7 thoughts on “Hemorrhoid Cream For Belly Fat

  1. Is it possible to exercise to tighten your tummy after having a baby?
    I have 2 babies and I have an ugly tummy;( It seem that it is not skin but more like fat but someone said that it is impossible to flatten the stomach after having 2 kids. IS this true I dont want to have to get a tummy tuck I just want it to be tone and in decent shape I am on a diet and using my ab louge?

    • YES! It does take time for the skin to go back though. I trained a girlfriend of mine who had a baby and weighed 295lbs. She dropped to 125 in a matter of 5 months. She had some extra belly skin at first, but it’s been a year and a half and it’s now tight again!
      I recommend using preparation H or any brand of hemorrhoid cream, this will tighten the skin, preferably use before bed every night and in the tanning bed. (the tanning bed is because heat will help the hemorrhoid cream even more). Good luck!

  2. Bad diareah please help?
    I had to go to the ER twice because I was bleeding out of my nose allot and I was having constant vomiting and diareah they prescribed me an anti nausea medication called venagen and it helped me allot but I still have really bad diareah and it has been going for 2 days now and I know this is a nasty question but how do you relieve burning cut up anus hole because I have to wipe myself almost every 20 minutes 24 hours a day and I just can’t take it anymore it hurts to even move because it’s so raw down there and the diareah has to run it’s course so my only option is to keep using the toilet. How do you relieve it so it does not hurt and burn so much

    • Are you still trying to eat solid foods? If you are, you need to stop that for the next 24 hours. Stick to the clear liquids only, and your phenergan. As far as what to do to soothe your tush- try witch hazel pads. The most common brand name is Tucks, and they are usually sold by the hemorrhoid preps and creams. A generic version will work just as well- it’s the witch hazel that is key. They will also feel pretty good if you have them cold, it helps put out the fire. As far as personal cleaning goes, I suggest wet wipes, with aloe- baby wipes are fine, just avoid the scented types. Primarily though, you do need to stop eating solid foods of any sort. When the colon is empty, diarrhea usually stops. Stay away from all dairy products as well. After 24 hours of clear liquids, you can add in white rice, white bread, bananas, apples and applesauce, plus clear no fat broth and other clear liquids. Those things help firm matters up, and are bland enough to not set off your belly. Providing the diarrhea stops, on day 3 you can have plain low fat grilled meat- think chicken breasts, plain veggies and the stuff from day 2. Just stay away from cream of kinds of soups, and salad veggies, corn, and obviously raisins or prunes. It will also help the skin in the region heal a bit if you can go commando as much as possible. Since the skin is so irritated, you are a prime candidate for an opportunistic bacteria infection to move it. Those generally like things warm, dark and moist- so you want to keep things cool and airy. If you can find a bottle of vitamin E oil, some of that patted on the spot will help sooth the old personality as well as help hold in some moisture for the skin to heal. Just avoid the usual diaper rash creams, which don’t really help and will be a booger to wash off. Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Changing over the summer? Help??? Please?
    Hi, I am 12 years old and I hate the way I look. I have a big nose, bad eyes, I’m fat and my hair is in awful condition! Can you please suggest how I can get rid of my belly over the summer, a possible diet? How my hair can become better and what make up to wear? Please, I really need your help guys! Please. Thank you <3 xoxo

  4. Has anyone ever heard of…?
    using hemorrhoid cream for belly fat? This was weird… a lady in the dentist office told me that she had trouble losing belly fat and her doctor recommended the hemorrhoid cream. It sounds silly but does it really work?

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