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  1. Weight six pack and wrist injury HELP please…?
    I want to be able to gain muscle mass by taking a protein supplement that has abt 1000 calories in it. I shouldnt gain fat right. I am 5″ 7 150 pounds 19 years old. benching 250.

    i injured my wrist snowboarding and it still hurts. its been over a month… ive had it xrayed and no sign of breakage.. i could have a possible ligament tear but havent been to the doctor to get it rechecked out or scanned by an MRI… i have loss of strength in my wrist also with painful stimuli.

    If i wrap my wrist with an ace bandage should i be able to workout with out significant damage to the tissues/skeletal muscle/tendons/ligaments?

    im stubborn and want opinions please help

    • If you injured your wrist and you keep using it to work out, you will probably just do more damage to it, even with the Ace wrap. If there is no break, it is probably a ligament or tendon, both of which take time to heal. Try seeing a physical therapist, who can help figure out what is damaged and can give you exercises to help it heal.

  2. VH1 celebrity vitamin wrap weight loss question?
    i dont need to lose weight, but i saw on vh1 the other day that alot of celebs go to this place where they get wrapped in ace bandages tht are soaked in some kind of vitamin solution, then they are covered in a plastic bag with a hole for their head. they then do light work out for an hour and i guess the vitamin solution gets into the people pours and soaks into fat cells and it dissolves the fat. i was wondering what this vitamin solution is cuz they say it makes you lose any where from 6-12 inches all around your body like a few off your legs and waist etc. i was actually pretty shocked when i saw it so i was wondering if anyone knew what the solution is called. plz dnt tell me tht the only thing tht happened is that ppl lost water weight cuz u dnt lose 6-12 inches from losing water weight

  3. How to loosen TIGHT calf muscles?!?
    I had surgery to remove an osteochondroma from my tibia and fibula a week and a 1/2 ago. My leg was wrapped, post surgery, in something similar to an Ace bandage. When whoever wrapped my leg did the wrapping, they did it as to where my toes were pointed and I was unable to bring my foot at a 90 degree angle. Now…I have TIGHTLY constricted calf muscles and I am unable to put my heel down. This is very painful and I have tried many things: potassium, eating bananas, massage, heat, ice, pain pills…I am at a loss. I am desperate for advice on how to get these muscles to loosen to where I can put my heel down and walk. FYI…my doctor said I should be walking very soon and at least putting weight on this leg. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

    • your use your calf muscle to raise your foot. try raising your foot and putting it against something or maybe take a book and put half of your foot on it and slowly stretching forward to elongate your calf muscle. stay in a confortable range so that you dont further injure yourself, but also you want to feel a stretch. try doing it 3-4 times holding it for thirty seconds.

  4. getting rid of the fat near your pits?
    i hate wearing strapless shirts and spaghetti strap shirts that are well fitted because that nasty fat always sits there out of my shirts. im not fat im 127ish pounds 5’3 and i work out a lot but it is just always there and it looks so gross.

    is there any work outs i could do to get rid of it or is weight loss the only thing???

    • Your lymph nodes maybe enlagred and need some body work. Some massage therapist have certificates for lymphatic drainage, which can help. Or you can take a wrap/ ace bandage and wrap it around your upper back and push the fat down. They also have a bra called suddenly slender that molds your body back the way it should be. Don’t ask these people who don’t know anything about it any way, your just going to get negative and wrong answers all the time One of the more under rated exercises you can perform to dramatically reduce armpit fat is pull ups. Pull ups develop the arms, shoulders, back, and lats. By developing the area surrounding your armpit fat the body will produce fat eating muscle. Burning calories during your workout is great but burning calories 24 hours a day is getting the most effective results out of your tough days in the gym. Muscle growth literally puts armpit fat burning on auto pilot. Muscle requires constant fuel to maintain and grow. That is why body builders ingest 5000 plus calories a day trying to get big. On a diet plan you will experience the opposite effect with your muscle growth depleting your caloric reserves, directly leading to fat loss.
      There are many effective ways to complete a pull up; the basic exercise itself, with cables, and using machines at the gym that support your feet as you exercise. All of these will work and you can progress to harder versions as your strength increases. Remember the stronger you get the more your body will compensate with muscle growth. Muscle growth will require fuel and that means fat to burn.

  5. Bra/Sports bra help? URGENT!?
    Hey guys, I gotta little problem. I am 16, 5’6, 145lbs and a 34DD(no joke) and always have problems with finding the right bra. Whenever I do find one, it fits for about a month then gets too stretched and seem to be too big, even tho it fit a month before. It’s not about weight loss or anything. They just stretch. How can I prevent this?

    Also, Im having problems with sports bras. They never fit properly, and always are uncomfortable. What can I use as an alternative? For when I have gym class in school? I’ve heard you can use ace wrap or tensor bandages, but does that really work? Please answer soon!

  6. Target water weight loss on the abdomen?
    I know that targeting weight loss and spot reduction aren’t possible, but I’ve been trying to lose the last bit of water weight in my thighs, stomach and love handles. I’ve stayed on a pretty consistent diet over the past month and every area has toned down except for my midsection.

    When I do cardio, is there a way I can make my mid section sweat more to eliminate more water weight? I drink plenty of water each day, so I am making sure the excess salt is removed from my body. Is there something, like wrapping ACE bandages around my body that’ll help me sweat more from that area?

    • wrap yourself in saran wrap, it’s cheap and it will work just fine. ace bandages allow too much air circulation

  7. does wrapping an ace bandage around yourself really work?
    When I am just around the house I sometimes wrap a big ace bandage around my middle area. I feel like it helps my posture and and my backpains. I also feel like when I take it off it makes my skin tighter and feel skinnier. Is there truth to this or is it just my imagination?

  8. if i tightly wrap my stomach with ace elastic bandages will it shrink my waist size?
    i already bought two of the largest sizes, and i tried it out. (only for like 5 minutes) its harder to breathe with them on but on the plus side it elevates my back pain. i saw this thingie on tv about this weight loss spa in holly wood where they do something similar but they didn’t keep the wraps on all day. but after this wrap treatment they lost like 2 or 3 inches in that same day. so maybe if i keep the wraps on i can make my waist teeny? i know, this is kind of extreme, but thats how i go about my weight loss. (by the way im not fat im just like 20 pounds over weight and i wanna slim down my tummy) helpful non assholeish answers only please.
    I’m already jogging 2 to 3 times a day, counting calories and dieting, i just want a boost to shrink my waist size. the question is simply asking if this tactic will help!

    • Ok, this will have the same effect as wearing a tight corset for an extended period of time – it will make your waist smaller! It’ll do that by pushing the fat into other fat cells all over your body with a bias towards those either side of the restricted area. In itself this will not help you lose weight (your hips and bum are likely to look significantly larger, and may even promote the growth of extra fat cells (with normal weight fluctuation individual fat cells shrink or grow their numbers normally only increase in the very obese).

  9. How to loosen calf muscles after surgery.?
    I had surgery to remove an osteochondroma from my tibia and fibula a week and a 1/2 ago. My leg was wrapped, post surgery, in something similar to an Ace bandage. When whoever wrapped my leg did the wrapping, they did it as to where my toes were pointed and I was unable to bring my foot at a 90 degree angle. Now…I have TIGHTLY constricted calf muscles and I am unable to put my heel down. This is very painful and I have tried many things: potassium, eating bananas, massage, heat, ice, pain pills…I am at a loss. I am desperate for advice on how to get these muscles to loosen to where I can put my heel down and walk. FYI…my doctor said I should be walking very soon and at least putting weight on this leg. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

    • First, please know it’s completely normal for a muscle to shorten and atrophy (loose muscle mass) while it’s immobilized to heal after a surgery.

      Gentle stretching will help elongate the muscle… sounds like you’re not at the point that you can use your body weight to stretch it, so start by just pulling your toes back as far as you can until it’s slightly uncomfortable.

      **You should NOT FEEL ANY RIPPING/TEARING SENSATIONS or have any pain while stretching/after stretching. If this happens, you’re being too aggressive.**

      You can do the stretch with your knee bent and then again with your knee straight – will address different muscles/tendons in the calf. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. Repeat as often as you can.

      Try applying heat (hot water bottle/hot damp towel) for about 10 min. before you stretch – warming up the muscle group and increasing blood flow will help. You can apply ice for about 5 min after, if you like. The “flushing” effect (heat then cold) this will have can help rid the area of inflammation and speed healing.

      Rubbing in a lotion that has ARNICA could also be of some benefit. “Traumeel” by Heel is a good option.

      Massage and acupuncture are also extremely effective to release tight muscles. They can be used individually or in combination. Ensure that you see a registered, qualified practitioner. (This is always important, but especially in your case because the issues are post-surgical!)

      Finally, I keep seeing people refer to Potassium as a muscle relaxant on Y/A. Not the best option. MAGNESIUM is the trick for gentle muscle relaxant properties… try 250mg or so once a day.

      As always, it’s best to consult an MD/ND or Pharmacist before taking any supplements if you’re on prescribed or other over-the-counter medications.

  10. how can i get an AMAZING body in 3 weeks?
    I just turned 16 and i’m having a huge sweet 16 party in 3 weeks. I have been OVEReating MAJORLY this past week and a half! I think i actually gained a few pounds :(

    I need some help!
    How can i lose some weight and exercise my body for my party? I used to have nice calves, but now they are flab. I have 3 weeks and i need to lose love handles, arm flab, hips, thighs, stomach.

    • It is possible to lose 6 or more inches in a single trip to the spa for a body wrap. Rid your body of harmful toxins that can prevent weight loss.

      If you smoke, drink alcohol, enjoy caffinated drinks, eat sugar or include salt in your diet your body is harboring toxins. These toxins can prevent you from losing weight and make you retain water.

      These toxins can also be the cause of skin irritations, acne, loose skin, poor circulation, sore muscles and most of all…excess fat storage. A simple solution is available called a body wrap

      What Is a Body Wrap?
      The process involves several steps that can take up to an hour.

      •Undress, except for underwear and bra.
      •Measurements will be taken in numerous spots on your body.
      •The professional will wrap your body in bandages soaked in solution or oils.
      •Your body will be squeezed together by tightly wrapped Ace bandages of cloths.
      •Perform light exercise to release toxins from the body.
      •Unwrap and rinse solution.
      •Measurements will be retaken to reveal the amount of inches you’ve lost.
      •Drink plenty of water before, during and after the wrap to help rid the body of toxins.

      What Results Can You Expect?
      You can expect to lose between 6-20 inches from your first body wrap. Each individual is different and loses at a different rate. Repeat the process frequently to continue ridding the body of toxins and achieve the maximum results.

      Where Can I Get a Body Wrap?
      Local salons and spas offer this service. Suddenly Slender is a popular spa that offers body wraps. To find a location near you, visit their web site, Suddenly Slender. http://www.suddenlyslender.com/

  11. Has anyone ever had a Full Body Wrap?
    Does it work? I have a quote of $60.00. What are the procedures for this? Pro’s and con’s of this? Is it worth it? How long does it last? Any other comments are wanted. (serious answers only)

    • yes, it was fun and relaxing (except the times when the wraps seemed to have been tightening probably because they were drying out) and the minerals used had a funny smell.

      what happened for me. my sister goes to weight-loss forever, and she told me about these wraps, so since i had the money, i got one done. it cost about $125, but i lost about fifteen inches overall and it helped me stay motivated to continue to reach my weight-loss goal (huzzah!).

      i paid partially about a week before i had it done and had to make an appointment beforehand to make sure that there was an available and proper person to do the wrapping. they ask that you wear as little as possible (i.e. nude, bikini) in order for the minerals to have their full effect against the skin.

      the inch-loss calculation is done by the person who does the wrapping measures several parts of your body from your neck to your ankles and write these on a before-after sheet (they remeasure you after they remove the wraps). then they brush you down to clear you of any dead skin. the wrapper brings in wraps which look like ace bandages and are dipped in warmed liquid skin-cleaning minerals and wrap your body tightly (from neck to ankles) and leave you for 30-60 minutes. the room is usually heated and/or humidified, and you are provided with a leaning chair to lay just because you’re so stiff.

      it lasts as long as your keep yourself from gaining those inches back, so you’ve got to do your best to keep this figure and cleanliness by eating healthily, brushing your skin down, keeping your skin clean (it’s all about healthy eating, exercise, and good hygiene to maintain the effects). i thought it was worth every penny, but i think it is better to have at more than once.

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