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  1. How can i make my stomach a little flatter for tomorrow?
    Im going to a graduation party and everyone is going to be there in bikinis. I’m not fat i just have some fat around my stomach. is there a way i can make it look a little flatter at least by tommorrow?

    • Preparation H and saran wrap. Rub it all over your stomach and love handles and around your back and wrap snug, but NOT TIGHTLY, over night.. by the a.m. The water under your skin is drawn out and it appears tighter temporarily! TEMPORARILY.. not a long term fix to weight loss.

    • No. There is no quick and easy fix for weight loss. Just eat right, pay attention to portions, and get at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.

  2. I need to lose 2 inches off my waist/belly in 12 hours…can it be done and how???
    I am in the Navy and need to lose @ least 1 inch but 2 to be safe for my ‘weigh-ins’ tomorrow morning, 9am.

    • Saran Wrap and Preparation H. It sounds dumb but here’s what you do:

      Take the Preparation H and rub it all over your stomach, love handles, and lower back. Once its rubbed in, take the Saran Wrap and wrap it snugly against the skin. Go to sleep with it on. In the morning, take the Saran Wrap off. Take a damp rag (not WET, just DAMP) and wipe the greasiness of the area so you don’t get caught. Go to formation as normal.

      What the Preparation H will do is shrink the fat cells in your stomach. It is usually used for hemorroids, but works for all cells the exact same. Your cells will start to go back to normal after about 2-3 hours, but it should do what you need it to. I’m in the Army, and it worked for me, taking me from a 41 inch waist to a 38.

      My recruiter taught me this when I joined, because I was kind of chunky. I didn’t ned it back then, but now that I have a desk job, it has been handy.

      EDIT: Do a google search for this phrase, with no quotation marks: saran wrap preparation h

      You’ll see that the first link is to a Weight loss site. Here’s the link:


      Cuz that’s how we roll in the Army.

  3. Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?
    I have read articles about quick weight loss methods and I was wondering if saran wrap is a good idea since it makes you sweat a lot or is it dangerous? Also what about using preparation H.
    Do you have any quick, extreme weight loss ideas?
    I meant using preparation H under the saran wrap. I read that it draws out more water.

    • Running with saran wrap is not a good ideal at all. Have no idea what prep. H can do. You can google for body wrap in your local area. You can loose inches within 2-3hours under professional supervision. You have to drink lot of water during the exercises though. What they will do is measure you first, ask for your problem area, then cloth wrap you, then pour mineral liquid on you then ask you to either do stair stepper or treadmill or elliptical exercises. When your cloth dried, they pour some more mineral liquid on you….once done, they measure you again and tell you how many inches you lost totally. Remember those inches lost only due to water, you have to get on a diet and exercises plan to maintain it.

  4. Preparation H, Siran Wrap Really Make a Weight Loss Tool?
    A friend of mine told me if I wanted to lose a quick two inches off of my waist-line, I could put preparation H on my stomach, lower back, and waist-line, and then to wrap siran wrap around it and leave it on for a while and it would do the trick, does this work? And if so, can it somehow hurt me?

    • I have heard of this but have never personally tried it.

      People use Preparation H under their eyes to help get rid of puffiness – and it does work as you described, but only temporarily (for a few hours).

      You can apply the Prep H, put saran wrap around the area tightly, but not too tight that its uncomfortable, and you can sleep in that all night. It may get hot and sweaty though, because plastic leaves no room to breathe. Take it off in the morning, have a shower, and make sure you get all the Prep H off, and the smell doesn’t linger.

      It basically tightens you up a bit, and very little.

      As far as I know, this can not hurt you, unless you put too much saran wrap on, and its too tight, preventing you from breathing.

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