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  1. For any women who have suffered from Labial Abscess & Edema.?
    In May 2006, at the age of 24 I began suffering from swelling and redness on the right side of my labia. I was worried and confused, my first thoughts drawing on some type of cancer. I knew it couldn’t possibly be an STD. I couldn’t sit or lay down without discomfort. I couldn’t work. The pain was excruciating.

    I searched resources online and everywhere that I could find, and sadly, nothing could explain what was happening to me. My OB-Gyn explained that it was not a Bartholin’s Cyst. There were no answers as to what was plaguing me, no resources to look to, and unfortunately a huge number of women online looking for answers that I was, but to no avail.

    With hot compresses, sitz baths 5 times daily (some with epsom salts) the original cyst disappeared. Over the 18 months, I had 5 more, two of which resulted in minor surgeries (including a marsupialization). Six months later, having another reoccurrence.

    Ladies, you are not alone. My OB-Gyn told me that, unfortunately, some women suffer from this problem and it’s more a case of bad luck than anything else. Let’s open up a dialogue about this, letting others know that they are not alone, sharing our insights and experiences, and our remedies. No woman should suffer this in silence.

    I have high hopes that through our forum, someone may realize that this problem is more widespread than what is made known, and we may find a diagnosis and a cure for this “rare” but “not so rare” disorder.
    Even in searching through Answers, there were no answers. Maybe one day someone with this problem will stumble onto this question, and find the answers they’re looking for.

    • I am so glad you spoke up about this.
      Since I was about 11 I have had this problem, and have been through much in the line of seeking help.
      My last minor operation on my labia was three years ago, and I think I now have the answer.
      My Gynie told me not to wear tight fitting underwear, and in addition I also keep my labia free from any hair.
      This combination seems to work.

  2. bartholin gland cyst?
    I recently found out that I have a bartholin gland cyst and instead of letting my doctor drain it, I want to do it myself. All I want to know is How to drain it properly, and how to prevent it from coming back and last.. is it ok to soak in epsom salt? and if yes, how much do I use, how often, and how to actually prepare the water????
    Thats guys… but the thing is my doctor gave me two options: 1. I can tell it go away on its own or 2. She could drain it and i choose #1 and she said she’d choose that too and then she told me to soak it warm water to help it. However, if it was big I would have went with #2. Then i read online you could use the salt to help it, i don’t know, .. i guess i asked because i don’t really understand it i’m just a bit confused because im thinking about it so much. I figured it was a cyst but wasnt sure because its so small but wish i read about the salt b4 i went to see her so i could ask her i guess

    • Yes, you can use epsom salt, and it’s best for you to sit in a hot sitz bath, so it can be properly reached. It is best that it drains on it’s own without any help from yourself. Slather that thing with Neosporin, and wait a week. If it doesn’t drain on it’s own, please see your doctor. I have had 3 cysts in my inner labia and one was right below my urethra. It was the size of a BASEBALL, and when it burst, it did so, in 3 places. I can no longer pee without a towel. Don’t be scared of the doctor..it’s not worth it.

  3. Yesterday I noticed a hard lump on my lower inner labia?
    that looked like an open sore. Now it has kind of flattened out and the sore looks bigger. It doesn’t hurt unless I mess with it, and it itches a little – mainly after I use the restroom. It’s freakly looking though. My doctor said negative on the herpes or genital warts and bartholin cyst, and said to keep an eye on it. Any ideas?

    I’ve taken a few epsom salts baths, which may be why it isn’t the lump it was yesterday.

    • I had one of these once, and my doctor recommended putting cortisone cream on it. It really helped it heal faster.

  4. Large bump on labia majora?
    Okay guys, this is going to be a long one. Bare with me, but I could really use your opinions and advice. About 2 months ago I developed a VERY large lump on my labia minora (lower right hand lip of vagina). After doing some google research, I narrowed it down to be a Bartholin’s cyst. After about a week and a few (foolish) popping sessions, it went away and I have not seen it since. Now, about 3-4 days ago, I developed ANOTHER large lump on my labia majora (upper right hand lip). At first I thought it was an ingrown hair, and might even still be, but the size and pain is quite alarming. It’s approximately the size of a thumb nail, round, very hard, and seems to go under the skin quite a ways. I have been doing Epsom salt baths, and keeping it clean the best I can. Today, before my salt bath, I was examining it and it had turned a white/yellowish color underneath the skin. After my bath, it developed a head on it, and even though the sensible part of me told me not to, I popped away at it. The fluid coming out is a mixture of pus, blood, and clear fluid. Popping it relieved some of the pain, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I have read here and there of people keeping Neosporin on it and it going away within a few days. I guess I’m just confused because I’m 24 years old, and have never had this issue until a few months ago. I’m also wondering if it has anything to do with being a constant shaver of “down there”. I have been in a relationship for a few months now, so obviously I like to keep things nice and tidy. But before my current relationship, I avoided dating for about 3-4 years, so I wasn’t shaving nearly as much as I am now. I also know I’m not going to get my for sure answer from Yahoo, but, seeing as how my insurance doesn’t kick in until next month, I’d love some home remedy ideas. I’m going to do my best to stop with the popping, but I would love some feedback of what you might think it is, and what I can do to minimize it and more importantly, keep it from happening again.

    • It sounds like boil. My sister just got over on in the same place and she said it was murder. She did to to the doc and she told her she wasn’t going to pop it so she has to go home and do all the stuff you are doing. You’re ding the right stuff, and I don’t think shaving has anything to do with it but for awhile, until it heals cut back on the shave stuff

  5. I have a bartholin cyst?
    i have had a bortholin cyst since monday night its now saturday …im really really not wanting to go to the doctors …what should i do.

    its about the size of the tip of my thumb and a little tender i just need it to go away before wednesday night as i am going to be on a plane for 14 hours

    • OWCH! I’ve had one of those before.

      Get to a doctor asap honey. Those get painful fast, and sometimes very large, the size of a golf ball or bigger can happen. In the meantime, go to a pharmacy and pick up a sitz bath. It’s like a plastic type bin you can soak that region on. Be sure to also pick up some Epsom Salts.

      Boil enough water to fill the sitz bath. Once it’s boiled, follow the directions on the package of the salts and add the proper amount, plus a little extra for good measure.

      Once the water has cooled enough for it to not burn your skin and be comfortably hot (but NOT lukewarm), add it to the sitz bowl, sit it on the toilet or in the bathtub, and soak your cyst in the hot water. It will feel like a big relief from the pain. It may encourage the cyst to rupture, in which case the pressure will at least be relieved. But you are definitely going to need antibiotics either way, so you still have to see a doctor.

      You can take Motrin or Advil for the inflammation and discomfort until it’s taken care of medically.

      If it doesn’t burst on it’s own (don’t try to force it!!!!), the doctor can freeze the area and use a scalpel to lance it, and drain it properly. This will relieve the pressure and pain immensely. You can then get properly bandaged and get antibiotics.

      Bartholin cysts don’t go away on their own, even if they do burst. So definitely don’t be too embarrassed to see a doctor, soon.

      At least it’s getting to be summer, so you can wear loose clothing like skirts or sundresses (though you might want to aim for ones that are a bit longer, like that hit the knee) as wearing pants might be really uncomfy! Wear looser fitting panties too.

  6. there is this medium sized lump under the skin of my vagina?
    it is really hard, and its under the skin right near the whole of my vagina. this is really embarrassing. um, it doesnt hurt at all and i looked at it and there was i small white head. im really worried about it. what could it be? oh and im 15 and ive never had sex before.

    • You need to see a doctor sweetie. I’ve been there as a virgin, don’t worry about embarrassment, every woman has had their fair share of issues down there. If you’re nervous about telling a parent and asking them to take you to your usual doctor, i’d suggest going into a walk in clinic near your house by yourself sometime; i think you have to be 14 to be able to do that without a parent or guardian with you so long as you have medical identification. I’d call the clinic beforehand to ask them about those details seeing as i am in Canada and things are different here medically than other countries.
      Alright, other than that (to satisfy that curiosity), if it starts to feel sore and you can’t see a doctor soon to get specific treatment go to a grocery store or drug store and pick up some epsom salts. You add them to a bath and they relax any sort of soreness of any kind, really. (my doctor suggested this to me for what sounds like what you have, so no worries it won’t irritate you or anything.)
      What I think it is, is a Bartholin Gland Cyst. If not, an irritated one. This gland is beside the vagina and contains a lubricant to ease sexual intercourse when a woman is sexually aroused. (xD)
      Sometimes it can get clogged or infected which causes it to swell to about the size of a marble. Talk to your doctor about concerns for treatment, one i saw said it shouldn’t be an issue and i don’t have to deal with it at all.

  7. bartholin’s gland cyst?
    Hello alll.. I have had a bartholin’s gland cyst for about two years…No pain nothing…I went to the doctor for it but they refused to drain it..Lately I’ve been taking sitz baths and doing epsom salt packs on it and now its
    becoming sore…Someone told me that sometimes when it’s getting ready to rupture it will be a bit sore…Is this true?

    • If it is sore, keep it really clean, don’t squeeze it, as you can spread the infection inside. In a few days it may form a head, put warm wet cloths on it to help draw out the infection and try to let it come open on its own. Sometimes it helps to sit in a warm bath to get it to come open. When it opens, get the infection to drain out, keep it really clean or you could get a staph infection. It should get completely well in a week after it opens. These cysts will have a large core in them and if you don’t get that out when the infection comes out, they will just fill up again.

      good luck..

    • I just had one. This is what I did. I took warm baths daily and used Epsom Salts in the water. I also put warm compresses on it. Within three days it popped and started to immediatly decrease in size. After a week it was gone completely. Good luck.

  8. Bartholin cyst remedy?
    I got a cyst about a week ago. First started as a painful lump about the size of a baby pea, it popped drained on its own then a day later it swelled up again. I got the epsom salt, cranberry juice, used unscented baby wipes and after another day it swelled up that whole side, but then it popped again. My gyno said that it was resolved but to keep an eye on it. Tonight i found it to be very small and a hard lump. Is there any way to get rid of it as home remedy besides what im already doing to get rid of the lump, itching and let me live a normal life again (including sexual actions)?

    • Hello,

      Soak in a tub filled with a few inches of warm water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes at a time, three to four times a day. This promotes drainage in a small, uncomplicated Bartholin cyst.

      Receive surgical drainage of the cyst, which is typically a minor outpatient procedure. Your doctor will make a small incision in the cyst and insert a catheter, which will remain until drainage is complete.

      Take antibiotics if your cyst is infected or if your test results show a sexually transmitted disease. This will destroy any bacteria-causing infections.

      Watch for recurrent Bartholin cysts. Your doctor may suggest a surgical technique called marsupialization. Marsupialization is similar to the drainage procedure but leaves a permanent opening for drainage.

      Follow-Up Care

      Visit your doctor for a check-up as recommended after your surgical procedure. Take sitz baths in the interim to promote drainage. Contact your doctor if your packing falls out prematurely.

      Continue any antibiotics until the medicine is finished, even after you start feeling better. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding any pain medication.

      Seek additional medical attention if you experience new symptoms, including swelling, pain, discharge or fever, in the area of the Bartholin cyst or abscess.

      Take care! Mama Bear

      Read more: How to Treat a Bartholin Cyst | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2292562_treat-bartholin-cyst.html#ixzz25mQG5NXk

  9. Should I got to the doctor or see if it goes away?
    ok first of all this is really embarrassing for me to ask! ok I have had 3 Bartholin gland cyst before. The last one I had they drained it and then stitched it up and that was like in 2006. So thankfully i haven’t had any issues since. Until now, the other day me and my boyfriend of 5 yrs where making love and that’s when I noticed the bump again. No he doesn’t have any STDS neither do I. Anyway the problem its not got any bigger, and i have been taking epsom salt baths once a day.It hurts sometimes when i sit but its not that bad and i take ib profen which helps. I have also heard women tend to get these right before there period. I think i am about to start cause I am cramping and emotional. What should i do since its not getting bigger? Should I wait till I get my period or should i got to the doctor right away?? I have made love with my bf before and this has never happened. I was wondering also is having sex just irritating it. I started to notice this saturday. Any suggestions?

  10. Bartholin Cyst?
    I noticed I have signs of another bartholin cyst. I have already had two this year, both very painful and had to be lanced. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I know a lot of woman get these awful things. Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of it without lancing it. I believe its not big enough yet to be lanced. I’ve heard mixed things about using epson salt in a tub… Please advise

    • You don’t have to put anything in the tub but hot water. Epsom salts work best as a sort of paste poltice applied to the spot, but a moist hot cloth works just as well. If you start putting moist heat on it now, you might convince it to drain by itself and forestall another incision and drainage procedure. Although many times those are done just to give you some pain relief, as it can get quite painful before they do finally drain. You have gotten into a cycle of infection though, and you need to find out why if you can. If you tend to wear thongs, or pantyliners with deoderant, that could be why. Thongs rub the tender tissues there and can cause one. The deoderant in pantyliners and pads can also irritate. Anyway, soak your tush in as hot a water as you can stand, or apply heat packs to the spot. That helps more than the epsom salts, at least in this particular area.

  11. It safe to use epsom salt in the bath with an infected bartholins cyst?
    When I was younger and had eczema I used epsom salt andf it helped loads…
    I’ve told my sister to use it on her cyst, but I just want to make sure it’s actually safe before she does it?

  12. The walls of my vagina feels swallon?
    It feels like it has a big lump but at the same time it feels like its really swallon and has tightened some what?Whats wrong?!

    • If this is lump is near your vaginal opening, it could be a Bartholin’s Gland Cyst. I had this a couple of months back and didnt know what to do and it keep getting bigger and it started to hurt. Within less than a week, it hurt to walk. I only googled help much too late when it became that painful.

      What it is, is the bartholin’s gland (inside each of the labia near the opening of the vagina, one gland on each side) gets clogged up by skin cells or secretions.

      What I did was soaked in shallow bath with epsom salt for about 10 minutes thrice a day and put hot compress on it every chance I got. Eventually it “broke” and there was lots of pus-like liquid and I’ve been good since. But when I was googling this, lots of women mentioned getting relapses quite often. Some mentioned getting this cyst on both glands at the same time. There was one woman who mentioned that her 11 yr old daughter got it so often that her gynaecologist suggested a minor surgery.

      It is wiser to go to a gynaecologist to make sure what you’re experiencing isnt something much more serious. They’ll be able to advice you better after checking you out.

  13. What happens if i have a big pimple on my vagina?
    I came home one day and I went to go pee and I did my business and i felt something and i think its a pimple. Please help me. Please note if its a wort or something!

    *I’m 14 years old
    *Its growing not on the lip but beside it
    *It is no bigger than a dime maybe smaller
    *I am not sexually active
    *Please tell me what i need to do.

    • You should see your doctor immediately. It might be an ingrown hair or a Bartholin’s gland cyst from what you describe, but only a doctor will know for sure after visually inspecting the area.
      I have included a link so you can read about it.
      You can soak in Epsom salt in the bathtub to reduce pain and discomfort. Do not pick at the area. Make an appointment as soon as possible. Only a doctor can tell after a thorough examination.

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