8 thoughts on “Hemorrhoid Cream For Crows Feet

  1. Does hemeroid cream really get rid of bags under your eyes?
    I’ve heard a rumour that it does, does it?

  2. does haemorrhoid cream really work for wrinkles?
    they say it takes crows feet off the face what do you think???

    • This safe natural treatment can quickly diminish/remove them. It’s helped many on Answers. Here’s a testimonial from happy 19 year old user “big papy”
      (Go to her profile for her other complimentary answers to the same wrinkle cure questions I answered):

      “…. my crows feet are all most gone too! I finally look my age!”

      Use extra virgin olive, sweet almond, jojoba or grape seed oils.
      CROWS FEET: Can be very quickly greatly minimized by firmly rubbing up and down on them with oils quite vigorously with front of first three fingers held close together. Even deep lines can be greatly diminished. Repeat several times a day for quickest results.

      SOURCE(S): Many years extensive research – safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatment

  3. How can I get rid of crows feet?
    I seldomly smile, and when I do its not much of one becaise all these wrinkles will show around my eyes. Is there an inexpensive product or home remedy I can use to make them disappear? I am 33 now and it has been this way for about 10 years I would say. My face looks young until I grin.

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