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    How to stop the outsode of the vagina itching?
    Hi, so I'm 15 and recently the outside of my vagina has started to itch. I have had my first period a few months ago and also just got rid of thrush. I also get clear, stringy/whitish discharge. Could it just be dry? I have never had sex so it cannot be an STI? How can I relieve the itchiness? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Madeleine,
      Vaginal itching can be lowered by taking baking soda baths....You can make a paste of baking soda & water & apply the paste to the area that itches...Put some table salt in a tub filled with warm water & take a sitz bath till the water turns cold....Practice good hygiene....Keep the vaginal area clean & dry.....Wash your hands before & after going to the toilet & always wiping from front to back to avoid bacteria from the rectum coming in contact with the vaginal area.....Don't use vaginal douches...Use only fragrance-free soaps or hygiene wash meant only for sensitive areas or anti-bacterial soaps & always use warm water to clean those areas.....Wear clothing that is not tight or binding especially in the crotch....Wear white cotton panties & avoid wearing nylon panties or hose that decrease the airflow to the vaginal area....Wear a nightgown with no underwear to encourage airflow to the vagina during the night.....Make sure that you are very careful not to damage or scratch your skin as this will allow the fungus or bacteria to thrive under your skin & aggravate your condition....Rinse yourself with a mug of saline solution as salt has antiseptic properties....Bacteria, fungus & yeasts require moisture to survive so make sure that you keep yourself completely dry at all times....You can use an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal powder as this will keep you dry as well as fight the infection.....If there is no sign of improvement within a week, you'll have to visit a gynaecologist .

      I hope this helps. Get well soon :-)

    what does white discharge from vagina mean ? any home treatment possible?

    sorry missed out.....ccompanied by bad odour & itching too :( any home remedies to control or stop same & avoid going to doc ...tks.
    sorry missed out.....the white discharge is accompanied by bad odour & itching too :( any home remedies to control or stop same & avoid going to doc ...tks.

    • ANSWER:
      Sweetie if you have yellow or white stains inside your underwear but with no pain, no soreness, or itching in the genital area then it is not a yeast infection. This is natural moisture from the vagina. The discharge may be heavy or barely noticeable both are normal.
      However, if the discharge has a bad smell or you have any pain, soreness, or itching in the genital area, it may be a sign of infection.

      Yeast infections are no fun, but here are a few, simple and natural ways to treat and/or prevent yeast infections from happening.

      -Eating yogurt daily that containers Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures result in a decrease of getting a yeast infection. Dannon Yogurt has been one brand that has been found to help prevent yeast infections from happening.
      -Flavoring your foods with garlic powder also helps to get rid of a yeast infection. Garlic not only boosts immunity, but it also acts as an antibacterial and an anti-fungal.

      ~Stick to wearing cotton underwear. Women who wear nylon underwear or tights have been shown to be far more at risk for a Yeast Infection. Nylon underwear can also slow the healing process of a current Yeast Infection.
      ~Dawn Dishwashing liquid helps to kill the Candida albicans fungus that is usually on your underpants after wearing them all day. Rub a few drops of the Dawn on the crotch of your underpants and scrub under water before washing.

      *Douche with a vinegar solution. To treat yeast infection symptoms in women, mix 4 teaspoons of vinegar with one pint of water for a cleansing douche. For those women who don't want to mix their own candidiasis cure all, you can buy prepackaged vinegar and water douche solutions at a local drugstore.
      *Take a salt and white vinegar bath soak. Fill the tub with about six inches of warm water (enough to cover your infected area) and add 1/2 cup regular table salt and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Use your hand to mix the water to make sure the salt has dissolved and moved around. You don't want to sit on the salt pile. Sit in the water for about 15 minutes, making sure your knees are apart, or until the water gets cool. The salt matches your natural saline level of your body while the vinegar helps to re-balance your pH level.
      *Use a vaginal garlic suppository to treat yeast infection symptoms in women. Peel a garlic clove and place it in a 2-3 inch wide piece of sterile gauze. Twist the end of the gauze around the clove to close it. Place the clove close to the cervix, while leaving the edges of the gauze out of the vagina for easy removal. Repeat this step to cure a vaginal yeast infection twice a day for 3 to 4 days.

      75% of all women get at least one yeast infection during their lives.
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      Contact your doctor if the natural treatments having helped after one week

      Hope it helped to answer your question.

    can I substitute kosher salt for epsom salt in the bath to get rid of an external yeast infection?
    9 mos pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and koser salt is no different from regular table salt (aside from being kosher (lol) and shaped differently). It's sodium chloride--completely different from magnesium sulfate. If you soaked in it in a tub, you would *completely* dry out your skin and would be very uncomfortable.

      If you have an external yeast infection, your best bet would be to go to the pharmacy and get yeast infection medicine (Monistat, etc.). I you don't have to fill the plunger and put it inside if it's only on the outside--just take it out of the tube and rub it on like lotion 3X per day. You could also go to the doctor and get an anti fungal cream to apply (most of them are just like the OTC remedies, only they're stronger/more concentrated). I've always had good luck with Nystatin.

      One thing though--before you start treating yourself, you need to be certain it's a yeast infection. If you start gooping on medications for yeast but it's actually some other type of infection, you could make it much worse!

    Vagina is irritated and has a few tears....?
    I have been sexually active for quite some time. Before every new partner I got tested and have always came out clean for STI/HPV and herpes. However, I recently had sex with someone new and was not protected. My vagina has been very dry and itchy. I thought it was a yeast infection, so I bought yeast cream and it is no longer itchy. BUT now I feel like the bottom of my vagina is torn. There are a few tear marks and I am unsure if it's just a tear or a possible STI. I took a salt bath and now it hurts even more!

    Advice? Should i get tested for HPV/herpes? I'm very worried and upset!

    • ANSWER:
      You should find out what is causing the irritation or tears of your vulva/vaginal area. Anything can cause an allergic reaction in our sensitive vulva area and the reaction can cause small tears. Rough sex can cause these tears. It is usually important to have a doctor look at the tears and help if they feel it is an allergic reaction to something.

      Did you use table salt or Eposme salts? Epsome Salts bath usually don’t hurt.
      You are sexually active so you could have been exposed to HPV or Herpes. HPV is the most common STI. HPV may be impossible to avoid if we have sex with anyone who has engaged in sex.

      HPV is not included in any STI screening. There is no approved HPV test for the external genital area of the male of female. The only HPV test is for screening the cervix only. Pap and HPV co-testing has been approved for women 30 and older. Sometimes a doctor will co-test for HPV when abnormal cells are seen on the sample taken of your cervix.

      When you go for your next STI test ask for a copy of the test it is important for you to know what STI you were tested for.

      A first Pap is at age 21 in the US and age 25 in the UK.

table salt bath for yeast infection

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