9 thoughts on “How Does Wellbox Work

    • Wellbox, never hear of it.

      Cellulite is caused by two things, 1) Fatty tissue and 2) Connective tissue.

      The first can be taken care of primarily by diet and working out. Drink your fair share of water, don’t eat too much and work out to maintain your metabolism. The second is more problematic and gets worse as you age because collagen is not regenerated so the tissue becomes less elastic and of course most people gain weight as they age because of a less active life style and a drop in metabolism.

      There are treatments out there that are supposed to be able to help with both the fatty tissue and the connective tissue. The treatments reduce the fat and provide elasticity to the connective tissue. Some of their names include Mesotherapy, Velasmooth and Endermologie.

  1. HONESTLY!! would you stop talking to someone due to their “bad” body?
    Here’s a picture of my legs, the only reason I have it is so I have a before and after picture when I finish working out and using the wellbox so don’t pick on me

    Today I went to the beach with my crush and I had my bikini on with no shorts, he was acting soooo rude to me after we were at the beach, he didn’t talk to me, he walked ahead of me when we were down the street, he even sat in a different row of seats to me on the train

    Honestly guys, would you do this just because someone has a bad body? we’ve had a thing for about a month. But have known each other for 2 years. And he is extremely shallow, he makes fun of every person that walks past, no matter how hot he just said she was.

    • no quit being so hard on yourself chichie i have skin graft on my legs and i have a hot and verycaring man. if the guys are being jerks forget them the right one WILL come a long and love you for you…good luck sweetie

  2. Do Lipomassage machines really work? If so which ones?
    I was looking for a simple hand held massage machine, then someone told me to use an ultrasound massage machine because it helps melt the fat as well as give a good massage. So I started looking at those for around $100-$300 then a friend told me about the wellbox lipo massaging machine, does that work? Is there a cheaper version? Or are all of these machines sort of “fake” maybe I should stick with a regular $50 massaging machine as planned?

    • lipomassage is meant to stimulate blood flow through fatty tissue so that when you exercise there is a higher volume of carbs used from that tisse. lipomassage doesn’t work alone. so, all you need is any old wal-mart massager to use on your fat places before you go do your exercises and it will be just as effective. if you don’t plan to exercise, best save your money.

  3. excersises for summer?
    i wanna get my breasts nice and firm before summer, bigger sorta, firmer i suppose to make them look bigger.
    what excersises could i do?

    and to get a flat stomach what should i do? i have an ab kingpro. should i use that? or my wellbox? if you know what a wellbox is, it’s a cellulite remover. by guitay — i’m not at all fat, but i have a slight gut, and i would like to get it flat before summer

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