back on all foods with sugar. Make sure you’re getting at least 100 ounces of WATER a day. Increase your intake of lean meats and maybe try a protein shake a day. GNC has yummy flavors. My husband likes the Vanilla, I like the Milk Chocolate. Mix according to directions. For more information on healthy foods, visit http://www.mypyramid.gov/pyramid/index.html You can set up the free meal planner and track your protein intake, fat intake, etc.

      Try to work on getting your total body fat percentage down. It is very hard to just lose in one area, if not impossible. http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/common/standard/transform.jsp?requestURI=/healthatoz/Atoz/hl/fit/star/alert05222001.jsp
      This link will give you specific exercises to target your abdominal section.

      Good luck sweetie. I’ve been trying to get my flat belly back ever since my kids took it away. ::sigh:: It’s so much easier for men!

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