4 thoughts on “Albolene Cream And Weight Loss

  1. Help! whats the fastest way to lose weight?
    well, i have a lot going on this summer and want to llook good. Any suggestions!?

    • It’s not always the best thing for your body to lose weight FAST, it should be a gradual 1-2 lbs. per week. BUT, depending on your weight, I would suggest dropping your caloric intake to NO LESS than 1,000 calories per day..they say to multiply your desired weight times 10…so say you want to be 130lbs, so you would consume 1,300 calories a day. DRINK LOTS OF GREEN TEA, 3-5 cups, it will boost your metabolism and has lots of other great benefits. Try 30-60mins of cardio, and apply Albolene cream to areas you’d like to burn off extra weight/water weight which will help you safely (but temporarily) shed at least a few inches. It will give you a nice kickstart and help those troubled zones. Most importantly don’t eat junk-if you fill your daily caloric need by eating fruits, veggies, grains, milk, the weight will literally just shed off. Even without working out, I can easily lose a few pounds just eating really good, staying within the caloric limits, and drinking tons of green tea-but working out will boost your progress and is required for a healthy body. Shoot for HEALTHY not weight loss and the pounds will shed off like you wouldn’t believe. Good luck.

  2. Neoprene and Albolene?
    Has anyone here used it for weight loss? What exactly would work as a neoprene product to cause more sweat with the albolene cream? Would like saran wrap work to cause sweat?

    • sweating dont help you lose fat it just gets rid of the water in your body
      then you only replace it by drinking more water
      so try healthy eatting and fitness

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