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  1. should i put my dog down?
    she has a cellulitis beside her toe on her front right paw and today she was walking and all of a sudden she just fell over got back up and wined she’s always limping and we soak her paw in epsom salts because the vet prescribed it for her and i hate to see her suffer, please help me and my dad.?

    • No sweetie, you r dog does not need to be put down. But your dog SHOULD be on antibiotics and besides the epsom baths, you need to be doing a topical treatment, as well.

      It’s best right now to keep your dog comfortable. if your vet isn’t helping suggest to you what you need to do, ask your parents to see another vet. Your dog does not have to be put down.

      Google this: Interdigital Pyoderma or Pressure Point Pyoderma

  2. Help me plz!!!! My sisters leg is swollen all the way down to the foot and it started out in the knee area!!!!
    my sisters knee has been swollen for 5 days and she has no idea what caused the swelling. she says it feels tight and has pressure on the knee area, but 1 night ago her whole leg swelled up and now it continues to stay this way. what should she do to make the swelling go down if our family doctor told her to wait until monday and see if the swelling got worse????

    • Does the leg have fever? Is it red or have red blotches? Can she feel her toes? Are the toes or foot cold? Chances are it is cellulitis (this is a skin infection). Depending on her age, it could also be a thrombus (clot). If the foot and toes aren’t cold or tingling – then it is more than likely cellulitis. Elevate the leg like someone said above – it should be elevated above the heart. For Cellulitis most of the doctors I have worked for suggest that you soak the leg in Epsom Salts, in hot water, for 10-20 minutes at a time. Rest it for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours then soak it again. Ibuprofen for pain and swelling, or Aleve (Naproxen Sodium). If she is not on any medication that these will interfere with.
      If she starts to loose feeling in her toes or foot, or if they become cool to the touch – get your sister to an emergency clinic. I hope the swelling goes down quickly and your sister feels better soon. Good Luck.

  3. Infection at pump infusion site!!!?
    I know I screwed up. I left my infusion set in 4-5 days. We are in a bad financial situation and I can’t afford pump supplies for a couple more weeks so I was trying to make them last longer. I’ll certainly never do this again.

    I have an area about 3 inches in diameter surrounding where the site was that is red, hard as a rock, and very painful even to touch. I have been putting on Epsom salt all day and neosporin with pain relief, but there is no change. I’ve had this since Friday.

    Is there anything else I can do? Do you think I need to go ahead and contact my endocrinologist first thing tomorrow or just “wait and see”?

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Get to your doctor (fam physician is ok) and have them drain it and get you on some heavy antibiotics. You more than likely have staph aureous along with cellulitis. It is common, as I have had a couple from my infusion sites. I’ve been in your situation before also, and first hand will tell you….NOT A GOOD IDEA! Ask for free supplies from your manufacturer, don’t ever leave them in for that long.
      Also, not a good idea to put hot compresses on the infection, as it would more than likely spread to another site. Good Luck and take care

  4. This Maybe Be Gross But.. I Got An Infection By My Toe Nail…?
    My big toe on my left foot was hurting on the left side of the nail, unbearably and it was red and swollen and for the first few days I noticed when I pushed this clearish yellow puss would come out. Well the pussing had stopped but it was still red and swollen and hurt terribly so I went to the doctor.
    She perscribed me some antibiotics for 2 weeks and to soak my toe in warm water with Epsom salt, then “milk” the puss out, and if it didnt go away or get better by the en of my perscription then to make another appointment for her to cut it open.

    So Ive been taking the antibiotics for 3 days now and soaking it a few times each day in the water with Epsom salt, still its not getting better.. which I know it will take a while so Im not rushing or anything. Only there is no puss coming out either when I try to “milk” it out, and it hurts just as much as it did before going to the doctor.

    So today I was walking and I had bumped it on the clothes hamper in my laundry room, not really hard or anything but of course it hurt bc its infected, then it started to bleed.

    It has never bled before, so is there could there be something else wrong with it? Its not a ingrown toe nail or anything so why would bumping it on something make it bleed, wouldnt it just make puss come out?

    I just looked on the receipt paper they gave me when I left and it says its called Cellulitis, has anyone had this problem with their foot and if so how did you get rid of it?

    • Hi there,

      Cellulitis is inflammation/infection of the skin or subcutaneous tissues. Since it is an infection, yes, you could see blood even without puss coming from it just from a bump. This would be the blood (cells) that is building up around the infection and fighting it (Not puss, because the meds. and blood cells are working) It is normal. Like you said, you have only taken the antibiotics for 3 days and you know it takes more time to heal. So continue to take them.

      It should heal on it’s own with the prescription. But like your Doctor said, you might need to have it lanced and have a lavage (Draining/cleaning). This would be the worst case scenario though. It should heel like I said with the meds.

      Just be more careful with it and try to keep it elevated when sitting/lying to relieve the pressure/soreness you will feel from the blood going to it to do it’s work (This usually causes throbbing sensations).

      Hope this puts your mind at ease a bit.

      Good luck and take care!

      By the way, I was disappointed! I was expecting something actually….Gross! LOL!

  5. i think i have an in-grown toe nail. how do i get rid of it?
    is there any creams or anythin, or is the only option surgery??
    i have no idea
    please help
    and if i did go to a podiatrist or something will it help or do they numb it realy well?

  6. 7 year old daughter has cellulitis on left ankle?
    Is there anything I can do to help the swelling go down? She has already been prescribed antibiotics (clindamycin). The swelling is pretty bad, we have already taken her to the ER once and they did not seem that concerned. I am though and am wondering if there are any remedies to help with the swelling? I have been icing it, keeping it elevated, and giving her epsom salt baths to help draw the infection out. Of course I am trying to have her stay off her foot as well. I’ve read somewhere that giving her garlic internally would help. Is there anything else? There is a small open wound. Thanks!!

  7. What is wrong with my big toe?
    I know it’s an infection. My Aunt and mom are nurses so they told me to just make sure I get all the puss out.. Well, I am trying my best but today it hurt extremely bad. It does hurt really bad any other day but it hurt worse today. I can’t stand the pain when I walk and I can even feel it when nothing is touching my toe. Basically, any pressure put on my toe hurts. It’s around the nail. It also hurts when you touch the nail.. My mom has been helping me with it but it’s not getting better. She won’t take me to the doctor because she said they’d drill a hole in my toe nail to get all the puss out.
    I was going down the steps just a few minutes ago and it sounded like it was cracking, (the bottom of my toe……. the pain is on the sides of my toe and above the knuckle/below the nail) and felt like it too. Why? What was that?
    What should I do? My mom isn’t home and is currently driving to work and I don’t want to bother her while she is driving. My dad has no clue what is even wrong with my toe. Everyone else in my household are either below my age or my age.
    It started hurting approximately a month ago but just started releasing puss around 2 weeks ago.

    Sorry for the TMI.. Thanks for all your help!

    • “It started hurting approximately a month ago but just started releasing puss around 2 weeks ago.” — The word is pus. It’s never spelled with two esses, no matter what. You should have seen a podiatrist a month ago. It could be an infected ingrown toenail and this condition is called paronychia.

      I don’t understand why both your mother and your aunt, both nurses, allowed your condition to get this far. So what if a little hole is drilled through your toe nail to drain the pus?? Is what you have now better? Toe nails grow out, infections don’t just go away.

      I don’t know if you have Epsom salts around the house but here’s something you can do for now to help relieve the pain: http://www.ehow.com/how_2258963_relieve-ingrown-toenail-pain.html

      Your toe has to be seen by a doctor or you run the risk developing cellulitis. Have your mother read this.

    • Ana S !
      Inflammation develops as a normal protective response of the immune system when body tissue is irritated for whatever reason. When tissue is irritated, the immune system increases blood flow to the area. This causes localized swelling, warmth, and redness. The swelling may put pressure on nerve endings which may cause pain in the area. Inflammation may occur in joints or extremities. Inflammation may occur with overuse of a body area or with minor injuries.

      Minor infections may go away on their own or with home treatment measures. These include:

      * A fungal infection (athlete’s foot).
      * A viral infection from a plantar wart wound.

      More serious infections should be evaluated by your health professional. These include:

      * Skin infection (cellulitis).
      * A pus-filled pocket (abscess) just under the skin surface or deep in tissue

  8. I have recently been diagnosed with Cellulitis and Folliculitis (Boil) I have some questions, Please Help ?
    The infection is located on the back of my neck/spine. The boil is about a quarter in size. According to the doctor’s instructions she has prescribed a bactrim antibiotic medication for me to take orally twice daily for 14 weeks. So my guess is to take one pill every 12 hours just to even out the intervals of time in between for each day, is this a good idea ? The medication i have is Sulfameth. I have never taken any kind of prescription drugs in my life. Unless if tylenol/advil is considered then i have. But sulfameth is something that i am unsure of what the effects of it will take on me. I know it is a bacteria fighting agent and helps clean the bacteria of infections in your system.

    Have you or anyone else you know of taken Sulfameth and had bad reactions ?

    I am a more than frequent drinker, just curious can i drink alcohol at least once every other day ?

    The doctor never opened up a small lesion on this wound and i was reading about sometimes doctors will do this to the boil. Why did she not do this to me ?

    Also, further instructions are for me to do “hot epsom salt soaks as long as there is redness, pain or swelling, otherwise keep tender area dry and clean.”

    Has anyone else experienced this situation of having a boil or boils on your skin ?

    They are also known to be contagious from staph infection. same thing basically.

    Also, i heard that they can be deadly ? Supposedly if the boils break and gets into your blood system ? Is this really true ? or you might have to have a limb amputated in order to clear effectiveness of this if it gets any worse.

    The whole thing is just freakin me out. Anyone have any suggestions/methods on how to do the treatment procedures or any advice ??

    I would much appreciate the feedback. Thankyou.


    • Take the medication as prescribed. It is specifically for skin infections and make sure you finish every single pill. 12 hours apart, either 7-7, 8-8, 9-9 would be appropriate, depending on your wake/sleep habits. Most boils are treated with antibiotics if they are not huge – opening them then allows other areas of your body to be exposed to the pus and can spread this so only large, raised boils are lanced. Follow the instructions for the soaks too. Make sure you don’t get the washcloth you use on this part of your body to touch other parts of your body. Use a separate washcloth for the rest of your body so you don’t spread this. If it would break open, it would drain down your skin, not into your blood stream. Go to WebMd.com and type in boil and read up on care of those – your doctor told you most of the stuff. You can also type in cellulitis (skin infection/inflammation) and read up on that condition for more information. You are freaking out about a skin infection which will probably clear up. If it doesn’t clear completely, you go back to your doctor and get more antibiotics.

  9. Horses hind legs swollen ideas to help?
    Before any one answers this question please note that the vet HAS been called and she is on a weeks course of antibiotics and is coming back out on Monday to check up on her.
    My TB x WB mares hind legs are swollen and one is quite warm to touch and this one is slightly worse than the other. my vet is aware that it could be cellulitis or lymphangitis, but she had developed mud fever which had very thick scabs (this is as good as healed now, no scabs or puss of open wounds and is kept clean and dry) so could have developed an infection. Hence the antibiotics but he IS coming back on Monday to see her again.
    I lead her out for half an hour/an hour each night around the yard and up the lane and the swelling seems to reduce a little bit when she’s out and blood gets to curculate, also she only gets an hours turn out each day because of our Cumbrian weather means the majority of our fields are flooded, I AM aware this wont be helping the problem but at this time of year it can’t be helped.
    I’m wanting people’s recommendations for things to help the swelling (ie bathing legs in Epsom salts, stable bandages etc) and ideas and experiences would be most appreciative.

    • I reccommend Absorbine liniment. Apply it after your walking session. It will cool the heat and it makes the capillaries tighten up, so they don’t swell as bad. It also takes a little of the soreness away.

  10. my toe is red and swollen?
    like i have an ingrown toenail but i dont! could it be an infection? how do i make it go away?

    • You could have a localized infection or cellulitis. Try warm cmopresses and soaking the foot in warm water to relieve pain and swelling. You could add some Epsom salts to the water. Keep the foot clean and elevated. If it gets worse see a doctor as it could be an infection or gout or who knows. Try treating it yourself for a day and then see what happens.

  11. What is wrong with my ankle? I did not fall or hit it, but is is swollen, and very painful.?
    I had blood tests done at the hospital, one for cellulitis & the other for blood clots. Both turned up negative. I had been soaking the ankle in epsom salts twice a day for the last 5 days, but very little relief. The hospital also did an ultrasound on my entire leg. Nothing positive showed up.

  12. A general surgeon asked my mom to apply a mixture of glycerine and mag sulfate to her lower leg.?
    She had cellulitis that has almost resolved. Does the mixture really help. My mom feels no difference just a mild warmth from it. Any suggestions.

    • I suppose the surgeon is right.

      Magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom Salts, has been valued for many years because of its diverse benefits. Rich in both magnesium and sulfur compounds, Epsom salts and Epsom salt soaks and baths have been used for a multitude of different situations.

      Beside I remember a neighbor of mine using a product quite similar to the one in your query. It was called the Kirkman’s Magnesium Sulfate Cream.

  13. Why are my cheeks always red?
    The sides of my face are always red, almost like I’m blushing, but I’m not. Could it be a rash that doesn’t go away? Could it just be my skin? What is it? Thanks.

    • you are developing cellulitis probably due to toxins and mites. stimulate you lymph nodes in your neck to make sure they are draining and try this treatment. Sugar wheat and dairy are all contributing but the following treatment should help dramatically. no matter what it is this treatment is a MIRACLE.Salt baths. Borax, Epsom salt and sea salt mixed together with citric acid. I use limes. I put 2 cups mixed salts in hot bath, Borax is very important. I then drink a teaspoon of salt in water and I squeeze 3-4 limes into a quart of water. I drink the water while sitting in the salt bath. I also rub the limes with the fleshy side vigorously over my skin. I sit in the bath for about an hour and a half. this will kill everything in your entire body and draw it out if you do this everyday for a month. after 4 baths I had dramatic improvement of some very serious skin conditions I could not treat any other way. Scrub red skin with borax straight and rub limes on it even when you are not in the bath. drink a lot of salt and water, as well as powdered vitamin c. this will cure many illnesses, cured my long term infections of more than 10 years. good luck. I couldn’t sleep before the baths either I was in so much pain. Borax is just a particular kind of salt but it is a strong detoxifier and insecticide. kills mites and fungus. Will help athletes foot and all itchies and acne. please pass this on if it helps you. This is a huge problem. Hydrogen peroxide or sun laundry detergent with non-chlorine bleach also can help in the bath but be careful. research yourself online there is info about all this. I tried everything, went to so many doctors, tried natural methods and every antibiotic this really works.

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