8 thoughts on “Cellulite Soak

  1. Does soaking in a hot coffee bath work to get rid of cellulite?
    I heard Tyra Banks say that she rubbed coffee grinds on her thighs to get cellulite to go away, and that it works.

    • use warm (not hot) Grounds, make like a paste, and smear it on, then cover and let soak. the caffene will be absorbed by your skin and into the first couple layers of fat the caffien will then raise the matabolism of these cells causeing them to use more energy… so yes it works… but don’t expect to get in a tub of joe and come out miraculously thin…it really tightens the skin more than melts away the flab,

  2. What is the best cellulite remover that you have tried that works?
    I have cellulite on my buns and thighs and want something to remove it.Has anyone ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar I was told that might work.

    • I don’t know about apple cider but I can give you ways on how to get rid of cellulite even if you’re at home. You can do massage, skin brushing, practice good eating habits, or you can try a natural home hydrotherapy. This type of natural remedy requires soaking yourself in a warm bath with anti-cellulite aroma therapy oil for at least 5 minutes. While you are in a tub you can massage your feet, ankles, thighs, and hips using the water in the tub with an upward motion.

    • I have heard that coffee helps, they also have lotions for that, Nivea has one called firming body lotion, but I heard rubbing coffee on the area or adding it to a tub and soaking in it. You would rub it and leave it for 15-20 minutes, not leave it on all day. I’ve never tried these, I hate to rub it in but I was blessed with no cellulite :). Hope it helps!!

  3. What are effective ways of combatting cellulite?
    I’ve heard something about ‘body brushing’ and also cocoa butter helping, any other tips? I don’t want to use any purpose-made creams or sprays, I’d rather use more natural remedies.

    I’m also going to be regularly exercising. My goal is to lose my cellulite on my legs, stomach, arms and bottom and establish a good routine for keeping it away.

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