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  1. Has anyone been treated for cytolytic vaginosis?
    I’ve been having a problem for about 2 years. I firmly believe its cytolytic vaginosis. Although, I have tried treating myself for it with baking soda sitz baths and suppisitories, does anyone know how long it takes for everything to go back to normal? Should i be patient and treat myself for a long period of time? Anyone who has had this and has been succesfully treated please write back! thanks! And no, its not and std, or an sti, or yeast, or bacteria….

  2. My son has had a circular rash for over two weeks?
    I saw the doctor about it on the 14th, and she said it was probably a spider bite, but to watch it. Now it has grown at least twice as large and looks like a big circle that is much redder on the periphery than in the center. Should I take him back to the doctor?
    It isn’t scaly. The doc said it definately was not ringworm.

  3. What is the treatment for skin rashes during pregnancy?
    I’m 28weeks pregnant now and i do have skin rashes first in my tummy almost all part and now at my back..it so itchy..i guess it isnt due to stetchmark for it is like a prickly heat my it isnt..Does anyone can recommend me some medication for these without harming my baby?

  4. Does baking soda go bad? My son needs a sitz bath, and I only have what’s in the freezer?
    He has a rash, and I want to let him soak in warm water with some baking soda but it’s been in the freezer for a long time, is it okay to use it anyway?

    • it will be OK to use as a soak or to freshen up a drain or clean corrosion off batteries. don’t use it for brushing your teeth or for cooking to be safe. after taking a box out of you fridge, dump some down you drains to freshen them up followed by a gallon of so of hot water after about 15 minutes…sorry, got carried away there, lol, good day

  5. How to stop the outsode of the vagina itching?
    Hi, so I’m 15 and recently the outside of my vagina has started to itch. I have had my first period a few months ago and also just got rid of thrush. I also get clear, stringy/whitish discharge. Could it just be dry? I have never had sex so it cannot be an STI? How can I relieve the itchiness? Please help!

    • Hey Madeleine,
      Vaginal itching can be lowered by taking baking soda baths….You can make a paste of baking soda & water & apply the paste to the area that itches…Put some table salt in a tub filled with warm water & take a sitz bath till the water turns cold….Practice good hygiene….Keep the vaginal area clean & dry…..Wash your hands before & after going to the toilet & always wiping from front to back to avoid bacteria from the rectum coming in contact with the vaginal area…..Don’t use vaginal douches…Use only fragrance-free soaps or hygiene wash meant only for sensitive areas or anti-bacterial soaps & always use warm water to clean those areas…..Wear clothing that is not tight or binding especially in the crotch….Wear white cotton panties & avoid wearing nylon panties or hose that decrease the airflow to the vaginal area….Wear a nightgown with no underwear to encourage airflow to the vagina during the night…..Make sure that you are very careful not to damage or scratch your skin as this will allow the fungus or bacteria to thrive under your skin & aggravate your condition….Rinse yourself with a mug of saline solution as salt has antiseptic properties….Bacteria, fungus & yeasts require moisture to survive so make sure that you keep yourself completely dry at all times….You can use an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal powder as this will keep you dry as well as fight the infection…..If there is no sign of improvement within a week, you’ll have to visit a gynaecologist .

      I hope this helps. Get well soon :-)

  6. Why does baking soda in a bath help with constipation?
    I understand the warm water relaxing the muscles, but what does the baking soda do?

    • Sitting in a baking soda bath or applying it directly to the rectum is a common treatment for hemorrhoids, which often cause or occur along with constipation. It helps to relieve the itching and inflammation in the area. The “Sitz bath”, as it is often called, is what you are referring to. It uses baking soda and warm water in an attempt to relax and soothe the anal sphincter (muscular valves that normally keep the stool inside the rectum) and thus help pass the stool.

  7. What are the dangers of leaving your external hemorrhoid untreated?
    My piles is puffy but it isn’t painful. It only hurts when I have constipation but it dosen’t bleed. I can push the piles back into my anus as it’s not very big. But it’ll pop out again when I poop.

    I haven’t done anything to it/go to a doctor yet. It may be just the beginning stage or something.

  8. My daughter is 20 months and she got rash when she was sick with cold. It bothers her a lot. what can be used
    I used hydrocortisone cream 2.5 % that was prescribed by her doctor and it got better really fast. Now it is back… Did anyone had similar situation and what did you do? Does anyone knows any natural remedies for rashes? I don’t want to use that steroid cream too much, but I can’t see how she is suffering with it. Please help!

  9. Can you develop hemorrhoids 3 weeks after delivering a baby?
    I had a baby girl 3 weeks ago,and I didn’t have hemorrhoids during the pregnancy, and I never have before in my life. Now when I go to the bathroom it hurts like hell (just starting today) and there is some blood. I don’t know how to tell if it’s hemorrhoids or not, because I’ve never had them. It still hurts for a while after pooping too, like I went over an hour ago and it still hurts.

    • Hi Jodi,
      You most certainly can lots of women develop hemorrhoids during the pregnancy.Hemorrhoids do not “just” happen over night so yours were so to speak in the developing stages while you were pregnant and with all the extra straining and during giving birth they have now broken out.

      Be aware they may go away but once you’ve had them the chances of them coming back are very good unless you take a few steps to change that.

      Jodi first of all two methods to relieve the pain, No1 Ice pack apply for 15-20 minutes on external hemorrhoids.WARNING! Keep the ice wrapped in a cloth or place a cloth in between ice and your skin to reduce the possibility of any damage to your skin.

      No2 Sitz bath,Do not use HOT water as this will have exactly the opposite effect of what you want. Sitz bath is a form of bathing where the bottom and hips are immersed in warm or cold water for a period of time, 15 – 20 minutes is ideal.

      Sitz baths are best for cleansing the area while cool sitz baths help to ease swelling and can even help with constipation. A simple trick is to add salt, or baking soda to the water and allow yourself to soak in the water, this trick works to clean the affected area as well as relieving pain.

      Don’t add soap to the water as this can be irritating if you have any type of anal infection or irritation,after wards dry the affected area with a soft towel.

      People usually run out to the drug store and get pills creams or suppositories this is all well and good most of them do work in the short term,BUT as they do not heal the cause of the hemorrhoids you always need more and more of them.

      Having a newborn baby you must be extra careful what you put in or on your body thats why down below in the source area I have given you the address of a totally Natural cure for hemorrhoids which is fast working and you only need it once.

  10. Has anyone used baking soda to treat a diaper rash?
    My little girl (6mo) has very sensitive skin. Saturday, we both slept pretty long and when I went to change her, she had a massive poop and she was red as a tomato.

    Is baking soda safe? What are some alternatives besides vaseline and a&d that would help it go away faster?

  11. How do I cure a yeast infection when I am allergic to the over the counter drugs like Monistat and Gynolotrim?
    I am allergic to all the over the counter yeast infection treatments. Diflucan worked for about 10 days and now it is back. I can’t afford to go to the Dr. (I pay 100%) to get a prescription every time I get a yeast infection.

    • If you try the baking soda douche – be careful as I’ve heard the opposite – I’ve heard baking soda will actually make a yeast infection worse.

      Have you tried tea tree oil or garlic (be careful as the oil does sting.

      Consider going on a yeast-free diet, no sugar (as sugar feeds yeast), no alcohol – so no cakes, candy, sweets, etc.

      *Take Lots of acidophilus/probiotics or eat Unsweetened (Plain) Yogurt
      *Avoid tight jeans and other tight pants
      *Wear cotton underwear during the day, no thongs
      *Wear no underwear to bed
      * Put a tsp of apple cider vinegar in a 6-8 ounce glass of water and drink it 2-3 times a day.


      Fill a bathtub with just enough warm, not hot, water to create a sitz bath (enough water to cover your groin and just up to your belly). Add 2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar and sit in the bath with your knees folded toward your body (not stretched out flat). You can stay in this bath mixture for 15 minutes. Gently pat dry and make sure you are very dry before putting any clothes on. Wear only cotton underpants, preferably washed in natural unscented detergent.

      Good luck!

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