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  1. Can you recommend a simple 7-day detox routine for your body?
    I know of epsom salt baths and skin brushing, can you recommend any other simple things and what diet to have during that week. I am not interested in losing weight, just cleansing my body.
    Lisa i will let you know when i find out!

    • Today there are many people who are turning to a detox and weight loss diet to help them loose the weight they need to get rid of. However, sadly some of them turn to fad diets for detox instead of good detox diets that really help them to get rid of the weight while helping to detox their body. So, you may be wondering, are these detox diets for weight loss really safe? Well, let’s take a closer look at these diets, how they work, and whether or not they are really effective.

      Basically a detox and weight loss diet is used to help get rid of all the toxic chemicals that are in the body. Some of these diets include drinks and others require that you give up sugar and carbs for a certain amount of time. Usually after you have cleansed your body, you are allowed to add these foods back into your diets, but only in a limited amount. So, basically these diet focus on drinking a lot and eating a small amount so that you can cleanse out the body and rid the body of the toxins.

      The reason that a detox and weight loss diet can be effective is because the toxins that are in your body can not only be harmful to your health, but they can also make it more difficult to lose weight loss as well. Toxins are not supposed to be in the body, and many of the toxins that get there get in through what we inhale, drink, and eat. Often then end up making people sick and they can also keep people from losing the weight that they need to as well. So, avoiding all the things that contribute toxins to the body and eating natural foods is a great way to start getting rid of these toxins so that you are able to lose weight.

  2. How can you prevent night leg cramps from occurring?
    Sometimes while sleeping at night I get very bad cramps in my legs that causes me to awake screaming. What causes this and how can I prevent it? What is actually going on inside my leg? It feels like a large foreign item in my leg turning around and around, slowly moving and knotting up. The pain usually last for a minute or more. I usually just squeeze my leg and scream until it stops. When it finally subside, it leave me exhaulted.

    • Leg cramps are the first place your body targets when you are dehydrated. Drink lots of water! I recommend purified water and Mineral Water mixed 50/50. The Mineral Water is going to put back into the muscles the minerals they are losing on a daily basis. You must drink beyond your thirst to get the benefits of hydration.

      I suggest that adults and children drink 40 ounces of water per 100 pounds of body weight every day. Realize that exercise, ambient temperature, and state of health affect the water needs of your body.

      In the evening take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards, if you have something shaped like a cylinder and made out of hard material (think of a large rolling pin you would use for pizza dough or something) place it under your leg and push down and roll it back and forth…this should massage the spasms out of your leg. It will hurt while you’re doing it, but more so the type of pain that actually feels good, in the long run. Afterwards massage an analgesic cream into the area. You will start feeling better very quickly.

      take 500mg of calcium and magnesium before bedtime. This will also help stop the leg cramps.

  3. I’m struggling with my weight. Is there something natural that can help too?
    I’ve done everything. I’ve fasted. I eat organic and avoid refined. I am currently on low calorie and am exercising. It seems there are areas that fat is stubborn. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on what more I can add into my regimen to help me lose weight in the stubborn places?

    • There are many things that cause excess weight. It may not be just food and exercise related.
      Hi. I struggled with your same problem for years. What most people don’t know is that diet and exercise may not be enough for everyone because there are other factors at work in the body.

      Hormones cause weight gain.
      Excess toxicity cause weight gain.
      Eating foods that cause insulin to surge adds tummy fat.
      Eating the wrong foods for your body or once that cause your pH to be off balance.
      Stress causes weight gain.
      Mineral deficiencies cause weight gain.

      Women have more alpha receptor fat cells than men. Alpha receptor fat cells store fat easily and actually send out a protein that prevents you from losing weight when stimulated by exercise.

      The idea is that something more may be going on in your body than you know. You can trick your body into shutting off alpha receptor cells, via adding apple cider vinegar into your diet.

      There is a product that says there is an additional ingredient added to the standard ACV drink that super charges it. I’ll add the link in at the bottom. Click on it and read what they have to say. I’ve done ACV for years. I add it into my drink first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. It will help with helping your body to lose the excess fat, mostly because it begins to heal the body.

      I am a fan of fermented foods. Fermented foods do great things in the body and acv is fermented.

      The idea is that if you can heal your body then it will start to function better. ACV is folk medicine for humans and animals and contains some really good health building qualities. It also doesn’t cause you to do anything drastic that could harm your health or metabolism giving you more problems down the road.

      You can also go to your doctor and get a hormone test and CBC to rule anything else out going on in the body.

      If you have cellulite too, you may need to do some cleansing and detoxing. Colonics, coffee enemas, juicing, infrared sauna, epsom salt baths, or liver cleanses will help with that. I juiced cucumbers with the skin (unwaxed, organic) on with pineapple juice for cellulite. I guess it is the silica in the cucumber skin that helps.

  4. How to prevent excess skin when you lose weight.?
    I am 17 years old and I want to lose 100 pounds. I am absolutely serious about this. How do you do this without developing excess skin.

    • From personal experience of losing around 100 Pd’s i asked my Doctor the same question. Sweat in a sea salt or epsom salt bath for 30 mins each day. Must keep adding hot water to keep it hot to continue sweating for the entire 30 mins. not only does it shrink and tighten the skin, it repairs the scars and skin blemishes. You must get a filter for your bath water also, one that filters out chlorine. Most important is replacing the electrolytes after the bath by drinking water and taking multi vitamins and minerals. Please get frequent checkups during this process.

  5. What was the weight loss trick used in the ultimate fighter team Brock vs dos santos episode 3.?
    The fighter was ten pounds over. His coach said he needed rubbing alcohol salt pack and other items, but he sat in a tub and sweat-ed a large amount. What did he do and use? just curious.

    • I’ve lost 4 lbs in a hot bath tub for an hour like he did just reading a book..but they put I believe 2 bags of epsom salt in tub..rubbed Albolene all over his body..not sure about the rubbing alcohol..I assume they poured it in the tub??? You submerge your entire body up to head in water very hot but not so hot you scald and you will sweat your ass off ..you will know because your head will be dripping..u are sweating under the water as well ..your heart will POUND and you will feel dizzy when you get out so be careful! … dry off and lay down for a bit..seriously your world will be spinning and very light headed

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