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  1. What are some natural products for tattoo after care?
    I’m thinking about getting another tattoo this summer. I’ve been looking around here and some people recommended A&D cream for after care. I looked it up and it has some icky petroleum products I’d like to avoid. What is a natural cream that works best for tattoo after care? Also, are oils okay or best to avoid (ex: jojoba or almond oil).

    • Ask the Artist if they Carry Tattoo Goo, It works really well for aftercare, You can also use vitamin E oil like above said it has been known to work, :) A&D Is decent for tattoos but only if used for no more than 3 days after the tattoo is done, As the Petroleum tends to pull color out of tattoos, You could also Ask About H2 Ocean its a foam made from saltwater, It works pretty well for tattoos as well, Hope it helps :)

  2. What are good home remedies to get soft hair?
    I heard that almond oil and baby oil were good, but do I apply it before or after I wash my hair and for how long should I wait until I wash my hair if I apply it before I wash it? What are some other home remedies to get soft hair?

    • almond oil is very good for hair..apply oil n stay for half an hour before washin it.dun let oil stay in yo hair for long thinkin it mite produce better results..the best results ll come only in the first 20 to 30 min..then shampoo it off usin a good shampoo that suits your hair type..dove shampoo is the best one avail nw..it llmake your hair just wow

      1) Fruit Smoothie Hair Mask :
      • 1/2 Banana
      • 1/4 Avocado
      • 1/4 Cantaloupe
      • 1 tbsp Wheat germ oil
      • 1 tbsp Yogurt
      • 1 Vitamin E capsule (optional)

      1. Blend 1/2 a banana, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cantaloupe, 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil and 1 tablespoon yogurt;
      2. For extra conditioning, squeeze in the contents of a vitamin E capsule;
      3. Leave in hair for 15 minutes.
      4. Rinse.

      2) apply henna on yo hair once in 2 weeks..make a paste of required consistency in curd or water..u may also add green tea,egg white,coffee powder,aloe vera etc into it so dat it forms a paste and leave it in an iron container..let it stay over night..then apply it after addin 2 drops of lime n apply it usin hair brush from scalp towards the tips..wen its dry,just wash it off..may be after 2 to 3 hrs..

      3) applyin egg white on hair is a good conditioner

      4) apply oil n stay for half an hour before washin it.dun let oil stay in yo hair for long thinkin it mite produce better results..the best results ll come only in the first 20 to 30 min..then shampoo it off usin a good shampoo that suits your hair type..dove shampoo is the best one avail nw..it llmake your hair just wow

      5) soak hibiscus leaves overnight in water n den use it the next day as a good conditioner

      6) put mehendi or henna powder in oil overnight,then boil the oil n after boilin it, remove the powder dat has settled dwn..you can use this as regular oil..

      Here r a few tips for smoother n healthier hair—

      1) Wash your hair as frequently as you need to and always use appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

      2) Never comb wet hair. Dry it out gently and then remove the tangles without using undue pressure.

      3) Always use a soft brush with correctly spaced bristles.

      4) Keep your combs and brushes scrupulously clean.

      5) Try not to backcomb, pull your hair into a tight knot or try very unconventional styles that involve twisting and tugging your hair, unless it’s necessary.

      6) Always massage your scalp and brush your hair with firm, gentle
      strokes before you go to bed every night.

      7) If you have undue hair loss, dandruff or any other persistent
      hair-related problem, check with your doctor to see if you have hormonal imbalance, scalp infection, disease or are suffering from physical, emotional or environmental stress. Then follow the course of treatment the doctor prescribes.

      8) Double-check any product you use on your hair. Ask your beauty parlor assistant about the hair bleach, coloring etc., she is going to use on you, and if it has any effects… now or later.

      9) Before going to a party, wash, condition and blow-dry your hair.
      Then set it into any style that suits the shape of your face and the dress you’re going to wear.

      10) Drink plenty of water in summer and gulp down some fresh vegetable and fruit juices to improve hair from within. Follow a protein-packed diet.

      11) Make sure you trim your hair and keep it in good shape regularly.
      Avoid unnecessary use of hair sprays etc., on a daily basis.

      12) always oil your before shampooin..u can use good conditioner or go for shamppos dat has conditionin effect..dove does a good work..

      13) don sleep with your hair wet or lean onto wall that your hair gets rubbed against the wall..these will make yo hair rough
      all these worked well for me

      14) tie your hair lightly wen you are travelling that your hair doesnt fly..dove shampoo–light blue colored is good in dat.

      these worked well on my hair..hope these work good for u too..

      god bless

  3. My homemade almond meal is clumpy?
    I tried to make almond meal to make French macaroons in a food processor. I made sure the almonds were pulsed in high short pulses but it turned out clumpy. What did I do wrong?

  4. Is it ok to mix oils for your hair?
    I like to use oils to make my hair healthy and for it to stay sleek and shiny as my hair gets dry very fast even though I don’t use heat on it. I have coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and I’ve just bought mustard oil. I usually massage coconut oil in my scalp and mix a little almond oil with castor oil for the bottom of my hair. I’ve heard that mustard oil is very good for hair growth and it should be applied to the scalp. Is it ok if I mix coconut oil, almond oill and mustard oil together for the scalp? Can I mix all of these oils and a little bit of castor oil for the ends of the hair? Will it have a different effect to my hair? Is it good to mix oils?

    • Yes it is ok long as the oils are ok for the scalp. Here’s a few that I learned in beauty school. Olive oil is fabulous! Mayo is fabulous. Mayo can serve as a catalyst for other oils. Mink oil or placenta oil. Vitamin E oil.

      This is a list out of my beauty school textbook that I pulled out to research this.
      Avocado Oil
      Avocado oil is particularly great for natural hair. It’s loaded with nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E. And it’s excellent for moisturizing, deep conditioning, improving hair strength, strengthening hair, and boosting shine.

      Castor Oil
      Castor oil thickens hair, promotes hair growth, prevents thinning, moisturizes, helps reduce split ends, helps to tame frizz, and prevents scalp infections.

      Coconut Oil
      Coconut oil is great for preventing dandruff, promoting hair growth, moisturizing, strengthening hair, thickening hair, and preventing damage.

      Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
      I LOVE using olive oil. And olive oil, which is also referred to as the “godmother of hair oil,” is great for moisturizing, deep conditioning, improving hair strength, eliminating dandruff, and also has powerful antioxidants that can help fight hair loss.

      Rosemary Oil
      Rosemary oil is great for stimulating hair follicles for hair growth, preventing hair loss and greying, preventing dandruff, strengthening hair, and boosting shine.

      Safflower Oil
      Safflower oil protects hair, nourishes hair follicles, moisturizes, and stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth and thickness. And it is extremely beneficial for natural as well as dry chemically treated hair.

      Sweet Almond Oil
      Sweet almond oil works great as a “sealant.” This means that it “locks-in” moisture. Sweet almond oil also nourishes hair, smoothes hair cuticles to control shedding, promotes hair growth and thickness, prevents hair loss, and boosts shine.

  5. please tell me is these home remedies is safe for me for naturally glowing and clear skin for face?
    And Also for shiny & pinkish look of face naturally & also any product for this?????

    Please full read it :-
    1. Chicpea Flour and turmeric mask:Make a pack by mixing chicpea flour (besan), curd (dahi) and turmeric powder (haldi) with rosewater and apply it on ur face keep 10 min and the wash. This pack can be used twice a week. And in the second week you will see the difference.

    2. Milk and honey mask: It is one of the best formulas to get that instant glow. Take a spoonful of honey and mix at least half cup of fresh milk in it. Now, apply this wonder mask on your face and see the amazing results.

    3. Take 1 tbsp each of olive oil and milk, add ½ tsp honey. Mix well and apply to your skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Dip a cotton swab in Luke-warm water and wipe off the paste from your skin.

    4. Combine 1 table spoon of milk powder, honey and lemon juice with ½ tbsp of almond oil. Mix them thoroughly into paste and apply it all over your face and neck. Let it be dried and then rinse off to get a perfect glowing skin free from dirt and other spots.

    Please suggest me only useful remedies or products???

    I have normal skin some times before but now i have oily skin and also some pimples appeared sometimes and also little black spots on my nose right side???

    Please help me someone???????????

    • all of these are safe on your skin. for the little black spots on your nose (blackheads) try making a pore mask. mix together one part gelatine to one part milk, to one part hot water. and if you wish a drop of peppermint essence as an astringent
      a teaspoon of each is enough for your nose, preferably use vegetarian gelatine (agar agar made from seaweed) as the common gelitine stinks, mix it with hot water until it disolves, mix it with room temperature milk (preferable full cream milk as it needs the long protein strands to work, it makes the mask flexible) using a paint brush or an old make up brush you no longer use paint this on your nose wait until it hardens ( has to be really hard and crisp if it’s not it will only work partially) standing in front of a fan hardens it quicker, then pull it off it’ll pull out the blackheads and other blocked pores. then use one of your skin masks if you wish

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