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  1. Is there any way to keep your stomach smaller during pregnancy?
    im 3 1/2 months pregnant and not showing yet but i was wondering if there were any ways people knew of to keep your stomach small during pregnancy like wrapping it or anything? im only 5’0 ft 110 lbs and im trying to keep it as small as possible since im petite, also if anyone knows of ways to prevent stretch marks b/c im native american and we are known to get terrible stretch marks :(

    • Attempting to “keep your stomach smaller” could result in birth defects. Our stomachs stretch to accomodate the baby and our internal organs.

      Instead of focusing on your belly “size”, focus on keeping your weight gain in check. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise (walks, dancing, stuff like that).

      Talk to your OB/Gyn, but I would guess that you need to gain around 20-30 lbs to have a healthy pregnancy.

      As for shrinking your stomach after, and losing the weight, breastfeed! Breastfeeding burns tons of calories and has huge benefits for both your long term health, and the baby’s. I didn’t gain much weight during by pregnancy and was back to my old weight by my 6 week checkup. And I got to eat like a pig because the breastfeeding kept the weight falling off!

      Stretch marks, regretfully, are more heredity than anything. I too am small (5’1″ and used to be 110) and had visable stretch marks WHILE pregnant, but they disappeared afterwards. I used Cocoa butter lotion twice a day religiously and it seemed to help.

      Congrats on the baby.

  2. How can I get rid of my belly fat completly?
    I have lost all the weight I wanted after my pregnancy, so I am now in 117 pounds roughly. I eat healthy, but I don’t deprive myself of good food. I am a runner and I also do cross training pretty often, but I haven’t been able to get rid of my belly fat completely. I do not know what else to do to lose the fat in my stomach area. So, is this really possible? Does some body have any advice please?

    • Yes it is really possible. Sounds like you’re doing the right things.

      In addition to your physical activity you should consider doing a belly wrap (you can it do at home takes less than an hour) and regularly wearing a special girdle made specifically for after having a baby (post partum girdle), this will help you tremendously.

      The belly wrap is important because you use a special lotion to literally massage the stomach (think of it as rubbing the fat away). The girdle repositions and redistributes. You didn’t mention how long its been since you had your baby if its been awhile a compression garment like the Body Magic might be more appropriate for you.

      Good Luck!

  3. body wrapping really work to lost inches on your belly?
    some one told me that the herbal wrapping body lotion is really good 2 lost inches in your belly. is truth? really work????????

    • You will lose inches, but it’s only water weight (from sweating) as soon as, you drink something, you will gain it back. Save your money.

      I hope this helps

  4. What are some good dares for a small get together?
    I am having a small slumber party in my backyard, in a tent and need some good dares. There will be three girls and two guys, i need ten and they cant include walking in the streets or anything like that.They must be funny!!

    We are all about 15 – 16 years old

  5. how do you get rid of cellulite in the lower abdomen?
    I can’t get rid of it, it seems to be expanding, no matter what kind of exercise, or how many crunches I do. it’s been a slight problem since the birth of my first child, but it has gotten worse. I’m thinking about trying plastic wrap. I know that belly fat is very unhealthy, and can lead to diabetes, especially if the waist measurement is over 35″ – not there yet, but don’t want to get there, either. if anyone has any ideas that might work, i would really appreciate it.
    Thanks everyone for all the great answers. Does anyone know if aminophylline cellulite cream is still available?

    • There are many medical treatments available for treating cellulite. But you need to use them regularly. If you stop the treatment, the cellulite will reappear. Make it a part of your regular beauty treatment, leading to considerable reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

      There are some over-the-counter cellulite treatments that are very effective in minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite creams, lotions and gels are widely used in treating cellulite. Massage the cellulite-prone areas vigorously for some time to make these products work better. Massaging improves the blood circulation to the affected parts. It destroys the collagen bands that are responsible for constriction, giving the puckered look to the affected areas. The smoothing and tightening chemicals caffeine and aminophylline; present in the skin will smoothen and tighten the skin.

      You can also go for endermology, which is a big mechanical pressure device. It uses the same process as that used by the rolling pin when it rolls out the dough while making cookies. This device kneads the affected areas with great pressure to destroy the collagen bands. It leads to smoothening of the puckered area, giving it an even and toned look. Many users have reported excellent results by using this device. But the cost, repeated visits for treatment, uncomfortable and at times slight pain causing temporary bruising are the major disadvantages of this method.

  6. How can I look more feminine?
    I feel really boyish sometimes. I wish I could look more like a female. I’m 22 yrs. old. I have a petite figure so yes everything is small from head to toe. I go to work wearing flats, jeans and a cute top. What can I wear that won’t look slutty? Also, should I change my hair. Its wavy and long with blunt bangs. I wouldn’t mine trying something new.
    Thank you!

  7. What can I do to keep my 8 month old asleep?
    My son keeps waking up in the mornings around 4 or 5 and I don’t know what I can do to keep him asleep he eats before he goes to sleep and all ways has a fresh diaper on

    • all babies have different sleeping patterns.
      depends on why he is waking,is he hungry,bored,cold,wet..etc,once you figure out the reason then your half way there,if he is just bored then try reducing his naps during the day especially if he has one in the late afternoon as this will make him less tired so by cutting out or reducing an afternoon nap will make more tired in the night.make sure his room is not too cold or hot and also hang a mobile over his cot but not a music one as you dont want music waking him up so just hang one up that is silent as this will give him something to look at but still being quiet,you can now buy certain baby bath lotion that is meant to relax baby before baby so that might be worth a try and also he should be now on solids so make sure he has a good meal and maybe a few ounces of milk before bed (not right before he goes to bed though)..when he wakes up so early and your sure he does not need feeding/changing just leave him in his cot even if he cries,call out to him that mummy is here but dont pick him up,you can also rub his belly or back depending on how he is laying and just gently tell him that mummy is here and mummy loves him but its not time to get up yet,the silent mobile is good at this time too as he will feel he is not on his own,may take a couple of weeks of doing this to get into his own little routine but he will get there,i know its hard but the worst things to do is give in to him and pick him up when ever he cries,even though he is young they still sense when they have mummy wrapped round their fingers,babies are small but oh so clever :)
      good luck with it all,im sure all will be ok in the end

  8. getting a dog prepared for a new baby?
    I have a half scottie half westie, and she hates all kids. I am 11 weeks pregnant and would like to know if there are any methods out there to get her ready for a new member of the family. I’ve read that scotties aren’t too good with kids to begin with, so does that mean theres nothing I can do? We love her and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t hurt the baby. How can we prepare her as we get closer to the due date?

    • we have a pit. we did a couple of things that worked really good for us. we put our sons nursery together. fully decorated it and everything. my husband and i would talk to and rub my belly. not letting him too close and letting him know he’s not the baby anymore. we put up gates. we put one at the kitchen and stairs so we can dictate where he stays (the dog not the baby). we even put baby scented stuff, like powder (we never used it on our son) lotion and stuff on our bodies. so he got used to the scent.we kept his bedroom door shit cuz we didn;t want him lounging around in his room. we even took a blue blanket and wrapped a teddy bear in it and carried it around like a baby. i had a c-section so my husband brought a baby blanket that my baby slept in, home so the dog can smell it. i know its a lot. we did this stuff around the begining of my third trimester. dont worry animals can sense that stuff anyway. the dog was easy. our cat was diff. she attacked all throughout my pregnancy and has been sentenced to the basement hen we are home.

  9. is a cocoa butter stick better to use than the lotion?
    i had my baby girl 10 months ago and i have lost the 40 pounds i gained during pregnancy but i still have horrible stretch marks. they go all the way up like 2 inches above my bellybutton and its a little wrinkly too. i use cocoa butter lotion but im not sure if its working. any suggestions on how to get my belly flat and beautiful again? Does tanning also work?

    • tanning covers them up! so you could do that but if you get some vitamin e oil and rub it on your stretch marks(it is very sticky) than wrap plastic wrap around your mid area…sleep and than wash in the morning your skin will start tightning which ultimatly gets rid of stretch marks! it is very uncomfortable but works..you can do it as much as youd like…if you don’t want to do that the get vitamin e enriched lotion!

  10. Nowadays there are rubs, scrubs, wraps, lotions and miracle diets that “promise” to get rid of your cellulite. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy into the hype, but rather commit yourself to a clean diet and proper amounts of exercise, trying exercises that target the problem area.

    By combining fat burning workouts like cardio and muscle intensive training like squats and leg exercises with free weights, it is possible to stop the storing of fatty tissue and help to smooth out the appearance of cellulite. Also limiting the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet, will limit the amount of fat storage on your body. Eat more fruits, green vegetables and lean protein so your body will utilize all it needs from what you eat and store nothing. After all eating green will help you stay lean! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an odd treat now and then, but why not keep those treats on the healthy side as well?

    Enjoy and remember, keep your goals realistic and your view of your body based upon health rather than what others define as acceptable. Your body is a wonderful machine, and remember Cellulite is simply a fat that is natural and one that through a healthy diet and exercise you can get rid of!

    Be good to your body, you only have it once!

  11. What are the different types of Jerking?
    I know there is the reject and the dip. I have seen more but I don’t know what they are called. So please tell me all the types because I want to learn them.

    • Is this about masturbation?
      Well, you lay on your back, belly and side. Sitting and standing, bath and shower. You could kneel down on your knees and one hand (thats called the table jerk). You could have someone else do it for you. Wrap a fuzzy cloth around the base. Use a different lube each time (oil, lotion, soap,conditioner) Push it up and down with one hand and jerk it with the other. There are so many toys you can buy too.
      Oh yeah, and you could always go lefty and pretend someone else is going at it. Sit on your arm til it falls asleep and do it.
      I cant think of anymore.

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