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  1. Is there anything I can take to boost my immune system?
    I have alittle cold that lead to sore throat and fever but I’m getting better, the mucus is coming up but what shall I drink? Anythibg I can take to heal this cold?

    • Hi Theresa

      When you first notice the onset of a cold, itchy, scratchy throat or sniffling of the nose, take some echinacea, vitamin C and zinc. Always keep these items on hand. You need to buy the echinacea that has the root, the seed and the leaf (the whole plant). It is an extract. You squeeze one syringe of this in a cup of water and drink. You take 1,000mg of Ester C or buffered if you have a sensitive stomach or the powder version that the other contributor mentioned. And 50mcg or mg of zinc. Usually at the onset if you do this, your cold won’t even go the course. However, none of these things I mentioned above will work once the cold has already come out. If that is the case, then the only suggestion is that you eat either homemade chicken noodle soup or some thing from the can. Homemade is better. You should still take the Vit C, zinc and echinacea just for immune building. What is also good is juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a saying, “Starve a cold, feed a fever”. Take hot epsom salt baths to draw out the toxins from your body. Drink a glass of fresh lemon water everyday. This will rid the body of excess mucous. Take 1/2 lemon to a glass of water. You can do this twice a day if you like. And you will be fulfilling the Vit C requirement. Don’t worry about overdoing it with Vit C since our body doesn’t manufacture it, it is just going to flush out of your system whenever you urinate. Drink plenty of room temperature water. Keep hydrated. Your cold and fever should not last for more than 3 days or a week at most.

  2. How come I’m so bloated all the time?
    I’m a 15 year old girl, about 5’4 and 152-154 pounds. I am technically overweight but i have a wide frame and lots of muscle. Anyways so I’m living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it gets SUPER bad–to the point where I don’t ‘go’ for up to 5-6-7 days. I take Epsom salt to help but it makes me retain lots of water. Also, I get incredibly bad menstrual symptoms, every month i temporarily gain about 3 pounds and i bloat LOTS. I’m expecting my period soon, but it’s never been this bad. As of tonight I am 160 pounds and still growing. My lower abdomen is the extended area and its extremely uncomfortable to even walk or lie down–my friends have caught me waddling. I feel like I need to relieve gas sometimes but it never lowers my stomach. I’ve lost about 13 pounds and I really wanted to keep it off but now I only lost 5 because I am back to 160 pounds :(. Looking at myself in the mirror it actually looks like I’ve lost weight-because I workout intensely everyday- but when I turn to the side I look at least 5 months pregnant. I haven’t urinated as much as I really should of considering that I’m drinking about 2-3 liters of liquids every day! Imagine walking around and being able to feel the food and water inside of you, it’s awful. I really need tips on how to get rid of water weight and even tips on how to live with IBS so i don’t irritate it too much. Weight has always been a touchy subject for me in my life and dealing with this constant bloating and gaining then losing then gaining then losing then gaining is just driving me crazy! HELP!

    • Hi,
      I am not a doctor and you really should check with your doctor. I am answering this even though I am male, i can relate and much of this is based on personal experience, so take it as it may.

      First about the ibs. Im assuming youve had a colonoscopy and have been checked for celiac (gluten). If not you should definitely do this. You dont mention your diet too much and of course that is very important.

      The best thing for me has been fiber. BUT. not just any fiber. If you have any kind of inflammation of the intestines, you dont want to take insoluble fiber like bran. Insoluble fiber can make the situation much worse. It irritates many people with this problem. Soluble fiber, however can be a big help in keeping things regular. I take generic Citrucel tablets. Walmart has a cheap version. Just make sure it says “like Citracel”. Dont take any other kind of fiber supplement. Just citracel. One tab in the morning with a full glass of water. You can also eat soluble fiber like cooked vegetables, apples etc. Avoid insoluble fiber like salads, bran etc. I cant tell you what a difference this made in my life. You really shouldnt need the epsom salts and its not that good to use it on a regular basis. Try it, Just take the citrucel, eat meat, cooked vegetables, a little fruit. Avoid, salad, bran etc. It will take about a week to normalize.

      As far as how to get rid of water weight, since you have the ibs problem this is a disadvantage so helping that will help with water, but…..it basically comes from inflammation or a problem with lymph so here are some suggestions.

      Cut waaaaay down on sodium. Not only added salt, but the sodium in packaged foods. In fact, eat little packaged foods if you can. the preservatives can add water weight. Next make sure you are eating enough protein, if protein is too little it can cause the water buildup. Make sure you drink like 5 glasses of water a day. Try to do a short little exercise each day enough to sweat. Jumping jacks is fine.
      If you are looking for a complete diet system which takes all this into consideration including the water weight, check out the Fat Loss Factor http://thefatlossfactorprogram2.com . Try to de-stress somehow, yoga, breathing, because that keeps your weight at a standstill also. Best of luck.

  3. Can you drink epsom Salts to use as a laxetive?
    It been a week since i have been to the loo an done a number two, a friend has told me to drink epsom salts and that will help me to go to the toliet.. Can anyone help me with this please.

    • Are you constipated on a regular basis or is this a once in a blue moon type of situation?
      If you are regularly constipated, I would recommend seeing your physician because it could be a major problem. As they say ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.
      If you get constipated sometimes, then using drug store laxatives shouldn’t be a big deal, since you aren’t taking them all the time. It is fast, easy, and effective relief! However, do not abuse them, because over time your liver will turn into bile; and that is NOT good. To stay regular, consider drinking a fibre drink everyday, or eating food richer in dietary fibre to maintain regular bowel movements. If you do not want to take oral supplements, go to the store and ask where they keep the home enema kits; to soften your stool.
      Also, chances are, you might be overdue for a colonic, depending on how much you regularly eat and what types of food you eat. Even after you go to the bathroom, decomposing matter might stay within your digestion tract, causing gas, constipation, or other serious problems. You might want to consider asking about a colonic to clean out your system. You will feel great after, and it is the best way to start a detox diet.

  4. What is the best way to overcome a pain killer addiction??
    I have a friend that has been taking lots of pain killers everyday for the past year an on an off for several more. She wants to get off but she says the aches, pain, and sleeplessness is to much. Is there any thing over the counter she can take to help or just anything anyone can think of besides rehab that will help her get over this???

    • Here is what I suggest to get your friend over the worst part of the withdrawals.

      The following treatment will help your friend not go through such agony as you withdraw from the medication.

      To help with the withdrawals take hot bathes with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes. The skin is the biggest organ of elimination and this will help pull out the drugs. Use a loofa to clean the pores and this will help pull the drugs out even faster.

      Drink lots of water and 2c. a day of fresh carrot juice, to flush the medicine out of Her liver. she can take 500mg of calcium and magnesium twice a day to help you relax. Drink chamomile tea throughout the day and evening to help her stay relaxed.

      Use a powdered fiber supplement twice daily to pull the drugs out of her intestines where they can store.

      One of the questionnaires in this forum did follow this program to withdraw from drugs and it did help. I’ve enclosed a link where you can read his response to this program.

      If you have any further questions please let me know,

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