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  1. How to get rid of a boil on my but?
    I had a small red lump about 2 days ago and then it grew to a disgusting painful boil, I have had one in the same spot a few times and well the others had just burst on there own after a week, and I can’t wait that long for it to burst I have a job interview and well I can’t stand up during an interview now can I lol. nor can I sit down looking like a retard that cant take the interview serious…No doctors and their medicine does not work for me I have tried it on the last ones didn’t do a single thing, and I can’t pop it either as I don’t want infection spreading and causing another one…so does anyone know how to get rid of these disgusting volcanos

    • If it’s a “disgusting volcano”, you do need to see a physician. If it’s affecting your ability to stand, you need to see a physician. The physician may decide to lance it within a sterile environment; this should make the area less painful and less prone to infections.

      Boils on and around the buttocks are at high risk for ugly infections because of the amount of sweat and bacteria in the area. If this boil is as large and painful as you are saying, it should be treated by a professional, not with a hot epsom salt bath.

      If past medication doesn’t work, then you need to tell the physician this so they can get you on something else. They can’t get you on a better treatment if you don’t tell them.

  2. toxins in your bloodstream?
    I have three to four boils coming up on my buttocks and they are so painful I can hardly walk.I am using Boil Ease,soaking in hot water,making a paste out of salt and I have started amoxicillian. I have also heard that drinking a little Epson salt will help. Has anyone ever heard of this and how do I administer it( how much)?I heard it cleans out the toxins in your blood.Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t try the Epsom salts. It is not meant for drinking and can make you very sick.
      Eat some yogurt(yoplait) with live cultures. This will counteract the possible side effects from the amoxcillin and will also help in case the boils are caused by a yeast imbalance. The side effects from any antibiotic are to throw your yeast balance off and make you prone to yeast infections.
      I have never heard of boil ease so I can’t comment on that.
      When you soak in the hot water add a 1 pound box of baking soda to the water ,this will draw out the toxins. If your problem is severe soak at least twice a day three times would be better.
      Be sure to wear 100 % cotton underwear to let your skin breath and at night don’t wear any underwear to allow your skin to breath.
      Best wishes

  3. Boil or pimple how do u get rid of it?
    i’ve been getting these pimple like on my inner thigh butt cheek.
    i think its a boil cuz ive tried popping it but it wont pop its just real hard and nothing comes out when i squeeze iti’ve read online u get them cuz of ingrown hair and i havent shaved in a while so that might be it how do i get rid of this! and how do you get them?

  4. How can you get rid of a boil on ur body?
    It’s been there for a few days and it really hurts when I walk. HELP ME PLZ!!!

    • This is the story of my life, I have had boils for the past 35 years in places that hurt to walk. (Buttocks, Groin, Inner and Outer Labia) Hot compresses of Epsom Salt work like a charm for me. You must do it at least 2 times a day…also slather that thing with Neosporin. You can try taking a hot bath, or sitting in a sitz bath, if it is near anywhere I mentioned. Mine grew to the size of a golfball, one as big as a baseball! NOT Fun! The epsom salt will help bring out the infection…..don’t let it get any worse, the Neosporin helps a lot.

  5. How do you get rid of boils? and do i have one?
    I think i have a boil near the top inside of my leg. Its like a hard sist, but it does not have a head. I have tried to pop it with a pin and it didn’t do anything either. It is quit pain full, but seemed to have no feeling when jabbing it with the pin. Is this a boil or something else? and how do i get rid of it?

    • What you have described isn’t a boil, it sounds more like a cyst.Cysts can develop on any part of your body and are very hard, whereas boils only develop on the parts of your body where there is moisture like under your arm pits, your groin area or between the buttocks. I never heard of one coming on the inside of the leg. When it is a boil, as each day goes by it will become more painful and start developing a head on it and bust. If it is a cyst you need to go to the doctor to have it removed. Also I could be wrong and it could be a boil, and if it is you can put a hot compress on the area where the boil is throughout the day or you can mix epsom salt in hot water and take a wash rag and use it as a compress, this will bring it to a head. but what you shouldn’t do is use a pin to try to bust it. This can cause an infection and you do not want that. Try what I suggested, if it is a boil, in a few days it will bust but if it doesn’t it is surely a cyst, go to the doctor to have it removed

  6. What can I do to relax my muscles before bedtime?
    My muscles are so tense all of the time because I have a physical labor job. When I wake up, my body doesn’t feel as rested because it is still very tense. What can I do before bedtime to relax my muscles?

  7. Painful bumps on my butt?!?
    This is the 2nd time I have got this. The first time the pain was so unbearable one morning I fainted and was very weak. My mom and ended up popping it which really hurt because I had to sit through the pain. Now I have it again. I can barely get up and down, get in my car, walk, bend down, and even to stand!!! What is this and what can I do to prevent this from happening again?? And what is a good way to help with the pain for now, Advil?

    • Those are boils. What you can do is go to the pharmacy and get a “sitz bath”. It fits over your toilet. Just fill it with comfortably hot water and sit in it. OR you can apply hot compresses to it, and slather them with Neosporin. Add salt to the water if you wish. Epsom salt works best. You should also talk to your doctor about a condition called “Hidradenitis Supperativa”….I get them on my buttocks as well.
      Advil is OK or Aleve…You should never pop them on your own…hot baths and slathering them with Neosporin work faster and gentler.

  8. Boils Buttocks – Period?
    I started getting boils on my buttocks as a symptom of my period. Can anyone tell me how to treat them without going to the doctor? Thanks.

  9. My son has a boil on his bottom – what to do?
    Somehow, my 6 year-old son contracted a boil on his buttock. His father told me that it had opened up by itself overnight last night, and had drained and bled a good bit, whereupon he cleaned it up and put a bandage over it. I bathed my son tonight (using some Epsom salts, but not actually touching the wound itself), and when I was drying him off, noticed that the boil seemed rather hard to the touch again, like it was under a lot of pressure. It was already open, but the pus wasn’t draining out like I heard it should do.

    So, I washed my hands with antibacterial soap, took clean paper towels, and proceeded to gently put pressure around the area (I didn’t go straight in for it like a pimple or anything), just to ease more of the pus out of the already open wound. Afterward, I poured peroxide around the area to make sure any of the skin that might have been touched by the infected pus was cleared off. I dried it well, applied Bacitracin, and put a bandage over it.

    From what I’ve been seeing now, though, there are lots of sources that say you should never, ever squeeze a boil. Does this mean squeezing it before it comes to a head and opens, or does this mean never, period? I was careful that I didn’t clamp down on it hard, I just gently pressed upwards to ease more of the pus out because it was already open but not draining. Do you think this will make it worse, especially after applying the antibiotic creams and peroxide?

  10. How do you get rid of a cyst?
    I have cyst at the bottom of my back up above my buttocks. I’ve had it lanced and that didn’t get rid of it. What are some things I can do at home to get rid of it?

    • Try a product called Boil Ease. It can usually be found at your local pharmacy such as Duane Reed, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Depending on where you are located. Apply it to the area, and also sit in a bath of Epsom salts. Covering the area with a bandage after applying the Boil Ease will help it to drain also.

    • take a hot bath with one full box of Epsom salts, and soak for 30 minutes, this will help draw out the boil. Afterwards place a cotton pad saturated with alcohol on the boil for only ten minutes. This should help it come to a head very quickly and it should burst. if this does not work see your medical doctor tomorrow.

  11. Skin boil on buttocks. What to do?!?!?
    Im not positive its a boil but almost 100%… Started as a large pimple 4 days ago and progressed into a large swollen lump…. been keeping warm compresses on it to draw the fluid up and finally it worked….i showered the other morning and when i got out it was oozing pus….my roomie a RN squeezed the crap (literally) out of it and a lot of dark blood and pus came out….. i continued the warm presses and bathing 2-3 times a day in Epsom salt but the lump underneath is still huge…. id say the size of a deck of cards is the length and width and id say maybe 1 cm in height….I have stretch marks on the side of my butt from lord knows what(lol jk) but it looks like i can see stretch marks over the lump of the boil. are these the infamous red streaks that mean you have a serious problem or is it the stretch marks becoming more prominent because of the raised lump?! AAAHHHHH it hurts so bad and i have next 4 days off but i came to work at 3 and no sooner did i try n sit one cheek off the chair it burst and blood and pus leaked allover my uniform and i had to go change…… I know once i get home its abck to my baths and warm compresses but how long will this repetative process last? And am i doing the right thing? My roomie sd it doesnt look like it needs medical attention but im still nervous as to what is suppose to be happening!!! Also will that hard deck size lump ever go down? how long? and if i do needa go to urgent care to get it lanced what type of procedure am i looking at? I dont know if anything could be worse than the pain im in now but im scared to get cut open! Plz help

    • It could be a boil. It could be anything under the sun. Who knows. You are not equipped to self-diagnosis yourself.

      I say this respectfully and honestly: this is an undying trend on Yahoo! Answers. I absolutely do not understand it.

      Users such as yourself believe that a total random stranger with little to no knowledge is able to “accurately diagnose” your skin condition via cyberspace. Even if the stranger is knowledgeable or claims to be a “real doctor”, cyberspace is a barrier that disables him or her to decipher that truth and hinders him or her from helping you honestly and fully.

      Yahoo! Answer is a great platform to learn, answer, and ask questions; however, no one is honestly equipped with the skill to diagnose anyone over cyberspace with just texts (or picture[s]). You may already be cognizant of this reality. You may ask the question out of desperation and anxiety, but these symptoms pose another problem. That is, they render your mind to be credulous, so you would believe anything anyone says here as long as the response sounds satisfactory even if it is scientifically and medicinally incorrect.

      You should not deter yourself from seeking a board-certified dermatologist, who went to medical school to be equipped with the knowledge to not only accurately diagnose and treat your skin condition but also give you the best answer than anyone else here can.

      You cannot depend on anyone on Yahoo! Answers to accurately diagnose your skin condition when:

      1)There is no paid licensed physician on call for Yahoo! Answers. Anyone who claims that s/he is a doctor is a bona fide deluder.
      2)Your description is poor. Even if it is rich in detail, it is only one piece of a clue. There is no guarantee that you even know what you are describing. You can be using the inappropriate terms or exaggerating.
      3)There is no picture. Even if there is a picture, it is only one piece of a clue. Your description may contradict what is seen on the picture. Lighting can be an issue.
      4)No one has your medical record and it is not wise to share private information over cyberspace.

      Bottom line: if you have a diagnostic question about medicine, or dermatology specifically, then it is wishful thinking to believe that you will find a Best Answer on Yahoo! Answer.

  12. How can i get rid of these boils?
    I have these skin boils between my legs and under my arm around my armpit. Sometimes they hurt. I’ve had it checked out and the doctors say its from heat and that they will go away. Well the boils never go away and its just really unattractive. Is there any shelf medicine that will work. I’ve tryed acne skin wash, and different kinds of creams. Please someone tell me how to get rid of these boils.

    • Sounds like you have a condition called “Hidradenitis Supperativa”. I have had this since the age of 10. My boils are in both sides of my groin/buttocks/and inner and outer labia. Next time you go to the doctor bring him a print out of Hidradenitis. For now, apply Hot compresses of Epsom salt and water, and slather those bastards with Neosporin. They will shrink and disappear before they have to time to grown big.

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