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  1. How do you get rid of leg cramps?
    I went swimming at the pools today and i started to get leg cramp on my calf. I did some stretches before i went in. The problem is i can’t seem to get rid of it. I stretched it out and walked around. But everytime i sat down for a few minutes i can’t seem to get up. Its still very painfull and its been about 4 hrs. I am limping like as if i have sprained my ankle. Please help!

    • Take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts. Soak for 30 minutes. The Epsom salts will help eliminate the lactic acid that forms on the muscles from over exertion.

      Massage an analgesic cream into the sore muscles. Massage As deep as you can into the muscle, the muscle has to be relaxed.

      Advil soft gel capsules work very quickly on pain. Take them four times daily.

      If this doesn’t help see your medical doctor.

  2. How long does a sprain last?
    I believe I sprained my wrist 2 weeks ago when I was lifting something rather heavy and it slipped. It is my dominant hand and I have to jobs to worry about=(

    What can I do to ease the pain? Will soaking it in epsom salt help any? Should I see a Dr.?

  3. How do I make my Sprained foot heel faster?
    I recently sprained my foot riding my longboard and it really hurts should i just let it relax or should i just massage my toes and middle of my foot i want my foot to heal as fast as possible but also heal safely and correct please help.

    • soak it in epsom’s salt once a day , wrap it with an ace bandage to keep it immobilized , it should be better in 7 to 10 days .

  4. How do i heal a sprained foot muscle?
    i don’t know whether it is a muscle or not, but the top part of my foot, just a little before it reaches my toes, is swollen. If i run a lot and add pressure to it, it begins to hurt a little bit. I’ve had it for 3 weeks already, and i don’t know how to heal it before the softball season in 2 weeks.

    • You need to stay off your foot as much as possible. Keep your foot elavated above your heart and soak in some warm epsom salt as well.

  5. I’ve had inflammation in my ankle for several years now. What can I do to make it go down or away?
    I had a minor sprain years ago. Recently, my ankle has inflammed more and in the morning there’s a liitle pain. What can I do to get rid of the inflammation or just to stop it from swelling so much?

    • Go see a doctor you might have scar tissue caused by the sprain. Scar tissue cause painful inflammation. Inflammation does not show up on a x-ray , however it will show up and a MRI or CT scan.
      For quick relief try soaking your ankle in warm water with some epsom salt and take ibuprofen. Try wearing some kinda of ankle support with compression it will help the fluids in your ankle circulate which can help the swelling subside.

  6. How to treat a sprained ankle?
    Hey guys! I have a small problem. I’m a dancer, and I’m pretty sure i have a sprained ankle. However, my dad is currently unemployed and we don’t have medical insurance, so i’m trying REALLY hard not to have to go to the doctor or have physical therapy. I would like to know how to treat it on my own. What are the best ways to help it? I looked it up online and got the basic info, but i was wondering if you had any suggestions from personal experience. What helped you the most? What should i try? Thanks in advance!

    • Based on what you have said here, it sounds like you have sprained that ankle! Bad sprains do not necessarily swell right away, but can still be quite painful due to the damaged ligament or ligaments. You have probably started to see some swelling and discoloration by now. Here is what you need to do…
      1. Wrap it in a 2″ Ace Bandage.
      2. Start keeping ALL weight TOTALLY off of that foot for 14 to 21 days. You can either borrow crutches or get some at any CVS, Walgreens, or Rite-Aid drug stores.
      3. Soak your foot for 30 minutes each night before bed in as warm of water as you can stand with a cup of Epsom Salt dissolved in it. This will help to promote healing of the ligaments. DO NOT SKIP ANY NIGHTS OF SOAKING.

      Your ankle should be 95 to 100% healed by the end of this two to three week period. STOP putting weight on it ASAP… the more you keep hobbling on it… the worse ou are going to make it, and the longer it will take to heal it!!

  7. How to heal my sprained foot faster?
    On Friday morning I sprained my foot and I went to the hospital and they told me to get an air cast. I haven’t gotten it but I will tomorrow. I was wondering how can I make my foot heal faster? It’s not hurting as bad as it did Friday but I am leaving to Florida in about a week and I would like it to heal before I get there. Any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you (:

  8. No it should be fine without going to the hospital. A sprained foot isn’t that big of a deal. If it were broken you wouldn’t be able to walk on it. Though I think you should walk on it. Everytime I sprained my ankle my dad would always tell me you gotta walk on it. It will help if you just walk on it. Don’t baby it too much.

  9. How well does an Epsom Salt Bath work?
    I workout 5 times a week max and sprained both of my calves. Does an Epsom salt bath truly work? I’m soaking in it now and don’t know when I will be able to tell a difference in my muscles.

  10. What did I do to my ankle and what should I do about it?
    Okay so I wuz running down a grass hill and around the end I tried to slow down.
    It didn’t work and my right ankle went to the right and my body fell to the left.
    After that i couldn’t walk well and i put ice on it.
    The next day it still hurt and there was a little bit of swelling i got a brace/wrap thing for it and have been wearing it all the time expect when i sleep.
    Now i can walk but i have to walk a little funny.
    If i move my ankle roll my ankle in a cirle it hurts and feels kinda stiff. It also pops everytime.
    Its the second day.

    Did I roll, sprain, or twist it?

    What should I do about it?

    Should I go to the doctors?

    Can i still do my sports(running(i stopped), swimming, tennis, soccer)? Or should i stop?

    • You have a sprained ankle and most likely torn and bruised the muscles and tendons. If it where broke you wouldn’t be able to walk on it. The rule of thumb for this type of injury is to ice it the first 24 hours after an injury. Only ice it for 15 minutes than remove it for half an hour or so. You also need to stay off it as much as possible and keep it elevated and wrapped. After that day alternate heat and ice, you may want to soak it in as hottest water you can take without burning yourself, add a little Epsom’s salt and soak for 15 minutes. It may take several days to several weeks to completely heal. As long as it is not a major sprang you can do some some sports as long as you keep it wrapped good. But I wouldn’t do it right away and stop rolling it around you are stretching the muscles and tendons all over again. Keep it wrapped until the swelling goes downs.

  11. How does epsom salts help a sprained ankle?
    Years ago they would say put ice on the first day then hot thereafter in wator and epsom salts soak. Today they lean more toward s ICE all the time.
    Hoe does Epsom Salt help a sprain?
    What takes place?

    • Duke, I’m on shaky science ground here, and Science Boy has returned to college so I can’t confirm what I think I know.

      It’s osmosis, and it reduces swelling. You hold the injured part in a saline solution saltier than your body, and the cells try to equalize the salinity by sending fluid from the cells–reducing swelling.

      I could be totally wrong, but I think that’s how it does it.

  12. Is it necessary to go to the emergency room with a sprained ankle?
    i sprained my ankle and it’s only swollen but not bruised. it only hurts when i turn it into a specific direction and it’s a little painful to walk. i’ve been soaking it in epsom salt, icing it, and elevating it. can i wait it out until it goes away by itself or do i need to go to the emergency room?

  13. What’s the best way to heal swollen ankle?
    I sprained my ankle very bad about 5 days ago and its stil very sore and swollen. I put ice pack on it but its still painful. What else should I do?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Arch,
      It takes a long time for a badly swollen ankle to heal – months sometimes. The ice is recommended for the first 24 hours after the injury. Following that period of time, it is better to use warm compresses. The soaking in Epsom salts is also helpful. Keep it elevated on pillows when you are sitting – as high as you can. Keep an ace bandage wrapped around the ankle for support – start from the ball of the foot and wrap up the leg. It is best if you do not put pressure on it while it is healing. Do you have crutches? I would highly recommend you getting crutches if it is a bad sprain. Take Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain in the recommended dosages.
      Good luck.

      Edit: I am assuming that you had an X-ray done to rule out any fracture?!

  14. How can I tell if I sprained my ankle?
    Yesterday I rolled my ankle when goin down the stairs. At first it was alittle bruised and no swelling. Now it is verry bruised and really puffy. What should i do?

    • Hey Chyanne, it sounds like you have all of the classic symptoms of a pretty badly sprained ankle. You need to start following the rules of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation) as soon as possible. I will list out the things you need to do…
      1. Wrap your foot in a 2″ Ace bandage. That will help to control the swelling
      2. Start staying TOTALLY off of that foot (crutches). You will probably need to stay off of it for about 5 to 7 days… it just depends on how bad the sprain is. The more you try to walk / hobble around on that foot, the more damage you could be doing to it, and the longer it will take to heal.
      3. Each night for 30 minutes before bed, soak your foot in as warm of water as you can stand, with a cup of Epsom Salt dissolved in it. Do this for the next 5 to 7 nights. The Epsom Salt will help to draw out the swelling, and promote healing of the injured ligament.

      That is it!!! That is what you need to do to treat it. Hope this info helps!!

      If you have additional questions hit me up at…

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