9 thoughts on “Icy Hot Belly Fat

  1. How high can I heat the body (surface) without causing damage?
    I’m researching using MRI to monitor temperature change and want to do this in vivo. I want to warm up (and cool down) the subcutaneous fat/muscle area around the belly or fat areas of the breast. However, is this safe? What temperature change can I safely induce in the body? I was thinking of using a hot-water bottle for heating and cold water for cooling.

    • Its safe within the normal range of experienced temperatures – say 50 degrees (hand hot) down to 10 degrees (cold but not icy)
      In any event you would not want to cause severe discomfort so even if say +80deg was safe it would be painful and so unacceptable.

  2. Any suggestions on how i can quickly vanish excess fat on my stomach? any routine,exercise?
    I have been doing slow jog combined with walking for 45 mins a workout 4x a wk,and i also do ab exercises i do about 6 exercises 3-4x a week,but i dont think im making any headway in as far as reducing fat on my tummy,what should i do any suggestions,thanks for your help

    • carbs….especially refined carbs (bread, sugar, flour, etc) will add bulk to the belly area. You may be dating low fat, but if it’s pasta, you won’t see any real results until you reduce the amount of refined carbs you eat.

      If you want to look good for a specific event, you can try applying icy hot and wraping the area with saran wrap. Be sure to only wrap your mid section, as the rest of your body needs to breathe!! Wear this under your normal clothes and workout or walk for 2-3 hours before removing….this will cause you to lose a lot of water weight in that specific area, but it is a temporary fix.

  3. Questions about icy hot?
    Will icy hot make your hair grow faster if you rub it into your scalp and will it burn belly fat if you put it on your belly?

    • OMG NO!!!! use tea tree oil scalp treatment rub it in your scalp also I have a you tube channel thats teaches and shows you how to grow long natural hair and what products to use .also on my youtube page you can see my hair journey from when i chopped of my hair last year you can also watch other natural who have reached waist length hair go to http://www.youtube.com/user/Naturealcurl?feature=mhee rate and subscribe its free you need an account to subcribe to future vids youtube is free thanks see you there !!

  4. Am I overweight? How to get thinner?
    I am a 15 year old girl, around 5’5, 5’6, and I weigh between 149 and 151. I have a bit of a belly, which is where most of it is, since I have long legs that aren’t chubby. How can I start the new year right and get fit (hot)? Thx!

    • Enjoy your eating habits but burn the energy intake. Gradually become
      involved in more intense physical activity. Regular swimming burn a lot
      of additional energy by forcing your body to burn fat to stay
      up to temperature. Icy intakes
      Like Ice cream, very cold fruit juices, or even ice cold water or ice eating,
      also burn a lot of energy, by the forcing of the body to heat up the intake.
      Do the right thing by getting used to the mentioned non-punishing activities.
      Climb into a cold bath water and see how fast your body heat that water.
      It burns fat that way.
      Do not expect over night results – it’ll take long any way.

      This way will only succeed if you do not eat more, for doing more.

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