8 thoughts on “Drink Epsom Salt Every Day

  1. How long does it take epsom salt to cause permanent diarrhea?
    I’ve been drinking epsom salt right after every meal for about a month. For the past few days, I haven’t been drinking it much. Maybe once a day but I still have crazy diarrhea.

    • The problem is salt will cause fluid shifts, and I ask whyone would want to drink such anyway? Unless prescribed, one has to be VERY careful as salt will change the electrolytes in your body and with diarrhea more electrolytes will be lost.

      As well, unless you have been diagnosed with hyponatremia (low sodium) there is no reason for ingestion so much sodium and the side effects of high sodium have greater effects.
      I suggest seeking advice from your health practitioner.

  2. Can Epsom salt make you puke for two straight days?
    My dad has been very sick for two straight days, throwing up pretty much every hour or so. He has been on this thing where he really wants to lose weight, and he is a pretty big guy, he went to a nutritionist and everything and he got Epsom salt there to take, and he sat down and drank it Thursday night. All day Friday he was complaining of a stomach ache and all Friday night until tonight he has been puking. Could this be from the Epsom salts?

    • Yes, drinking epsom salts can cause cramping and diarrhea for sure. However, this sounds like he might also have a stomach bug or even a food borne illness. If he isn’t feeling better very soon he should see a doctor as he may be getting dehydrated and may need something to stop the puking.

  3. Is it bad to constantly drink Epsom salt for constipation usages?
    My mom has constipation and in order to use the restroom she NEEDS Epsom salt.
    If she doesn’t take it she wont use the restroom for days!
    Shes tried laxatives, fibers and colon cleansing nothing works :/
    So we’re wondering if its bad that she needs to use Epsom salt every time..

    • Epsom Salts when taken orally IS a laxative. The Magnesium acts as an osmotic laxative and draws moisture from the body into the colon to the stool. Continued use of any laxative leads to laxative dependency which is what she has developed. She needs to get off of the laxatives, change her eating habits to include more fiber and water. She can take a stool softener (not laxative) like colace and it will help her go by keeping the stools softer.

      In a pinch she is better off taking a warm water enema with a teaspoon of baking soda or salt added per quart of water. This way she is treating the problem at the source and not disrupting the entire digestive tract.

  4. What Else Can I Do To Maintain Bowel Regularity?
    I suffer from constipation despite eating a high fiber cereal every morning, drinking at least 6 cups of water a day, eating mostly a vegan-like diet. I have recently, in the last couple of weeks, resorted to taking herbal laxative pills as well as metamucil powder, but neither seem to be helping. I even tried epsom salts, but nothing.

    I am diabetic with other health complications and am on medications whose side effects include constipation. I cannot go off these medications without endangering my life, so I need to find other alternatives.

    Anyone out there with this problem or with expertise in this area?

    • Hi, Homeopathic Remedies can help you in that field without any sort of complications or side effects even when you take them side by side along your regular medications. And your Diabetes can be treated and cured by the same. For a homeopathic solution you will have to state your own individual symptoms exactly the way you feel and according to those symptoms you can be treated and cured successfully. Homeopathy does not treat the disease it treats the person the whole human organism.
      Please give details for an appropriate remedy.
      Your conditions can be bettered by the use of SULFUR 200C just once a day first thing in the morning you can take your conventional medicines after one hour of taking it. Take SULFUR for three days and let me know your progress and conditions.
      Take Care and God Bless you !

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